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Thread: Survivor: Italy

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    I can't @ the bitterness in this thread~


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    Quote Originally Posted by Shattered View Post
    I can't @ the bitterness in this thread~
    Declan: Oh Hai 20th place


    I threw up in my mouth twice!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RiddleMeThis View Post
    Declan: Oh Hai 20th place
    Shouldn't I be saying the same to you in regards to another game~


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    Quote Originally Posted by Shattered View Post
    Just wanted to say in regards to the "X is playing for X" argument, the bottom line is, does it really matter?
    It's a freaking online game, get over it.
    Maybe Bri is playing just to have fun.
    Everyone doesn't have to play these games to win.
    So everyone has a right to play how they want.
    It's fake, not real. Stop being so bitter and judgemental~
    Thank. You. So. Much. I just now saw this and it's literally the exact reason I play every game I play on RTVG. It's a game, no prize, nothing. Who cares? I play because it was fun.

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    So excited for jury questions because there is a great chance that they might change my mind

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    I think it's just people don't respect the fact that she threw like every challenge and made the final 3, that's all. It's not bitter, it's just not liking her game play.

    { WNSM 10 || TOP 6}

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shattered View Post
    Shouldn't I be saying the same to you in regards to another game~
    Declan: Um What are you talking about I have only be in this game so I dont know what you are referring too.


    I threw up in my mouth twice!

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    Yeah I'm not sure what jury would vote for someone who threw every challenge, seemed to take a backseat in strategy, and didn't care enough to answer tribal questions or make jury statements. If I was bitter, I wouldn't vote for any of them since they were all against me. I'll be voting for whoever played the best game and answers jury questions the best.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aly View Post
    Yeah I'm not sure what jury would vote for someone who threw every challenge, seemed to take a backseat in strategy, and didn't care enough to answer tribal questions or make jury statements. If I was bitter, I wouldn't vote for any of them since they were all against me. I'll be voting for whoever played the best game and answers jury questions the best.
    Preach it sister!


    I threw up in my mouth twice!

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    Final Challenge ; Didn't complete - Wasn't home, watching State Jazz
    #07 ; Won Challenge
    #06 ; Completed almost, then clicked on a link on the page, thus making me start over - figured someone else had finished so I figured what was the point - Rajani would've won had I redone it
    #05 ; Got Cut, Didn't throw tho
    #04 ; Dance Competition
    #03 ; It was a Cryptogram though, and I can't do them, because I'm not good at them
    #02 ; Endurance challenges, I'm busy enough that I can't hold out for 18 Hours
    #01 ; Didn't throw tho.

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    Bravo it more effort you brought in these game

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aly View Post
    Yeah I'm not sure what jury would vote for someone who threw every challenge, seemed to take a backseat in strategy, and didn't care enough to answer tribal questions or make jury statements. If I was bitter, I wouldn't vote for any of them since they were all against me. I'll be voting for whoever played the best game and answers jury questions the best.
    I understand, but the comments you guys were making were kind of rude and unwarranted. Whether it was in character or not, it still reflects true feelings when you roleplay. That's what made you guys sound bitter even though you may not have been - the fact that you were being so snarky and rude about the moves people were making. So that's why I felt the need to speak up and remind everyone that it's just a game, and all in fun tbh. I hate when games start to get personal.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Thomnom View Post
    So I'm just wondering for the jury - are you guys going to listen to anything me and Bri say at the Final Tribal Council? I'm genuinely wondering if I should bother writing an opening statement or not

    I hope you do listen to what I have to say there and ask me questions, though.
    Sorry just saw this, but yes Thom, I am still not sure who I am voting for.

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    While the finale is going on, please take the time to vote in the sprint player of the season poll. Vote for the 3 players who you believe played the best and they'll be rewarded with the title of Sprint Player of the Season before the winner announcement.

    Here's the link:
    Thanks for voting in advance


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    Brains, Booty, Business VanityEgo's Avatar
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    Brussels, y'all.


