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  1. Survivor Ep 1 Recap: Damn Kids! I was Building Fires by the Time I was Six!
  2. Survivor Ep 2 Recap: In (faint) Praise of Older Women
  3. Survivor Ep 3: Thanks For The Massage, Misty, But Sorry, No Happy Ending For You...
  4. Survivor Ep 4 Recap:There's Something About Terry...
  5. Survivor Ep 5 Recap: What about Bob?
  6. Survivor Ep 6 Recap: The League of All-Too-Ordinary Gentlemen
  7. Survivor Ep 7: Exile Island Quiz
  8. Suvivor Ep 7: Exile Island Quiz part 2
  9. Survivor Ep 8 Recap: Bruce Nicked by Machete; Nick Chopped by Casaya...
  10. Survivor Ep 9 Recap: Austin's Powerless; Panamanian Man of Misery
  11. Survivor Ep 10 Recap: Cheeseburger in Paradise?
  12. Survivor Ep 11 Recap: Bruce's gut feeling
  13. Survivor Ep 12 Recap: Fire Dancer Flames Out
  14. Survivor Ep 13 Recap: Shane Loses It
  15. Survivor Ep 14 Recap: I Practice Love and Compassion, You @%$#ing Bastards!
  16. Survivor Finale Recap: Teepee for Rent