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?If You a Fly Gal, Get Your Nails Done, Get a Pedicure, Get Your Hurrrrrrrr Did?

On Wednesday, March 15th my favorite episode of every cycle of ANTM aired ? the notorious Makeover Episode! Which girls will be happily transformed into uber models and which ones will ?cry me a river? with sadistically odd stylings prescribed by Tyra herself? It all unfolds with a brief recap of last week?s judging and elimination from the point of view of several girls (mainly the lashing Jade got from panel on her attitude). Jade continues to insist that she IS ?humble? and ?down to earth?, Gina declares that karma is indeed, a beyotch, and Furonda also echos how Jade deserved it for the way she picked on Gina, who was an ?easy target? until she cried. Furonda also declares that if Jade ?comes over there with sillyness, then I?mma deal with it?. Hmm, possible foreshadowing for a bigger feud to come? *rubs hands together in glee*

On the way to the high end Warren Tricomi salon, Wendy recounts how to the others girls how she still does not know the status of some of her family members lost in Hurricane Katrina. Kari in her confessional how Wendy seems distracted a lot and ?off in her little world?. The mood quickly picks up as the girls enter the salon and are introduced to their stylists for the day, Joel Warren, Celebrity Hair Colorist aka ?The Master of the Color? and Edward Tricomi, Celebrity Hair Stylist aka ?The Master of the Cut?. Tyra notes that he is also known as Edward Scissorhands ? I am sure this little tidbit was quite comforting to the girls! Every cycle, Tyra decides what look she wants for each girl and she excitedly informs the girls of what looks their new looks will be:

Kari ? Brigitte Bardot hair (very BIG luscious blond curls, kind of like the fembots in Austin Powers)
Leslie ? thicker and more luscious
Sara ? short on the sides, longer on top, Brigitte Nielsen platinum blonde
Danielle ? side part, long weave with Spanish waves
Brooke ? Giselle Bundchen hair (light brown with highlights and long layers)
Joanie ? icy blonde
Nnenna ? buzzed bald
Furonda ? Tiffany Cycle 4 hair (middle part, straight, super long weave)
Wendy ? lighter, brighter, honey, delicious
Gina ? edgy cuts and angles
Mollie Sue ? the Mia Farrow haircut she wanted Cassandra to have (but red)
Jade ? softer, sweet, elf-like, short blond curls and eyebrows

Some girls looked thrilled at the idea of what they will be transformed into, others look terribly disappointed. Jade was hoping for super long hair and Sara just looks sick to her stomach. The stylists quickly get to work in a montage of scissors, razors, dye, and foil. http://i30.photobucket.com/albums/c330/RTVG_Apprentice_GlitterxGold/ANTM/19.jpg Sara is shown looking absolutely petrified and tells Kari how her boyfriend works for a conservative Senator and ?I guess I?m not going to the Christmas party this year?. She honestly doesn?t look bad (in my opinion anyway). Brooke is looking good with her new hairstyle and we actually hear her speak more than a sentence *gasp*. After their makeovers the girls will all do a quick photo shoot showcasing their new look. However, before they step in front of the camera, Mr. Jay does something a bit different. In a notable change from last cycle, Mr. Jay approaches each girl after her makeover and asks her to define her personal style (remember in ANTM 5 they were assigned a style?.this was the underlying reason Cassandra said she quit the show). Some girls had an immediate grasp of how to define their new selves, while others needed a bit of help from him. Nevertheless, here is the rundown:

Brooke ? ?1940?s ? 50?s Vintage?
Gina ? ?Simple and Sophisticated?
Mollie Sue ? ?Mod?
Furonda ? ?Quirky Beautiful?
Kari ? ?Bohemian Chic?
Nnenna ? ?New African Queen?
Sara ? ?Street Chic?
Leslie ? ?Simplistic Sexy Chic?
Joanie ? ?All American Girl?
Wendy ? ?Urban Glam?
Danielle ? ?Hip Hop Glam?
Jade ? ?Bohemian?

