View Full Version : Week 4 Runway: Neon Realness

03-29-2016, 08:14 AM
Acid Betty
Bob the Drag Queen
Chi Chi DeVayne
Derrick Barry
Kim Chi
Naomi Smalls
Naysha Lopez
Robbie Turner
Thorgy Thor

03-29-2016, 08:20 AM
LOVE this runway theme. It was practically made for Acid Betty and her aesthetic, she looks crazy amazing. Bob looks great too. Chi Chi and Thorgy had the weakest looks IMO.

03-29-2016, 08:26 AM
I really like Acid's, Bob's, Kim's and Thorgy's. Kim's make up skills blow me away. Derrick was easily the worst for me. This runway theme was just made for Acid to showcase their talent, Thorgy is just very 80's Hairspray to me which I really like, and Bob looks great.

03-29-2016, 08:35 AM
Acid Betty is a complete vision and I'm obsessed with Kim Chi's make-up :smitten

Derrick's look is very discount Marco Marco

03-29-2016, 08:37 AM
I love Kim Chi's, Acid Betty's and Naysha's looks

03-29-2016, 08:49 AM
Kimchi, Acid & Naomi.

03-29-2016, 08:50 AM
Acid and Kim are beautiful, complete works of art :smitten I also voted for Naysha. I love that body suit, the detail up close is spectacular. I do wish the hair incorporated more neon, however.

Bob, Naomi, and Thorgy also look really good.

03-29-2016, 09:09 AM
Naomi and Naysha slayed. I think Betty's and Kim's look are horrible.

Oh my Lanta01
03-29-2016, 09:31 AM
ACID & Naomi >>>>>>>>

I LOOOOVE Bob's Makeup, but i hate her outfit.

03-29-2016, 11:18 AM
1. Bob - Love the silhouette and the makeup.
2. Naysha - Outfiit-wise it's the best, makeup-wise it's a bit safe.
3. Betty - I'm not loving it but I can't deny she did great.
4. Naomi - Very cute!
5. Thorgy - I didn't get the bad criticisms, I kinda love it!
6. Kim - Amazing makeup but let's face it it's a belted catsuit with a cape. That's all.
7. Robbie - Love the idea, it's just that Marie Antoinette has been done so many times in Drag Race.
8. Chi Chi - I actually love the hair and makeup but the outfit is BASIC.
9. Derrick - Such a bad wig OMG :lol

03-29-2016, 11:38 AM
1. Betty - Flawless.
2. Kim - Brilliant
3. Naomi - Her best look so far.
3. Chi Chi - I actually thought it worked.
4. Naysha - I would have loved it more with braided Avatar hair or sth
5. Bob - Cool.
6. Robbie - Meh.
7. Dirk - Courtmeh.
8. Thorgy - Such a lazy look. If you wanna do pop art makeup than educate yourself. Its not about symmetry but perspective. Every heard of shadow/light?!

03-29-2016, 12:25 PM
tbqh I didn't love any of the queen looks . This was a weak episode imo .

03-29-2016, 01:36 PM
1. Acid B
2. Naysha!!!
3. Naomi
4. Bob
5. Kim
6. Derrick
7. Robbie
8. Thorgy
9. Chi Chi

03-29-2016, 02:08 PM
Acid Betty looks like a neon Gyarados. <3

03-29-2016, 02:19 PM
Acid Betty is a complete vision and I'm obsessed with Kim Chi's make-up :smitten

Derrick's look is very discount Marco Marco
Isnt derrick's outfit the one she wore at her marco marco show tho lmao? :lol

03-29-2016, 03:16 PM
Am I the only one who thinks that Betty's dress looks cheap and ugly? The neck up is s.t.u.n.n.i.n.g but that was one basic spray painted dress.

Naysha by far the best dressed this week.

At the same time, idgi how Naomi is practically leading the poll lol. pvc is so overdone.

