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Thread: BB 2 with Lara Stone / WINNER ANNOUNCED !

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    Ok, about to send the final challenge...

    This might be historical challenge~

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    Caterina: HoH???

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    Yeah, I'll post it soon. I was away the weekend, just got home. Sorry. :/

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    For the 3rd part of the final HoH you will have to finish the quiz below.
    It has a series of questions about this game so far, 11 questions.
    Firstly you will be graded on based on how many answers you got correct, then if there's a tie, the person who finished the challenge fastest will win.

    01. Who was the 3rd HoH?
    02. Who have won most HoH's? How many?
    03. Who have won most PoV's? How many?
    04. Who has been in danger of going home the most (was in the vote-off, after PoV)?
    05. Who didn't take part to any of the challenges or vote-off's during first 3 weeks? Why?
    06. How many models quit or got disqualified during the game?
    07. With who was Antonia paired on the first week?
    08. Who all were nominated twice in a row, and then left the second time they were nominated?
    09. Who got the "Golden Ticket" on week 2?
    10. Name 3 semifinalists who didn't make the cut. Just the models.
    11. Lara Stone's birthday?
    Correct answers:
    01. Caterina
    02. Kati and Aymeline, 3
    03. Kati and Caterina, 3
    04. Ilse
    05. Julia, she wasn't in the house
    06. 3: Kate, Marihenny and Edie
    07. Romee
    08. Andie, Edie, Theres, Julia, Ilse and Zuzanna
    09. Josefien
    10. Any 3 of these: Charlotte Free, Chloe Memisevic, Codie Young, Erjona Ala, Milou van Groesen, So Young Kang, Wang Xiao, Vika Falileeva
    11. 20.12.1983

    AYMELINE: 11/11.

    CATERINA: 8/11.

    So, Aymeline this means that you won the final HoH!

    Now, you need to pick who you want to take with you to the final 2, and which one you want to be the final member of the jury and get eliminated.

    Post your decision in the thread ASAP.

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    I'll post my decision shortly~

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    Caterina: Buona fortuna Kati!

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    Sorry for the wait.
    I'm really sorry to the other person, but this person was the first to align with me out of anyone, so we've been together since the beginning. Because of that, I owe it to this person to bring them with me. That means ..

    Caterina, I'm sorry, but I have to evict you.

    OOC; I'm really sorry about this Will, but I felt like I should stay true to my deal.
    Also, you did win last season, so that sort of helped in the decision when I was lost on what to do.

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    Thank you aymwline
    lara will post the portfolios tomorrow

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    Caterina: Kati didn't even do anything. I should have taken you out instead of letting Josefin go home.

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    You missed a lot of HoH's.

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    I missed one. And others have too so.....

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    Yeah, I missed one too.

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    photo 1; Seeing Double
    matching photos with partners

    photo 2; All By Myself
    posing alone

    photo 3; Clean Slate
    minimal, simplistic

    photo 4; Be A Muse
    Just Cavalli | Louis Vuitton

    photo 5; X3M
    extreme couture, avant-garde dresses

    photo 6; Candid Beauty
    backstage beauty shots

    photo 7; Polaroids
    simple polaroids

    photo 8; A Splash of Color

    photo 9; Stand Out!
    posing with 1 another person

    photo 10; Cover Girls
    their best covers

    photo 11; Your Best Shot
    the best photo ever

    photo 1; model
    photo 2; model
    photo 3; model
    photo 4; model
    photo 5; model
    photo 6; model
    photo 7; model
    photo 8; model
    photo 9; model
    photo 10; model
    photo 11; model

    Aymeline; -/11
    Kati; -/11

    Vote for best model in each photoshoot.
    You may vote once.
    Only Kati|Mr.NickiMinaj and Aymeline|Shattered can vote "_____ for all".
    Don't ask for votes or vote biased.

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    photo 1; Kati
    photo 2; Aymeline
    photo 3; Kati
    photo 4; Kati
    photo 5; Aymeline
    photo 6; Aymeline
    photo 7; Kati
    photo 8; Aymeline
    photo 9; Aymeline
    photo 10; Kati
    photo 11; Aymeline

    Aymeline; 6/11
    Kati; 5/11

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