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Thread: Mafia: RTVG

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    Leo: ****!!!!!

    Sarah Palin: *shoots Leo's corpse*

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    Kermit: :O
    I'll be able to leave this mess of a mansion soon and get back to my real life!!!
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    Fake Paris: Finally, the real me was revealed

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    J.K. Rowling: Damn, I just keep magicking myself towards the end of this game.

    Kermit: Biatch, I'm a frog. Beat that.

    J.K. Rowling: Avada Kedavra!

    Kermit: Oh crap. *dies*

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    Mail sent.

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    Paris Hilton: Hey y'all. I know the bouncer was instructed not to let me in, but I found the side door in the alleyway!


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    So proud irL.

    The Nerve RTVGWiki

    Thanks Estquer and Thomnom!

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    lol tbh, you would think these celebrities would be smart and NOT to be alone... but they do not learn,

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    Arguably, Leo actually went to the library with another celebrity.

    Who, unfortunately for him, turned out to be the mafia.

    Kathy: Aww, Leo! Now YOU get to see what it's like to be on the D-List!

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    Anonymous: Welcome back celebrities. This is the moment you've all been waiting for.
    The Finale.
    I will not hold these results for a second longer. This murky game is about to be plunged into light. 9 people will be eliminated tonight. Only one can win.

    The first contestant to be eliminated, did not turn in their challenge.
    Sorry to...

    [Score; N/A]

    Next will be the player who scored the lowest on the challenge.
    Sorry to...

    [Score; 25]

    In seventh place...

    [Score; 50]

    In sixth place...

    [Score; 75]

    In sixth place...

    [Score; 85]

    In fifth place...

    [Score; 100]

    In fourth place...

    [Score; 110]
    [Earth Guardian]

    In third place...

    [Score; 120]

    Now, only two players remain. The winner of the game....and the dreaded Mafia Member. Since more than 5 people accused the Mafia Member correctly, the Mafia Member is eliminated. This means the winner is....


    [Score; 125]

    Which means our dastardly, deadly, deceiving Mafia Member is, none other than...


    Anonymous: So, there you have it. Mafia; RTVG has reached it's conclusion. Any and all questions will now be answered, so ask away!

    OOC: I just want to thank all of you for making this game such a great success! I had an amazing time hosting it, and I hope that you all had an amazing time playing it.
    Look out for my next game, Second Chance 3, but don't worry. I won't be leaving the Reality/Non-Reality Games any time soon. Keep your eyes pealed for a new one sometime soon.

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    singing my heart's song duckiies's Avatar
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    New York State


    Amanda: Ahahaha! Success! I fooled you little brats, fooled you all! You thought I was just some gum-chewing little princess who had no idea what was going on half the time? I showed you. I showed you all! Now that I've won, I'm putting you all in charge of cleaning up this bloody dump we call[ed] our house. I'm outta here!

    OOC: !!!! I totally didn't expect to win! Holy crap! This was an awesome game and I really enjoyed playing it. You guys all did such a great job! I hope something like this game happens again, wink wink nudge nudge. I can't express how much I loved this game, so thanks so much for it Drew!

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    Congratulations duckiies !, at least the mafia member didn't win . I'm still surprised that I made it so far (well, kind of far) . Great game Reneealltheway!!.

    Jessica: There is a party in hell for all the people that were killed .

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    Miley; What, y'all? What? Ryan-whossit-say-what-in-the-butt-Ross-what-who killed me? An' Amanda-say-wha-Bynes say wha' durn beat me hu'rder than an umpire on a lazy Tuesday afternoon say whaaa?

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    Australian Goddess~ Gemma's Avatar
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    Congratulations Duckiies!

    Which I forgot when I started to sink...

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    Daaaaang it, I so wanted to win

    Congratulations Duckiies on a well-deserved win!

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    Ryan: But I will leave you with a note

    "That's right, I am the Mafia member. I am the one who killed Paris Hilton, you may thank me. It wasn't an easy job but by teaming up with the angel I felt that my identity would be kept secret. Apparently not. I see now why J.K managed to survive week to week. That was driving me crazy. Seeing as more than 5 of you accused me I think it's evident I didn't do a good job of hiding who I was. However I will say I had a blast killing the Zac Efron's and Bret Michael's of this world.
    Peace out bitches"

    I loved this game so much and so wanted to win but didn't even know if it was possible for the mafia member to win I was so excited when I became the mafia member and I was always giving little clues, as was the host, as to who I was. I sported a Panic! At The Disco sig and avvie for quite some time. Posted constantly in threads about music about them and of course Ryan Ross = Rikku Rules.
    Thanks for an INCREDIBLE game Drew. So amazing

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    Such an awesome game Drew. I can deal with 4th place, I was expecting 10th. I hope there's a season 2!
    Australia's Next Top Model
    Linnea . Jordan . Vitoria . Aleyna

    Australian Survivor
    Brooke . CRAIG . Des . El . Flick . Jennah-Louise . KAT . Kate . Kristie . Kylie . Phoebe . Rohan . SUE

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