Jade insists to Mr. Jay that she is bohemian. He seemed to try to be leading her in another direction, but bohemian she is! Out of all the girls, one wouldn?t expect Miss Confident *snaps in Z formation* to be the whiniest girl of the whole bunch, but Jade complains and even pathetically holds up a long weave to her head and laments how Furonda got the long hair that she really wanted. Oh wait! I seemed to have forgotten one more makeover and new personal style! http://i30.photobucket.com/albums/c330/RTVG_Apprentice_GlitterxGold/ANTM/28.jpg Ah yes, Miss Jay, ?Ghetto Project Fabulous? the caption reads as he sits in his curlers. However, after Mr. Jay takes out his curlers and styles him, he decides to deem his new look ?The Al Sharpton?. So fierce.

Memoirs of a Diva

Mr. Jay informs the girls that tomorrow they will be attending a GenArt fashion show (launches a lot of new and upcoming designers) and will need to be able to find outfits from the show that are adaptable their new personal style. Sounds like a fun challenge! Jade complains some more in the car ride home how she wanted long hair and how long hair is all over the fashion magazines. She whines in her confessional how Furonda is a ?true Miss Diva? because she keeps admiring her new long hair every time she looks in a mirror. You mean a Diva like this? http://i30.photobucket.com/albums/c330/RTVG_Apprentice_GlitterxGold/ANTM/27.jpg tee hee.

I am briefly distracted and slightly mesmerized, okay I?ll be honest, I?m really mesmerized, by a shiny disco ball as the girls arrive home. Furonda embraces her inner Diva and hands out printed sheets to each girl in the house with her ?tips? for dealing with her.

Furonda?s Tips For Successful Interaction:

1. I will treat you in a way identical to, or worse than, the way you treat me.
2. I am the best person to discuss me with.
3. If you need anything other than emergency items, please do not ask me.
4. Stay out of my personal business unless I invite you in.

Most of the girls giggle and comment on how divalicious Furonda is and Jade ?yep, you guessed it- blames it on that long hair! *grrrrrr!* ?She thinks she?s like, an imitation of Naomi Campbell, but she?s got it all twisted.? (Ebony from Cycle 5 ?raises the roof? from her cowch at home). Jade further demonstrates her disdain for Furonda by dunking her list of tips into the pool.

After a brief commercial break, (drink Gatorade, go see ?Failure to Launch?, buy clothes makeup at Target, mmh omg Hershey?s Kisses filled with peanut butter, wash your face with Biore, drive Chrysler, eat chicken, Cingular raises the bar yay-E-YAY), we return to Jade and Furonda primping in the mirror together. Jade is putting on mascara and tells Furonda, ?I thought you was gonna rock your crown?? (Furonda has a glittery princessy tiara she wears around the house?.geez, who does that? *Glitter whistles and shifts her eyes around nervously*) Furonda replies, ?You can wear it if you want?. Jade, ?I wouldn?t be caught dead in that, sweetheart?. Apparently, Jade?s new ?do has been breaking her down a little bit. Ah, Tyra had it all planned out huh? Miss Thang notes in her confessional how she is normally extremely confident but, ?To pull this off? Dude?. Finally, she is starting to seem a bit?human. Meanwhile, Sara is crying on the phone with her boyfriend about her new hairstyle and how it isn?t her.

A Visit From Naima

The girls arrive at the GenArt fashion show and we are treated to an array of various outfits. Wendy notes how she is distracted and thinking of her family as she watches the show. The models in training are taken backstage to pick out the outfit that they feel best represents their new personal style. Sorry for the lack of pictures from this part, but UPN only posted the photo shoot and the makeover scenes this time. Maybe there was an issue with the designers and advertising their work or maybe it was just too darn fierce for our mere mortal eyes to look at for too long. In any case, there is a mad dash by all of the girls to grab their outfit of choice. Sara seems so confused as to what to pick since she doesn?t feel like her new look is her at all (oh please don?t let this be your downfall sweetie!).

