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Thread: Kiara Belen

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    Quote Originally Posted by hauteboy26 View Post
    I really like her, alot, and I think her pictures are underrated. Her Zombie photo is genius, btw.
    i feel the same way. she's underrated in photos.

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    Her newest photo is STUNNING~!

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    She's still high up on my list. I hope she makes it overseas!

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    I think she's stunning!

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    I would so sad if she was eliminated......but I have a feeling she was brought back at the steam punk shoot because after that she was doing amazing each week, and I do think she looks like a model....not the most High fashion but who says you have to look High fashion to be a successful model

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    I think altogether her portfolio is one of the best because she doesn't have a single bad shot. Most of her pictures are just okay, but every other girl has at least 1 bad shot, and she doesn't really have any.
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    Her sexy time, zombie, cheerleader, disgusting and mug shot suck big time! Tyra just wants another Angelea~

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    I love her Zombie, Steampunk & Dream Come True shots!
    ive lost all faith in rtvg~

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    Her portfolio is too inconsistent, and her face is too long for my liking..

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    I hope she's managed to be brought back later, because she's gotten so much better!

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    This week's photo proved that she won't be in top 2

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    Terrible legs, great face, I Hope she continues to modeling though

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    Krista esque in terms of photos
    Bad from the start Great at middle and overseas and failed at the last shoot ( nine west

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    Her best shot was zombie. I can't say that she's great, I kind of liked her but then she just began to deliver awful photos. It's really a shame.

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    I love her waterfall and dream come true pictures. All the others though, not so much.

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    it's a shame that she only started delivering near the end of the competition

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    Name: KIARA
    Age: 22
    Hometown: Las Vegas, NV
    Occupation: Student
    Last School or College: University of California – Irvine
    Height: 5’9”
    Favorite Things:
    Movie: Love and Basketball
    Magazine: Vogue
    Food: Apple salad, salad with fruit, white pizza

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    I don't think she's very photogenic, because in motion she looks really pretty but in photos not so much. D:

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