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Thread: S02EP04 🌴 "Three's A Crowd"

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    So I'm sitting here while these bitches are going back and forth arguing about petty **** and I'm getting so bored with the conversation that I start thinking about other things....
    I look over at Vanessa and I notice the glitter on her boobs...
    I look at Brandi and notice all her acne scars playing tic tac toe on her face....
    I look at Bessie and see that her boobs are going in opposite directions....
    I see that some of the color in Goldie's hair is starting to bleed out....
    Ivy smells like ass and pickles....

    *Sigh* ........These girls are too much.

    This is so corny.....
    Jenna, I might need one of those percocets.

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    -The Producer re-enters the room and calls all of the girls back down to the living room.
    All of the girls that have left file back downstairs unwillingly and take their seats.-

    "So ladies, these last few days have been way too drama-filled and hectic, and when a girl has to ask for a House Meeting just to ask to stop
    being bullied, I have to take action. Therefore, one of you has to go, unfortunately. We will be having a House Vote right now. The girls up for
    deliberation are Adriana, Goldie, and Ivy. The rest of you must state here in the thread which one of these girls you would like to vote out of
    the house. The voters will be Bessie, Brandi, Jenna, Leila, and Vanessa. You all need to cast your votes now, and the girl with the most votes
    will go. In the event of a tie, both of the tied girls will be leaving since you all cannot come to a majority decision. So, let everyone know how
    you are voting."

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    My vote is for Ivy to go. I'm sick of looking at your fat ass camel toe and ratty fusions. Bye.

    Maybe the trick should've thought twice before telling me to shut up.
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    "Well isn't this cute? So, I'm gonna go ahead and think about this strategically. Clearly Brenda Song and Jenna will vote off Adriana, I'm just assuming.
    Leila you just voted Ivy, and Idk what Bessie is going to do. Therefore, I'm going to have to cast my vote for you to go, Ivy. I know you apologized and
    everything and I do believe that you can be cordial, however I don't want to lose a friend in this house and not have your side face some repercussions.
    I am not sure if Bessie will choose sides or not, but I have to at least help Adriana have a chance at staying."

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    (Interview): ...

    When the producer gathers everyone at the sofa for the House Vote, I start to s**t my pants. I start chewing my haaaair,
    chewing my naaaails, you name it, I'm chewing it. I've been on the wrong side of some of these girls, and now they're deciding
    my fate? This is not cool.


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    Ivy sits on the couch watching the voting process

    In Confessional:

    Two votes for me! This is exactly what I wanted a house vote for someone to go home....not. We'll have to see how this plays out. Hopefully it ends in my favor. *shrugs*

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    Ivy sits looking around seemingly bothered

    That's it.

    Ivy (stands up): I'm just going to leave. It makes no sense for us to even vote any further. I've been ready to go home since yesterday and after this entire conversation today, this just solidifies that. I think Adriana and Goldie should stay. So on that note. Peace.

    Ivy is seen hugging Goldie and Adriana who were sitting next to her

    After this whole fiasco of a plan unfolded, I'm officially over it. I don't care anymore to be here and be subjected to all of this extra unneeded drama that I could avoid in my somewhat normal life. If it's looked at as weak, I don't care. You don't have to live the life that I do. It's takes a strong person to admit their faults...and I'm one of them. I hope that with my leaving, Goldie and Adriana can patch up whatever they have going on. Life's too short to bicker over the small s**t and hopefully I learned that myself. *laughs*

    Ivy is seen upstairs packing what's left of her belongings

    -The screen cuts to a montage of Ivy's best and worst moments while in Miami-

    I've learned that it's ok to be wrong sometimes and own your s**t, even if that means you end up losing the battle. It's cool. I came here to do what I wanted to do and I did. Did I do some crazy s**t? Yes. Did I do some foul s**t? Yes. But did I make amends with who I did wrong? Yes. So I'm leaving with some class and dignity and not the person I came here as. So I'm good. But Adriana, I'ma hold you to your word. You owe me a shopping trip when I get back to Miami, bitch. *laughs*
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    "Well, that was pretty unexpected, I must say. I would have rather seen Goldie go home since she showed no remorse, but what can a bitch do?
    Ivy, I still don't like you, but at least I can say I respect you for apologizing. It doesn't fully justify your bullying but s***, at least you made an
    effort. Good luck in life, boo~"


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    -Adriana hugs ivy and helps her out with her suitcases-

    In Confessional

    You know i was really looking forward to a fresh new start
    With ivy and i's relationship, but she is just over the whole experience.
    I dont agree with myself being put up to go home by the producers. It should
    Have been Brandi instead since shes a nobody jumper. But its done and all i can say
    Is good luck ivy see you at the reunion.

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    -Goldie is seen looking around with her mouth stuck open as she tries to comprehend what has just happened-

    Goldie: What the F**K?! NO, BITCH! WHYYYYYYYYYYyyy?

    -She stands up and throws herself into Ivy's arms-

    Goldie: -whispering- We had the votes to get Adriana OUT of here! Stick around, please!

    (Interview): I will really miss my bitch Ivy. She was the only person in this house who was on the same wave-length as me,
    so I'm going to have to find my feet again now that she's gone. I'm beyond pissed that the resident dick-hopper is still here and
    one of the realest bitches in this house had to leave. Peace out Ivy, you better own it at the Reunion!

    -Goldie is seen helping Adriana pack Ivy's suitcases and hauling them down the stairs for her-


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    ​Goldie AND Adriana are helping bring my bags down? They'reactually working together. *laughs*

    Adriana, Ivy, and Goldie are seen outside putting Ivy's suitcases in the back

    Ivy: Goldie, it's cool. I'm leaving happy so there's no need to cry for me at all. You guys have fun. I'll be back in Florida.

    Ivy gets in the van after hugging Adriana and Goldie one last time

    Ivy: One last thing before I go, yall don't trust that English As A Second Language whore, Brandi. She's the root of a lot of s**t here and I'd hate for anybody else to be caught up in her bulls**t. She's a snake ass bitch.

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    Confessional: I'm so shocked Ivy's just up and left, I thought Adrianna would be going home! I'm definitely gonna miss the good times I had with Ivy, I wish I could've gotten to know her better, but that bullying sh** ain't cool and hopefully she's learned a lesson.

    *Bessie goes over to Ivy

    Bessie:​ Take care, girl.

    ANTM 23: Paige, Marissa

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    -The camera cuts to Ivy closing the van door and the van driving off down the highway.
    It then cuts to an aerial view of the house, still in the middle of the day.-


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