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02-21-2010, 07:30 PM
Several aspiring models stand absently in a small, darkly lit room. Some present themselves confidently, while others stand at the back, arms folded, nervous over the events that are about to take place.

The sound of a small siren resonates through the area when, suddenly, a figure appears on the far side of the room. The lights flicker on to reveal supermodel Lyra Hanks.


“Greetings, ladies!” Lyra shouts, chuckling as a few of the girls shriek in surprise. “And welcome to America’s Next Top Model!

I’ve searched the country and found thirteen girls who I think have what it takes to be the next big thing – the next Kate; the next Heidi.”

There are more shrieks, and Lyra grins. “You girls will move into my extra special model mansion and one by one, each of you will be eliminated until we have our winner, the girl who gets signed with my agency. Are you all ready?”

“Yes!” One of the girls screams extra dramatically.

“Good.” A curtain drops behind Lyra to reveal a large metallic door. “Because the competition begins right. now.”

There are a few gasps.

“Behind this door will be your first judging panel, and it will take the form of a model casting session. You will each go in one by one and, in the clothes you are wearing, take the promo shot for our competition. You will then state your name, age and location, after which you will be asked a few questions by myself, which I will use to determine who has the most reality televi-- uh, er… model potential.

Good luck, girls, because for two of you… The journey ends right here.”

One of the girls begins to cry, and Lyra cackles as she exits through the door. The competition begins.

(Herp derp another candybar fanfic to add to the pile. I'm kind of excited about this, though, because each of the girls is edited and unique. Stay tuned for their reveal!)

02-21-2010, 07:45 PM
Yes! You make my favorite Elouai dolls out of everyone. I can't wait to see the contestants, and I'm sure all shoots will be phenomenal.
So excited for this.

02-21-2010, 07:46 PM
Stunningness :smitten! Cannot wait to see this <3

02-21-2010, 07:48 PM
:woo I can already tell this will be awesome.

02-21-2010, 07:49 PM
Yay! There can never be too many of these. :lol

02-21-2010, 07:54 PM
Lyra is stunning!! Can't wiait again. :smitten
I doubt her name is Ly-ra or Li-er. :lol

02-21-2010, 08:09 PM
looks good :yay

02-21-2010, 08:18 PM
The first girl to enter judging is tall and rather mousy. She walks up to the shoot setup with a confident stride, a stern expression plastered across her face. After taking her photo, she turns to face Lyra’s bench, hand on her hip.

Ramona Sosa, Eighteen, Pennsylvania.


Lyra: Well hello there, Ramona. You’re quite pretty and have got a great personal style – I loved the way you’ve posed in this picture. You’re making those clothes look expensive, and that’s soo important in this industry.

Ramona: Oh, why... thank you. I’m actually a photographer, so I kind of have experience on both sides of the lense.

Lyra: Well it definitely shows, you have a lot of potential and, from what I can see, a lot of drive. It says here in your file that, at one point in your life, you had too much drive. Can you explain that?

Ramona: That must be my anorexia. I suffered with it for quite some time in my teens. It was... It was a dark period; I'm a perfectionist at heart, and all I wanted was to be perfect int he eyes of, uh... Everyone, I guess. I've since recovered and, as I stand here right now, feel better about myself than I ever have in my life.

Lyra: That's good to know. You have a lot of spirit, girl.


Chanel Hoang, Seventeen, California.

Lyra: Ooh girl, I love your skin tone. What nationality are you?

Chanel: I like to think I'm quite blessed in the heritage department. My mother is Indian and my father is Vietnamese.

Lyra: Mm. That’s stunning, just like your outfit. Tell me a bit about yourself.

Chanel: Well, I only just graduated high school – I had the highest score in my entire year level. I take education very seriously, you see. I’m quite realistic about modeling, and know that even if I succeed it’s not a career that can last forever. I love fashion but I wanted a career I could fall back on, like law.

Lyra: You’re chic, biracial and intelligent. I think I love you, honey, but I’m not sold on your face juuust yet. If you stick around I’d like you to show me you can do more than just stand there and look commercial, because in this shot you're doing absolutely nothing.

Chanel: Oh, definitely.


Nadia Bruno, Seventeen, New York.

Lyra: You look so cute, sweetie, but this photograph isn’t good, I'm afraid. You look bored and a liiiiiittle plus-sized, to be honest.

Nadia: O-oh, I’m not! I swear! I’m just a little nervous. I’ve never modelled before.

Lyra: Oh? Why is that? You have such a uniquely captivating face.

Nadia: I come from a big Italian family, and I don’t know. I’ve never been the pretty girl. I’m into soccer – I’m a huuuge soccer fan, actually. I was about to go pro before I was cast for this show.

Lyra: Really? Wow! If only you could show me that kind of confidence in your pictures, we’d be all set. Your outfit is pretty cute, so I'll give you props for that. Thank you, Nadia.


Rasha El-Bayoumi, Nineteen, New York.

Lyra: Another new-yorker! With bone structure to die for! Tell me about yourself, Rasha, you're absolutely gorgeous.

Rasha: My family come from Egypt, and we move to America three year ago. My mother, she… She very sick, so I drop out of school to take care of brother and sister.

Lyra: Oh, that’s so sad. What made you want to get into modelling?

Rasha: I not only love fashion, but I want to provide for my family, because I love them. It has been tough journey and I am ready to move forward, not backward.

Lyra: That’s such a beautiful story, sweetie. I love your outfit, too – so soft and nurturing, just like you.

Rasha: Thank you, Lyra.