    I voted for myself, Ella and Rajani

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    Just a disclaimer: All of my discussions are me, not in character. I don’t want to have to edit these answers to Ph. D. quality, and probably couldn’t even if I wanted to. I just think that at this point, the "character" isn't really relevant anymore, since they aren't real

    I would like to start by thanking everyone involved with this game:

    • BottleItUp, for hosting! Obviously the game wouldn’t exist if not for you. I think this has been said by many but this was definitely your smoothest and most intense game ever!
    • My fellow finalists – wccats and Thomnom. I obviously couldn’t have made it to this point without such dependable allies, so I thank you both for helping me get here.
    • The Jury – For those of you that worked with me, I’m sorry that we couldn’t go to the end together. For those that worked against me, thank you for keeping me on my toes for this ENTIRE game!
    • The other players and viewers – for helping to make this such an intense and interesting experience!

    I know that as the jury, you have a lot that you will say to all of us. And obviously, a lot of it will be negative. Though I have commented previously that the jurors should not influence the game, now is definitely the time where you can and should! I probably deserve all the mean things you have to say about me.

    As I signed up for the game, a lot of things were weighing on my mind. First, it had been a while since I had won a game. I made it to the end of BB:PPF, but the jury was not very impressed with my social game.

    I realized that in PPF and past games, I’ve been cast as a player who is really good at challenges, and really antisocial. Believe me, it is something I’m working on, but I do sometimes have a hard time relating to people.Going into this game, I wanted to show that I could have a strong social and strategic game as well as being good at challenges.

    Throughout the game, I think I showed this. I won eight Individual Immunities, played a HII successfully, received an Immunity Necklace from wccats, and received zero counting votes to be eliminated. While a good social game is difficult to quantify, having no votes is an indication that I was working behind the scenes.

    In these next sections, I explain round-by-round what happened in the game from my perspective. At the end, I conclude my opening statement!

    ROUND 1

    The first round is always very important in setting the tone for the rest of the game. A number of important things happened during the first round:

    • I won Individual Immunity, so I couldn’t be voted out first.
    • Myself, VanityEgo, eagle2ch, Thomnom, and Iron Muffin came together to form the Fiore 5 alliance.
    Lumina approached me for an alliance.

    During this first round, the targets offered up were Malicious and Lumina. The Fiore 5 alliance was favoring eliminating Lumina, because Lumina had been found to be talking to everyone. While I had been interested in working with Lumina, I was not willing to risk a position in the majority so early in the game to vote out of sync.

    ROUND 2

    In this round, Fiore won Immunity so I was not eligible to go to Tribal Council. Despite this, important events occurred during this round.

    Iron Muffin informed me of his HII. He told me that Thomnom also knew, but the three of us were the only ones to know.
    Iron Muffin sent me to Exile, where I also found a HII. At this point in the game, I only told Iron Muffin about the idol. So to recap, Iron Muffin and I each had idols that the other knew about, and Thomnom also knew about Iron Muffin's idol.
    • I communicated with wccats and TenseTarget on Domenica. It is important to keep tabs on both tribes early in the game, because (as we saw this season), swaps can happen.

    ROUND 3

    This round had a messy 5-2-2-1 vote. Despite this messy vote spread, I was not targeted during this round and did not receive any votes. This round instead showed that the Fiore 5 was not as tight of an alliance as I had originally hoped. I cast my vote for Sasha, but Raja was the one eliminated (mostly for skipping the challenge).

    ROUND 4

    After the swap, I ended up on a tribe with Will, Iron Muffin, Aly, TenseTarget, and callieisapirate. Will attempted to start a mod alliance, but the two sides were already starting to become clear (a process that would continue until the merge), so this alliance was just not going to work out

    These were two interesting tribal councils. First, Mr.NickiMinaj was voted out of NewFiore. I had not interacted with him at all about this particular game, so this was a favorable elimination. On Libri, Malicious was idoled out of the game by CupidStunt. While I was extremely concerned about CupidStunt, Malicious being eliminated was good for my game in the long run. Malicious and I were not really aligned with each other, but aligned with a few of the same people. In addition, we don’t really have a great history so though I would have preferred CupidStunt to go, it worked out well for me.

    ROUND 5

    Up until this point, I had mostly been testing out the waters. I had built ties with a number of people on the original Fiore tribe, and I had also built ties with the minority alliance on Domenica. After the second swap, I was on a tribe with VanityEgo, Will, CupidStunt, larter3004, Thomnom, wccats, and TenseTarget. CupidStunt immediately approached me for an alliance, but I knew that she was tight with the Holy Rollers so I was immediately suspicious. After the previous round’s shenanigans, it was clear that CupidStunt was a key player in the game that needed to be eliminated.

