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  1. Kara DioGuardi calls auditioner "B*tch"; redeems Idol premiere!
  2. I can hit Mariah Carey high pitch! God's gonna make you PAY!
  3. Idol Vocabulatary 101: Singing acapellalee with the wrong rectum (!?!)
  4. Idol Sobstory Poker: I SEE your seizures, and I RAISE you a homeless childhood!
  5. LIVE at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, Round 2: Kara vs. the b****!
  6. Top 36 revealed, reviewed, handicapped... and made fun of (where necessary)
  7. Group 1: The Puerto Rican sensation that's sweeping the nation: it's TATIMANIA!
  8. Top 13: Idols tackle Wacko Jacko songs, while Paula fights Chickens
  9. Top 13 Results: Recapping American Idol in 2 minutes and 45 seconds
  10. Top 11 Performance Recap: Reducing the hokiness of Grand Ole Opry Week into 6:43
  11. The Top 9 Performances in 5:15, and a very LIBERAL use of the term "top download"
  12. The Top 8 Performances in 5:43, and Danny Gokey's secret mutant twin!
  13. A 3 min 59 recap of the Top 7: the night Lil Rounds blew a gasket!
  14. A 4 minute and 30 second explanation for why Disco died!
  15. A 5 minutes 25 seconds of Standards and Jamie Foxx's crazy eyes!
  16. An American Idol Horror Story: The Scream, starring Danny Gokey