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Thread: Search For The Next Top Model!

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    Sorry to see you go millabilla, good luck next round ladies

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    Mollie : so sad to see you go roomate.

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    check your mail girls! Jess mail is sent out.

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    I don't think I got anything...

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    Me neither.

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    I did, lol

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    Can you forward it to us then?

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    Thanks :D

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    Damn ill send it out again sorry girls

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    Just waiting for...

    Snejana, Liya, Elyse, Lydia And Doutzen to submit their photos and then we will be ready to judge.

    You Have 12 hours left girls

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    Swank: I cant wait to watch which one of you girls goes home next

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    Inguna: Swankypoo, aren't you like 40? *rolls eyes and plays with hair* I thought, we had like, a age limit. Can't she go model for Sears now?

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    Swankaniqua: you slut, im 32 but have the face and personality of a 20 year old, lmaoo

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    Guys remember scarlett1616's situation (Liya), her internet might have been cut off and she won't be able to access the site for a while. So don't kick her off, maybe she'll come back today.

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    Snejana: I had such a hard time with this one! I hope I did well enough or I might be going home

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    Lydia Girl I know! I had a hard time with it as well. I just use grand daddy's money if I need anything, I never thought about having a real job before.

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