Everyone ends up with an outfit and the models are whisked away to undisclosed location to meet Rachel Zoe (like, rhymes with toe). Jade is especially excited and notes how Rachel has been the stylist for celebrities such as Misha Barton, Nicole Richie, and Lindsay Lohan. She informs them that for the second part of their challenge today, they will have 15 minutes to do their hair, makeup and wardrobe. Additionally, Naima, winner of ANTM Cycle 4, will be here to assist them. Naima steps out in a copper printed halter dress with a blue sash, and has traded her former Mohawk for a similar style, but with a thin weave in the back and a little less wild on top (still poofy though). And yes, she still has the same robotically fabulous voice that sounds like she is reading off a cue card. Today, they have brought with them the Queen Collection (a new makeup line from Cover Girl for woman of color, designed by Queen Latifah). Naima assures the non-women of color not to worry because, ?all Cover Girl makeup is great?. *flashes smile* Rachel tells them that the winner of this challenge will receive a $5,000 shopping spree from Nanette Lepore.

The competition begins and there is a montage of clothes and makeup flying, girls running around everywhere, and Rachel tells them that they must alter the clothes themselves (usually there are assistants to pin the clothes to fit each model?s body for a perfect, tailored looking fit). Wendy is especially disappointed to hear this. Naima gives the girls some makeup tips. Time is called and Rachel evaluates each girl. Some girls do quite well (Leslie and Furonda both look very classy and sexy), others are a mess (Sara looks downright hoeish while Mollie Sue is deemed ?confused?). However, the winner of the challenge, is Nnenna, whose makeup was ?perfectly fresh? and stayed true to her personal style. She gets to pick two friends to share in her reward and selected her roommates, Gina first, and then Jade. The calm, collected Nnenna wins mad propz, as she details in her confessional that she picked them because she knows they have problems and wants to? help them learn something more about each other?. The three are taken to a boutique and happily pick out some cute outfits together without incident.


Back at the house, Wendy is on the phone the her mother talking about displaced family members and the 8 feet of water that was in their house and is rudely interrupted by Jade, ?Yo, I need to use the phone, I have not used the phone since like I got here I need to use the phone?. Wendy replies that when she gets off, she will let her know and Jade says, ?That?s foul?. Jade slumps down outside the phone room with a floral scarf on her head like a nun looking like she is almost about to cry there for a second. She whines some more about wanting to use the phone and how everyone else has had a chance to use it since their makeover. In her confessional, she says she feels lost, like she doesn?t know who she is.

This brief moment where one starts to want to feel compassion for her ends quite abruptly when she says ?Yo, I?m tired of strugglin?, I feel I am the undiscovered supermodel. I live in New York City ? the belly of the beast?. Furonda, sitting next to her in a her feathered, glittery crown ( hey mine, doesn?t have feathers! Oops :o ) bursts out laughing at Jade, who was actually being serious. Mollie Sue also starts laughing at her. Jade jumps up and points at the wall that says, ?ANTM Modeling Agency? and declares that it does not say ?America?s Next Top Best Friend?! Joanie is shown yawning in the hallway. In her confessional, she goes on to say, ?I know I am a threat. I am a strong ass woman. I am a soldier sistah. Reck-a-nize?.

*stares blankly*



Jade starts makes fun of Furonda?s crown saying she looks ?damn ridiculous? and Furonda mutters something about Jade being in her panties. Jade snaps back, ?Yes I am in my panties and I look damn good! Broke ass crown, they ain?t even real diamonds.? Wendy exists the phone room and tells her she needs to not take her attitude out on other people and Jade calls her J-Lo. (Hey, you got a problem with J-Lo? *snaps in Z formation*)

Once Jade finally gets on the phone, she whines to her mom how these girls are terrible and they are trying to ?corrupt? her. Wendy, Joanie, Sara and Furonda are chattering away in the next room talking about her and Sara exclaims in her confessional that the peroxide must be getting to her brain. Brooke excited reads the Tyra Mail that hints at what their next photo shoot will be (I just noticed she has a very lovely voice).

