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Thread: Demetra Alexandraki

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    Quote Originally Posted by Queen View Post

    brown hair is not easy , tried my best
    You did a great job there

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    Quote Originally Posted by marios_kim View Post
    Oh, holly crap is that her????? WTF?

    if that's her, the bitch does look really really good there, like a model. U go, gurl. If she sticks to this, I guess she can do real MODEL things..
    Nope, it was just a heavily photoshopped version of a cheap, pageant (as usual) photo of Dementor made by Queen :D


    Even if that girl loses weight, fixes that unfixable horrible attitude and stops making that fugly expressions when she speaks, she will still never look high-fashion

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    Black bra and white top, amazing!
    Have her hair grown that much? Maybe she got extensions again

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    Hair extensions are a trashy girl's best friends

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    OK I have big news for you!!!

    Our Queen, Our Diva, Our Favourite
    the supreme, glamorous, fabulous, enchanting Dementra
    had a complete make over.

    What did she change?
    Her hair!
    It's platinum blonde now.



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    WOW! What a transformation!

    Btw, what are they saying in that video?

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    OMG! They have an interview of Irene on that video. So she definetely is one of the next to be eliminated. She's in a bar, and her hair are back to blonde, exactly as Evangelia had predicted when asked to comment on Irene's new hair.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eruj View Post
    WOW! What a transformation!

    Btw, what are they saying in that video?
    They are being ironic to OUR Demontra, who said that she is now focusing on her modelling career, therefore she quit going to bars and having fun and that her priority is to add more pics on her book. Then they asked Seraina to comment on ex NTMs who posed for Mens magazine, and she said that its alright as long as they dont use the term modelling for what they do, and that everyone is free to chose his/hers own career path. Then they've asked her to comment about the bitching we're seeing on NTM2 and she said that in her cycle, the producers have never asked them to fake a fight for the camera, and that everything was real. At the end they showed Irene, who was asked to speak upon the NTM2 catfights and she said that she can't speak to them at all for the time being, due to her NTM contract restrictions, and asked them to ask her again in a months time, where she will be free to speak and tell the entire truth.

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    Thank you! :D

    Demetra wants to be a nun.

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    No.......... the Demetra wants to be a nun is an old episode, the new one is that she wants to do Fashion only.
    I pray to God she stays focused now that she's seen the light.
    Hopefully we'll get to see that HF photoshoot with the blonde hair soon in HQ.

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    Isn't that just a wig?

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    More exciting news!!!

    Demetra has made the TOP 10 Google People Search for 2010!!!!

    So let's see who are the 10 people Greeks googled the most during the entire 2010!!!

    1.justin bieber

    2.dimitra alexandraki

    3.alexander mcqueen

    4.jean michel jarre

    5.selena gomez

    6.cheryl cole

    7.messi kardashian

    9.bon jovi


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    Check it out in the official Google page, where they also write about Dimitra!

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    what's that supposed to mean?
    you are excited eh?

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