    Our tribe lost immunity after pretty much everyone threw the challenge or missed the deadline. While we figured that larter3004 would get a self vote and strike out, I was told by members of my tribe (I believe it was TenseTarget and wccats, but it’s been a while so they can correct me if I am wrong) to vote out VanityEgo.

    To me, this was a very bad idea. Why vote out a potential ally when a deadly enemy sat within our sight? I spent the rest of the round lobbying for VanityEgo, Thomnom, wccats, and TenseTarget to join me in voting out CupidStunt. However, she played another idol and VanityEgo was eliminated.

    Though this was a setback in terms of alliance members, it taught me two very valuable lessons about the game.

    First, that if I set my mind on targeting someone, I can get a majority of people to vote for them. While this is probably not a big deal to most people, it is important to me because I am often typecast as someone who is good at challenges but worthless in terms of building social ties. I took an active role in shaping the outcome of that Tribal Council – I believe this is the Tribal Council where I went from a passive player to an active one.

    Second, was that sh*t happens. No matter what you do, you have to always be paranoid about HII and votes going the wrong way. As we saw throughout the game, a surprise idol play can really change the course.

    I also shared information about my HII with Thomnom, so that he would feel secure within the sub-alliance of myself, Iron Muffin, and Thomnom and not flip to CupidStunt's side.

    ROUND 6

    Once again, our tribe lost the immunity challenge. Unfortunately, larter3004, someone who I was interested in playing with, was replaced with Yorkie Dane, someone who tried targeting me immediately. It was clear right away that TenseTarget was now the swing vote, so I spent a lot of time this round making sure he felt comfortable. He chose to side with us and CupidStunt was finally eliminated after the third attempt.

    Though Tribal Council is seen as a universally negative position to be in, I actually found that going to Tribal Council multiple times in a row improved my gameplay. By the time we hit the merge, I was used to scrambling for votes and I had strengthened ties, particularly with wccats, TenseTarget, and Thomnom.

    ROUND 7

    In this round, there was another swap. However, I was placed on a safe tribe with wccats, Thomnom, and Yorkie Dane. I managed to win another Individual Immunity, so it was a no-brainer when we voted out Yorkie Dane.

    On Domenica, I was considering saving Aandres by giving him my HII to take out one of the Holy Rollers pre-merge, but I was informed that it was against the rules to pass idols between tribes so I could only really watch as Aandres was voted out.

    ROUND 8

    The merge round was probably the craziest round in the entire game. Though we supposedly were up over the Holy Rollers 9-3, it was pretty clear that people were jumping ship. Will had been voting with CupidStunt so I figured that he was already a lost cause. Sasha and callieisapirate also decided to side with the Holy Rollers – and to be fair to them, they were not people I was planning on keeping around, so it was a good move for them to flip.

    This round had a couple interesting factors. First of all, I won a social Immunity challenge. I was not expecting to win, but when I thought about it, I realized that I was in a pretty strong position at that point in time. Though I had been focused on dismantling the opposition, what I had really been doing was build a coalition of people who would work together to eliminate the opposition group.

    TenseTarget, eagle2ch, and callieisapirate were the ones holding the power during this round. TenseTarget was leaning toward our side, though he was reluctant to vote out Aly. Thomnom was absolutely right in targeting Aly first, because she has such a positive personality that it’s extremely difficult to target her. I felt bad about voting her, and she had not even ATTEMPTED to align with me during this game! eagle2ch decided to stay with us, but callieisapirate went over to the Holy Rollers.

    Another factor were the Hidden Immunity Idol colors. In order to prevent TenseTarget, eagle2ch, or callieisapirate from obtaining the colors HII to potentially use against myself/Iron Muffin/wccats /Thomnom, we switched wccats and Thomnom's colors. wccats told people that she was Purple instead of yellow, and Thomnom told people that he was yellow instead of purple.

    In the revote, eagle2ch convinced callieisapirate to vote with us instead of turning this game of Survivor into a game of chance.

    Normally, this would mean that the opposition alliance was done and it would be an easy next few votes. Not so!

    ROUND 9

    I knew that the other five were not going to just sit down and wait to be voted off. This is where my strategy got more… controversial.

