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Thread: Ashley Brown

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    Ashley Brown

    Ashley Brown

    Phobias: heights
    Worst feature: nose and freckles
    Favourite model: Tyra Banks

    Full time mum of two, Ashley Brown is utterly clueless when it comes to fashion and modelling, but the 20-year-old is up for the challenge and is determined to learn fast.

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    Generic looking. The only thing that would make her stand out are her freckles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mariex0x0 View Post
    Generic looking. The only thing that would make her stand out are her freckles.
    Yeah, I agree.

    She's boring...already.

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    That photo does her no justice. She's the prettiest girl here IMO and has amazing lips, she could work it out.

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    I don't know, she's pretty, but not my least favorite.

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    She is gorgeous, definitely a favourite. Her lips are divine and she's very like Daisy of BelNTM.

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    She's very cute, but sort of generic and commercial looking. Still interested in seeing how she does though.


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    Her makeover

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    Just pretty is all i see

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    At the moment I don't see a model. She's boring.

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    I think she is boring and generic. She is definatly pretty though . . . I hope she grows on me.

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    She looks alot better with that makeover IMO.

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    She's good! I like her.

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    I don't like her tbh , somethings quite off for me

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    she looks young, which is good... But perhaps a bit too young. I wish her face was a BIT more defined.

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    With her makeover, she reminds me of CJ from MMAS 2.
    ANTM 23: Paige, Marissa

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