Ice, Ice Baby

The next morning models walk into what seems like a giant freezer (blocks of ice everywhere) where they find Mr. Jay in a heavy coat drinking coffee. As he speaks, you can SEE how cold it is and the girls shiver as he introduces their photographer for today, Richard Reinsdorf. He tells them to imagine that they are?.?somewhere warm?. The girls are stripped down to barely there, sparkly, silver ?outfits? (seriously they are in bathing suits and short mini dresses). Sara doesn?t even have a top (just a jacket covering her boobage). Their makeup is done in super icy colors of silver, white and light blue, and their eyelashes and eyebrows are given a ?snow covered? effect. Sara still isn?t comfortable with her new look, and it shows. Nnenna tries to imagine that she is in a hot, hot desert, but when she has to SIT ON A BLOCK OF ICE (!!!!!!!!!!) she exclaims, ?Mother of God!? Danielle does well, but Mr. Jay warns her that she is getting a bit ?hoe? on him. (!!!!!!!!!!) Joanie is deemed princessy and Wendy is a ?frightened bird?. Jay is concerned about her and says he can read her problems on her face. Kari is ?hit or miss? and he mutters about her looking ?playmate?. Leslie has trouble not looking cold.

In the makeup room, Jade is getting more and more depressed. She sits slumped in her chair with huge Olsen twins sunglasses on and tells Kari, Wendy and Nnenna how they are ?beautiful and elegant? and she wants to be beautiful, has had ?too many mindtrips? and she ?can?t take it anymore?. Aww? I think? Back on set, Gina?s first 50 frames are deemed useless. Brooke gets mad propz for looking sexy without looking sleezy. Jade is squinting too much and was the ?epitome of an ice princess?. She seems obsessed with seeing how Furonda does (grr! that long hair! *shakes fist*) and she ended up rocking the photo shoot. However, back in the makeup room, Jade makes a point to tell her how bad she did. Furonda just shrugs it off and says we?ll see I guess.

Jade Needs To Get Laid

The girls file into the judging chambers and Tyra is pleased with the results of the girls? makeovers. Tyra hammers down in our brains once again the prizes for the girl at the end of the rainbow: a modeling contract with Ford, a spread in Elle shot by Gilles Bensimon, and $100,000 contract with CoverGirl cosmetics. She also introduces the judging panel: Nigel Barker (?noted fashion photographer?); J. Alexander aka Miss Jay (?legendary runway coach?), and Twiggy (?fashion icon and living legend?). The special guest judge this week is Rachel Zoe, Celebrity Stylist, who worked with them on the challenge this week. Tyra stresses the importance of being able to connect with the camera and sell a winning magazine cover. The girls are evaluated on their Ice Queen Cover Shots:

Danielle ? has a commanding presence in her photo, but needs to present her hair better in person (Tyra has her shake her hair out ?white girl style? Huh? What? :lol)
Kari ? very sexy and not afraid to do ?ugly moves? as they can work well.
Leslie ? too pinup, work on more odd and masculine moves (what scratching herself? Flexing her bicep? :shrug)
Mollie Sue ? she is Tyra?s ?fantasy girl? right now bow chicka bow, but is told to never EVER come to judging without heels. Her photo is very European and edgy. Propz.
Wendy ? Photo is not bad, but she looks more actress than model. Some random dude comes out and wets her hair down and puts it in a bun. Tyra asks if her family tragedy is carrying into competition.
Joanie ? too safe, too obvious
Sara ? they are disappointed and it?s obvious she?s not comfy with her makeover. She has the tools but needs to work it.
Brooke ? now, I am not sure what photo they are looking at, but on my screen I see an exaggerated ?supermodel? pose with hand on head and lips puffed out. It looks $2 h??appy meal. However, they all LOVE it. Twiggy says that because she is not that ?conventionally pretty?, that could be her ?fortune?. *waves her hands around a crystal ball like Miss Cleo*
Furonda ? Nigel and Twiggy think she needs more presence, but Tyra and Rachel adore her
Gina ? a beautiful picture, but not a cover
Nnenna ? they love it, but Tyra says she doesn?t know how to work the strength of her face and gets a bit bugged eyed at times
Jade ? Twiggy says she scares her a bit when she comes out because she is aggressive. Jade starts rambling about how she has problems with the other girls and how her transformation was the ?most drastic? (Really? You think so? Uhh they SHAVED Nnenna?s head!). Tyra immediately shuts her down and says they have been doing this for years and that ain?t nothing. Nigel tells her she needs to leave her baggage behind with a hint of challenge in his eyes. They don?t like her photo. Tyra says that Mr. Jay reported that she complained the whole time she couldn?t work her eyes because they are slanty and small. Jade interrupts her and complains she didn?t like the eye makeup. Nigel cuts her off and says, ?you can?t bitch? about all this. Tyra emphasizes how new models, even right up to Cindy Crawford level, they don?t do things that cater to you. It?s your job to sell the clothes, eye shadow, WHATEVER product you are being paid to model. Yeah! *applause, Bonequeesha stands up in audience and yells ?right on sistah!?*