    Basically… I realized that the opposition group had a point. Of course six people couldn’t all be in the final three. While I personally did not think that the opposition group would have kept a flipper to the finals, we’ll never know.

    I realized that the only way I was going to hold on to a majority is if every member of the 6-person alliance believed that he or she was going to the final three. In other words, I had to figure out how to convince people that 6=3.

    TenseTarget wanted me to commit to a F3 deal with him and wccats. This made sense to me because wccats and TenseTarget had almost always been on the same tribe. I did my best to dodge the question so that I didn’t have to commit, but eventually I did commit to this. This locked up TenseTarget's vote for the next few rounds. I’m not going to say that I didn’t consider this as an actual final three deal. At this point, I wasn’t sure who I wanted in the final three because I figured that we might lose one or two members before we finished eliminating all of the Holy Rollers + their new allies.

    eagle2ch was interested in resurrecting the Fiore 5 (now 4). This was also an interesting deal. I hadn’t been keeping up with that alliance – VanityEgo had been its creator and was the first to leave, so the alliance had become somewhat unglued. However, in order to preserve the majority, I insisted that I was still interested in this deal. Again, I wasn’t sure who I wanted in the finals.

    Between myself, wccats, Thomnom, and Iron Muffin, we had a general understanding. eagle2ch and TenseTarget were always checking in on their status (which is good strategy), which is why I outright lied to them.

    While I’m in no way painting myself as a victim, what do you do? Suppose I flat out told them that I wasn’t going to the final three with them. As rational individuals, they would have flipped to the opposite alliance and began voting out my other allies – or me, if possible. I don’t like having to lie, but I was absolutely determined to preserve the majority. While being an underdog has a certain romantic charm that everyone loves, I would take a safe majority over a minority any day of the week.

    During this round, Iron Muffin won immunity. I was worried about being targeted this round, but I wasn’t. Why? Well, one reason is that I did not engage in the drama in the thread. While Thomnom, TenseTarget, and wccats all quarreled with Sasha, Will, etc, I waited in the background. I think that participating in drama makes you a target.

    For example, I was not planning on targeting Will at the F11 round. However, I got PMs forwarded to me in which Will was targeting me by name – and he also attempted targeting me by name in the thread as well. So I initiated the move to eliminate him.

    Why? Because… he was right. He had a point. He was basically trying to tell the people in my alliance that 3 DIDN’T equal 6. It’s hard to argue against the truth, and much easier to just stop the argument. TenseTarget was not happy when Will told him that he was playing for 7th, so it wasn’t difficult to convince him to vote for Will.

    An important note – this was the last Tribal Council at which I could have been eliminated.

    ROUND 10

    In this round, I first used my challenge skills to win another Individual Immunity. While people don’t really consider challenges a “strategic” element of the game, they were important to me. I always try to win every challenge to the best of my ability because there is no more satisfying feeling than having that immunity necklace. Knowing that this immunity challenge counted for TWO tribal councils made me work even harder to win it.

    Unfortunately, RiddleMeThis obtained the colors HII and successfully eliminated my close ally Iron Muffin and his HII.

    Up to this point, Iron Muffin had been integral to keeping our alliance together and probably my closest ally overall. Though I was a lot more aggressive and social in this game than usual, Iron Muffin is definitely better at playing the social game than I am. However, when I won immunity, he became the largest target to the opposition alliance and they took him out. While I was worried that my allies would catch on that Iron had an idol and pretended not to, they seemed not to mind.

    For the second vote, Thomnom’s vacation made him vote out of synch. I had told him earlier to vote for nab, but later we switched the vote to RiddleMeThis (I wanted him out to make it even easier for me to win challenges). In the revote, everything came together and RiddleMeThis was eliminated from the game.

    ROUND 11

    In this round, I continued to reaffirm my multiple-deal strategy. With only five members left in our alliance and the endgame approaching, everyone was hungry to get those three spots and wanted to make sure they were there. These were the final three deals that I had at this point:

    Fiore 3 – Estquer – Thomnomeagle2ch
    Libri – Estquer – wccatsTenseTarget
    Actual – Estquer – wccatsThomnom

    It was clear by this point that my best shot of winning the game was against wccats and Thomnom. Both of them had received a huge number of votes, and had negative interactions with most of the jury.