03-29-2016, 04:06 PM
kimchis is the best look of the season so far, for me.

not seeing what is so great about thorgy's look. i actually agreed with michelle that the black sideburns were a bit unnecessary

03-29-2016, 04:15 PM
Acid and Naomi are the best

03-29-2016, 05:04 PM
01. ACID BETTY!!! - Far and above everyone else. Sad that we don't get to see the full runway and hear the inspiration behind this look.
02. KIM CHI - Finally someone bringing some avant-garde **** this year! I think this would work better for print but still it was a great look.
03. NAOMI SMALLS - So adorable, she is the ideal Barbie doll, this highlights it.
-----HUGE difference in quality here imo-----
04. THORGY THOR - IDK what Michelle is smoking, this is a great look. Thorgy always mixes it up and this week is no different.
05. NAYSHA LOPEZ - I love the outfit, she truly brought some Neon Couture but that wig is an ugly, boxy, mess.
06. DERRICK BARRY - The color blocking looks cool, gosh she is painfully basic, though.
07. BOB THE DRAG QUEEN - The only thing I'd say that's improved of her's is her makeup. The colors she used look great on her skin. But how does Michelle think this is more fashion for her? The outfit is pretty bland.
08. CHI CHI DE VAYNE - Although her outfit is the cheapest, her face looked beautiful and it goes more with the neon theme than Robbie, imo.
09. ROBBIE TURNER - I love Robbie and truly believed she deserved the win, but this outfit is just such an eyesore and the colors don't match the style of the garment at all, it's just really off putting.

03-29-2016, 05:42 PM
I think that if Chi Chi got clocked for wearing a bathing suit, Naomi should've been clocked too for wearing essentially a bra and a skirt.

03-30-2016, 10:49 AM
Isnt derrick's outfit the one she wore at her marco marco show tho lmao? :lol

Hahaha omg yes that might be... but she just makes it look discount, I guess :lol :lol

03-30-2016, 04:50 PM
Acid, Kim Chi, and Naomi

03-30-2016, 05:09 PM
Am I the only one who cant see the pics?

Voted for Acid though!

04-01-2016, 02:19 PM
They make Kim Chi's runway walk a plot point, and then they zoom in as she's walking so we can't see whether she's improved it or not. I get that her makeup was the defining part of her look, but they could have zoomed in during the split screen when she was stationary? Hmmmmm.

The looks were pretty good across the board, I thought. Even Chi Chi who was arguably the most "basic" still looked good. I love me some Thorgy, but the black lines she painted on weren't really needed. I get they were supposed to be a continuation of her dress, but it just cluttered her face which already had those huge exaggerated spiky brows/lashes.

1. Acid Betty (less avant garde than Kim but I thought it was executed cleanly. Dress was a little plain, but it let us focus on her face)
2. Bob the Drag Queen (Much improved makeup compared to last week, simple and clean, and she doesn't need a wig to look good)
3. Naysha Lopez (Good suit, and she's a sweetheart, but I am not upset about her elimination)
4. Kim Chi (Interesting, but the wig and the ruffles on her chest blended together weirdly. I do always look forward to her looks though, even if she's probably better suited to print/instagram than a runway)
5. Naomi Smalls (I actually pulled a Tyra and forgot to rank her look originally. The Tyra-Naomi feud continues. She's ****ing hot, and I love the Austin Powers Fembot/Madonna bra and if I had legs like Naomi I'd wear skirts and/or lingerie all day every day too. Not outstanding or memorable, but competent and cute.)
6. Chi Chi (Basic outfit, but she looked good, and I like the hat with the wig. Sexy leather dom....in a swimsuit.)
7. Derrick Berry (Whoever said Marco Marco is bang on. Clean outfit, but not terribly exciting.)
8. Robbie Turner (Leave Marie Antoinette to Raja. Neon renaissance is a weird combination, and while I don't think she looks bad, her paint and wigs are consistently among my least favourites. In fact I think I only really enjoyed the Vera Wang look, but I still really enjoy Robbie.)
9. Thorgy (Again, like Robbie, I really like her presence on the program, but the face was all wrong for me, and I don't like that she had her natural hair showing. Dress was cute enough, though.)

04-03-2016, 10:18 AM
Acid was everything

04-03-2016, 01:38 PM
I think that if Chi Chi got clocked for wearing a bathing suit, Naomi should've been clocked too for wearing essentially a bra and a skirt.

Naomi did it right tho

04-03-2016, 06:56 PM
Bob & Betty >>>

Chi Chi, Naysha and Naomi's were all basique.

04-08-2016, 11:56 PM
Acid, Naomi, Naysha