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Thread: Montana Cox

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    Montana Cox

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    Face, age, height, body.

    Winner please

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    Baby Gemma Sanderson. Definitely going to be a fan favorite.

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    Yaaaaaaas RazzaJazza's Avatar
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    Absolutely stunning. Like a baby Miranda Kerr!

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    not sure about the way she photographs

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    One of my favorites for sure

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    I have a feeling her stans may outshine Kathryn's stans in terms of how annoying they were.

    Anyway, she has a gorgeous face and I can see her going far because of it.

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    That picture doesn't even do justice to how amazing she is in motion.

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    She was stunning. She seems sweet too. Her body is plus too.

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    I completely agree Raz. Baby Miranda

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    In motion, she was stunning. Absolutely stunning and she's probably one of my favourites. She worked this whole episode and she's really one of the strongest girls in the top 20. I think she could really work on an international stage with quite a few of the other girls so I'm extremely interested in how she goes actually.

    Deserving of a spot in the top 16.

    Which I forgot when I started to sink...

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    I hope she win. She so Katarzyna-esque.

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    She is a mix of Miranda Kerr/Amanda/Gemma/Katarzyna/Ashlea

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    I really don't get the love. What makes it worse is I really want to, but I just don't see what everyone else sees! She looks bland to me. Hopefully I grow to love her.

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    You will learn iz

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    I loved her in the confessionals with her hair down. I need a screen cap of that. Howie please :D

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