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  1. America's Next Top Model Cycle 15 Discussion Thread
  2. Who is Your Pre-Show Favorite?
  3. Episode 1 Photoshoot: Casting Shoot
  4. Who has the best walk?
  5. Who do you think looks best in the opening?
  6. Week 1 Photoshoot: Teen Bullying
  7. Makeovers
  8. Week 2 Photoshoot: Fallen Angels
  9. If you could replace one girl on the show, who would it be?
  10. Which male models do you like?
  11. Week 3 Photoshoot: Undersea Goddesses
  12. Week 4 Photoshoot: Lucha Va Voom Wrestlers
  13. Episode 6 Photoshoot: Rodeo Drive (Patrick Demarchelier)
  14. Who will eventually break Ann's FCO streak?
  15. Week 6 Photoshoot: Iconic Fashion Designers
  16. If girls won something in last round, did she deserve to go home in next round?
  17. which girl do you think is the most overrated by us?
  18. Who do you think will do the best at the commercial
  19. Week 7 Photos: Zac Posen Runway (Episode 08)
  20. Who looks too commerical?
  21. Which female models do you like?
  22. Week 8 Photoshoot:Group Gondola (Missoni - Episode 9)
  23. Week 8 Photoshoot
  24. Which Girls Deserved to Make it Overseas?
  25. ANTM Cycle 15 Episode 10 Shoot: Statues
  26. Who is Your Favorite Contestant out of the Top Five?
  27. Episode 11 Spoilers: Motion Editorial Preview Pics
  28. Which 2 girls you want to see in final 2? (SPOILERS)
  30. Undeserving Eliminations.
  31. ANTM Cycle 15 Winner Album *MASSIVE SPOILERS*
  32. Fiercest ANTM final 2 opinions?!
  33. Who should have won?
  34. Which Elimination Photo is the Best?
  35. Whose elimination was the most heartbreaking to watch?
  36. What IMG-girl are you more excited about?
  37. Did you think Cycle 15 was entertaing?
  38. Who is your favorite Guest Judge of Cycle 15?
  39. Which C15 semi finalists would you pick to replace the original cast?
  40. who should have been the comeback contestant?