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Thread: Cycle 18 Photoshoot Ideas

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bas73 View Post
    I would like more simple High Fashion shoots without a lot of props and without an overly dramatic location/background...
    Do you mind giving some examples of simple high fashion shoots ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bas73 View Post
    Yes, it is possible, but I don't think it's possible to create beautiful shots. Those HNTM-bungeejump-shots were very crappy!
    Oh they can always call those high fashion photographers from last years cycle like Demarchelier, Douglas Friedman etc

    And if they refuse well we still have two wonderful photographers at panel: Tyra & Nigel :D I'm sure they can capture stunning images of the girls


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    Dariya (Vogue Worthy)

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    ^NO hotlinking!

    Which Dariya? There are two:
    (1) the one from the most expensive and high fashion shoot in Next Top Model history

    (2) the one from cycle 3 of that Top Model po-Russki thing, which ain't got nothing on the Dariya from (1)

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    5 course meal shoot like GNTM but Chinese style!

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    Ep 01:Icon
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    Ep 06:MV
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    Ep 10:Tower
    Ep 11:Fragrance
    Ep 12:
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