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12-09-2009, 05:07 AM
I've sort of done this not neccesarily based on who I liked/disliked most, but a mix of that and potential. Interested to hear other's thoughts.

Week 1. John and Edward

Week 2. Kandy Rain

Week 3. Rikki

Week 4. Lloyd

Week 5. Olly

Week 6. Rachel

Week 7. Jamie

Week 8. Stacey

Week 9. Danyl

Week 10. Lucie

Week 11. Joe

WINNER. Miss Frank

12-09-2009, 07:29 AM
12. Jedward :puke
11. Lloyd
10. Jaimie
9. Olly
8. Danyl
7. Rikki
6. Kandy Rain
5. Joe
4. Rachel :smitten
3. Stacy :love
2. Lucie :love :love
1. Miss FRANK :love :love :love

12-16-2009, 02:00 PM
12. Danyl - I do not think he's talented in the slightest and did not deserve to make the top 12 let alone top 4.
11. Jamie - No I'm not just hating on Simon's acts, I'm just hating on talentless acts. Jamie is a pub singer. End of.
10. Lloyd - Poor Lloyd was just out of his depth in the competition.
9. Kandy Rain - Unfortunately, as the live shows showed, only two of them had strong enough voices to sing lead and one was a bit shaky. I liked them at Louis' house though.
8. Olly - He became repetitive. I like seeing something new every week.
7. Joe - He is a worthy winner but this is really based on personal preference.
6. Jedward - I would have liked them to win for the lulz.
5. Rikki - SO underrated :hand
4. Stacey - Just beautiful, wish she had a different mentor though. Simon would have marketed her better.
3. Lucie - She was just starting to come out of her shell when she was kicked off. She would have made an amazing winner but I like the other two slightly more.
2. Miss Frank - The British public messed up big time. These girls could have been huge had they gotten another chance.
1. Rachel - GODDESS :surrender Deserved the crown.

12-16-2009, 03:32 PM
12. Rikki - With him, I think Cheryl tried to pick one person who was different and didn't fit in to the typical "young guy" mould. It really didn't work. No matter how bad or dull Lloyd was, he was always going to get the tween vote, Joe was obviously the hidden underrated singer of the 3, and Rikki ticked the "different" card. I think Duane could've gotten a lot further than Rikki, and he showed a lot more promise.

11. Lloyd - Out of his depth. He did turn in the odd good performance, but overall he just wasn't the best. He had a nice tone to his voice and he'd be perfect boyband material. But as a solo singer, no. Another one that really didn't deserve a Top 12 spot. Nice guy though.

10. Kandy Rain - Everything Rikku said. Plus I think I might've gotten bored with them after 2 performances. They were always going to be doomed from the get-go after all the negative press and the little airtime they got. They could've possibly done well if they weren't sexed up, and performed in something a bit classier with a great pop song that highlighted their voices. eg. Hole In The Head by the Sugababes or something like that.

9. Jamie - Yeah, he got old quickly. Sex On Fire was great, but he seemed to be nothing more than average and a pub singer. It didn't help that he had Simon as his mentor. Worst thing possible for him, well except for Louis mentoring him. :lol

8. Jedward - About this time I started to get bored with all the gimmicks, so it'd have been the right time for them to go. Louis did well with them, and the media really helped to carry them too. From about this point on it all should start to become more serious.

7. Danyl - I clearly was never a fan of his, yeah he had a good voice but it never translated in to a good performance. He tried WAY too hard to make it a performance that his singing always failed. He didn't perform in the way the twins did, he just screeched and went way too far with the song. Plus he didn't seem that genuine either.

6. Miss Frank - They were different and I liked that, but they really needed to sort out their harmonies. They could've gone far, and I don't know why the public didn't get them.

5. Lucie - She was a little boring and I liked how she started to become more edgy with her look and her songs. I wasn't a huge fan of her voice because usually soft voices such as her's are not the best in these competitions but they are more common in the industry, but I don't think the public who vote in this, get those type of singers.

4. Olly - He was great in the 1st couple of weeks, but middway I began to get bored. He got rather dull song choices. I would've loved if he had gotten an nice ballad that could show off his voice like he did in The Climb. But I did like him, he was a nice guy.

3. Joe - He has a great voice, and he seems like a really genuine guy, but he is a little bland. Don't Stop Believing was his best performance because it took him out of his comfort zone and showed what type of route he could go down and showed his versatlity.

2. Stacey - I loved how she got Keane and Coldplay songs in the first couple of weeks but the themes just ruined her. Dannii was trying to make her current and relevant but the ballads didn't do it for me. I think she needed to find a balance. She was hilarious and people will remember her.

1. Rachel - No matter what song she got, she killed it. She did good the first 2 weeks, and her B2 performances of those weeks were very good too, but she really came through the next week. Proud Mary is my favourite performance of the series. That song suited the tone and quality to her voice. And that song is not the easiest to sing. She did fantastic with it. She really impressed me the next week with the U2 and Mary J Blige song. A very clever song choice. Easily my favourite contestant this series excluding TreyC and Nicole (from the Girls not Overs).