After a commercial break, we return to see the judges deliberate on who to send home this week. They echo many of the same comments they made to the girls moments earlier. Brooke is the standout star this week. Joanie?s tooth bothers Nigel, but Miss Jay says that 1-800-SMILE can fix that. Wendy still isn?t connecting, and Rachel doesn?t see model in her. Nigel calls Furonda ?ET with a wig on? but Rachel loves her. Tyra does a hilarious ghetto girl impression of Danielle. Twiggy can?t stand Jade and Nigel declares that ?Jade needs to get laid? :lol

The girls return to the judging room and the photos are handed back in this order: Brooke, Danielle, Nnenna, Kari, Furonda, Gina, Mollie Sue, Leslie, Sara, and Joanie. The bottom two are Jade and Wendy. They step forward and the suspenseful music starts to play. Tyra tells Wendy that the judges think she has potential, but she hasn?t been putting it in her photos. Jade is there because she is ?full of excuses? and she ?doesn?t take responsibility for her actions?. But who goes home? http://i30.photobucket.com/albums/c330/RTVG_Apprentice_GlitterxGold/ANTM/12.jpg Tyra turns the final photograph around and it is Jade?s. She steps up to get her photo and the look of the girls behind them is purely stunned (especially Joanie). Tyra says they think that her arrogance is actually insecurity, but she has potential if she can keep it real yo. Wendy is eliminated. Hugs and tears, Wendy is shocked and did not expect to leave tonight. Her brief portfolio appears on screen and she is seen packing and leaving the house. The group photo appears and Wendy?s image fades away.

Coming up next week on America?s Next Top Model, more runway training from Miss Jay. Gina wants to watch Danielle take a shower. And my recapping abilities will be put to the ultimate test as I will have to watch the girls share the runway with the most hideous insects on Earth! *SCREAMS*

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May the fierce be with you! *adjusts her crown*
~GlitterxGold, RTVG

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Hehe, great recap, Glitter! 1-800-BEYOTCH :rofl

i love kahlen
03-19-2006, 01:48 PM
Maybe there was an issue with the designers and advertising their work or maybe it was just too darn fierce for our mere mortal eyes to look at for too long

(Hey, you got a problem with J-Lo? *snaps in Z formation*)

Gina wants to watch Danielle take a shower. And my recapping abilities will be put to the ultimate test as I will have to watch the girls share the runway with the most hideous insects on Earth! *SCREAMS*
Too many quoteables! Great job gxg, i :love your recaps!

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Glitter you recap was FI-ERCE :rofl :rofl ! Aweseome job, I almost spit out my orange juice when I saw 1-800-BEYOTCH!!!!

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:yay :woo :yay Great Recap Glitterx!! :yay :woo :yay

That was Amazing! I especially loved the Titles!! (1-800-Beyotch! :lol)

ps. Though I loved the titles, wasn't 1-800-beyotch from a movie? I saw a really bad movie in theatres last night and they had that! So Glitter, you think like a movie writer! Good Job! :p

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Great recap GlitterX -- you just have a way with words and this show!! Funny, entertaining and totally snarky - GREAT JOB!

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[b]? Yeah! *applause, Bonequeesha stands up in audience and yells ?right on sistah!?*

Reading this today made me laugh.. Saleisha was there too :lol :lol :lol :rofl