    Had eagle2ch or TenseTarget made the final three, they would be able to tell the jury that the jury was wrong and they were right about their position in their alliance. In addition, juries like to reward newer players who make it far. Also, wccats never once targeted me, and thought I suspect Thomnom to have done so, he didn’t even have the opportunity to get rid of me anyway . While the jury was basically posting in the thread that I would win, this actually DECREASED my chance of winning because I was becoming a larger and larger threat throughout the merge and even my own alliance was catching on.

    However, I won the F8 immunity challenge as well, and the vote went as planned. nab became the next Holy Roller to fall.

    ROUND 12

    At this point in the competition, there were only two rounds remaining in which I could play my HII. I had kept it with me ever since Round 2, because I knew that I couldn’t rely on immunity wins alone to get me to the end.

    During this round, the 3=5 spell was finally broken (though, as it became apparent, it was too late for them to change the outcome). I lost the immunity challenge (both eagle2ch and TenseTarget cut me) and eagle2ch and TenseTarget had a chat. They realized that I had promised F3 to both of them, and naturally they came after me!

    TenseTarget joined callieisapirate and Sasha in voting for me. eagle2ch voted for callieisapirate to force a tie, and then possibly to vote me out in the tie revote. Unfortunately for them, I played my HII and forced Sasha out of the game.

    ROUND 13

    In this round, I was very concerned that TenseTarget / eagle2ch / callieisapirate would team up and force us to draw rocks. However, I won the immunity challenge and TenseTarget decided to bow out. I understand why – he realized that the F3 deal was not going to materialize after his attempted blindside and he wanted a chance to be cast in the second season. While I wanted to vote out callieisapirate to finish eliminating the Holy Rollers, I respected his wishes and voted for him.

    ROUND 14

    The final five round was another dangerous round for me. Though my final three with wccats and Thomnom was still intact, I felt that Thomnom might want to make a bold move and vote with callieisapirate and eagle2ch to get rid of me.

    When I lost the Immunity Challenge, I talked to wccats and explained that I felt worried that Thomnom, eagle2ch, and callieisapirate might vote me out. In a selfless move, she decided to give me her Immunity necklace. This now gave Thomnom no pathway to eliminate me because I was now immune. We voted out callieisapirate because she was the final Holy Roller and a huge threat if she somehow made the final three.

    ROUND 15

    For the F4 challenge, I was determined to win. I set up my computer and set this cup:

    On the mousepad. This held down the mouse for 19.5 hours while I read books, slept, did homework, and went to class. Sometimes it takes creative problem-solving to win a challenge! I will say though, that going without computer access for 19 hours was extremely annoying .

    For the final vote, wccats/Thomnom/myself voted out eagle2ch. I like eagle2ch as a person (though I understand why he’s so mad at me) but I felt that toward the end of the game, he was only going through the motions of our alliance and really just wanted me out. wccats messaged me to show me a message he had sent her about potentially voting me out. That, combined with cutting me on the challenge and voting out of synch to force a tie showed me that eagle was no longer interested. In addition, it was difficult for me to justify eliminating wccats or Thomnom when they had been completely loyal in their actions throughout the game.

    I feel like I have burned a bridge with eagle2ch that may never be rebuilt, at least fully. I do hope though that he understands that any non-game conversations I had with him were genuine - the times when I lied were when I said what Thomnom/wccats’s colors were and that I was going to the Final Three, and that's it.


    I know that as a whole, the jury is really mad about this final three. There’s not really much I can do about that. All I can do is say why I believe I deserve to win the game.

    I won the most challenges – and when I didn’t win, I had a back-up plan. The last time I was eligible to be eliminated was at the Final 11.

    I also received no votes that counted, while wccats and Thomnom received a combined 31 votes to eliminate. This is due to my challenge wins, idol play, and close alliances. All of these factors kept me safe throughout the game.

    Whether or not you like me personally, I feel that I have given it my all in every aspect of the game. I held our majority together, and I never threw a single challenge in the entire game. My allies always knew where my vote would land (with the possible exception of the F4 vote and the very first vote). I worked hard to make it to the end in a way that showed my challenge ability, social game, and strategic thinking.

    I know that all of you will have a lot to say – and not much of it will be nice. I have definitely burned some bridges on the way to the end, so I encourage you to tell me what is on your mind (even though I’m really scared ).

    However, I played to win from the very beginning to the very end of the game, and I hope you’ll respect that!

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