Aphrodite Prince, Twenty One, Missouri.

Lyra: WOW. Girl, you are the first contestant to render me speechless today. Your outfit is fierce, and your photo was even better. I love that jawline.

Aphrodite: Th-thank you.

Lyra: Now, I know you have a bit of a… story. Do you mind telling me what that is?

Aphrodite: … I was… I am physically, male. It’s something I’ve grown up with and have had to deal with my whole life, but I’ve finally accepted it as something that’s a part of me. My family abandonded me when I was younger, so I’ve only had my boyfriend to support me through this whole journey. I’ve always had a love of fashion and… we both felt it was the right time for me to enter a competition like this.

Lyra: W-wow… Amazing. Continue to back your story up with the skill you're showing me here, girl, and I can see you winning this entire competition. Those other girls had better watch themselves.


Ping Chang, Twenty Two, Washington!

Lyra: Hahahaa, ohh lawd. What are you wearing, girl?

Ping: This is my personal style! I was a cheerleader at my high-school and it was, honestly, the best experience of my life. I’ve carried those ideals into my adulthood. I’m just so girly and optimistic! I love life, you know?

Lyra: W-wow, okay. I love your enthusiasm, but if you want to get into the fashion world… You’ll need to learn to tone it down, Ping. You have a stunning –chinese, is it?

Ping: Yes.

Lyra: A stunning Chinese face, and you’re hiding it beneath gaudy clothing and bleached hair. I can’t wait to see that face and that body in a high-fashion setting. Embrace yo’ asian, girl.

Ping: I’ll try, promise!


Khadra Bidel, Nineteen, Louisiana.

Lyra: Khadra, that’s an interesting name… Where are you from?

Khadra: I am from Somalia. I moved to America with hopes of becoming an athlete, but… I severely damaged my back in an accident. I’ve been unable to run since then, and at the moment it seems unlikely I will get back on my feet. Literally and figuratively.

Lyra: That’s awful... Is that why you turned to modelling?

Khadra: Yes. I am very tall – 6’3”, and have a very well-kept body, so it seemed like a logical step.

Lyra: That’s truuue, and I love the bone structure in your face. It’s just… It’s just a shame your casting shot today is so very very bad. You look modest and much shorter than you are. If your body is so amazing, why are you covering it up with all those clothes?

Khadra: … This is my personal style.

Lyra: Well, it’s not great. You’re definitely going to have to work on presenting yourself as a model, because so far all the other girls I’ve seen today have done just that. You look like you just aren't trying. At all.

Khadra: I’m sorry…


Prexia Dikianne Raven Way Hope, Seventeen, Nevada.

Lyra: … Prexiwhat.

Raven: Call me Raven.

Lyra: I’ll… I’ll try to. You have a very interesting look about you, Raven? Is it… Do I call it emo?

Raven: I’m not emo. My style can best be described as brechtian punk cabaret.

Lyra: Wat.

Raven: I am of Koren and Irish/Swedish descent, and have grown up with briiiiight bright blonde hair. I used to hang out with the popular girls – used to talk and dress like them, but…

Lyra: but what?

Raven: *cries* But then my boyfriend passed away in an accident, and I… I just couldn’t handle that life. It didn’t feel right, so I made a change. I’m in mourning.

Lyra: I see… And, you know, Raven, for what it’s worth… Whiiile that hair does you no justice at all, your shot just now was unique and mysterious – I liked it, and I think you have a lot of potential, despite your faults. Good luck.

Raven: Mm.


Marina, uh… Marina Sadle? Seventeen, Cali… california.

Lyra: Hello, Marina!

Marina: Uh… Hi?

Lyra: You’re sooo pretty, and you have a cute sense of style. What was up with your shot, though? You aren't really doing much.

Marina: Sorry… I, uh. I didn’t see the camera.

Lyra: Riiiight. Well, tell me about yourself. Why do you want to be America’s Next Top Model?

Marina: I’m always told that I’m, like… Pretty. You know? And models are like, pretty… And I like clothes… I like shopping.

Lyra: Okay. So, do you want to know why you were cast?

Marina: …

Lyra: It’s those eyes. They’re piercing – so alienesque and captivating. I know you’re a bit of a blonde, pretty valleygirl, and I can see that in your shot, but… You’re more than that, girl. You’e super high-fashion and I’d like to see more of you, definitely.

Marina: Uhh…

Lyra: (Thank you, honey. Thank you.)

Marina: Thanks...


Monique Stratford, Twenty Five, New York.

Lyra: Fiiiierce, girl! Fierce!

Monique: I know. I’m a stylist by profession and nature; It’s my job to look fierce twenty-four seven.

Lyra: Well, you succeeded, and it’s nice to see a girl who actually cares about the industry and not just the lifestyle. Tell me a little about yourself.

Monique: I live and breathe fashion. Love it. I dropped out of school to intern fashion in New York and have lived there with my father ever since. We’re super close – ever since my mother died we kind of bonded… mostly over clothing. He’s a designer, you see, and I’m his muse.

Lyra: Awesome. I love you so much, girl! I’m a little worried about your age, but at the moment… You’re leagues above most of the other girls I’ve seen today. Congradulations.

Monique: Thank you so much.


Pania Rose, Eighteen, North Carolina.

Lyra: Pania… Before we start I have to say I’m not a huge fan of the shot you just took. You look like a deer caught in headlights. And you look short. Both are cardinal sins here in the modelling world.

Pania: Oh, I’m sorry… I tried really hard. Really I did.

Lyra: Mm. Well, you’re lucky you have potential. I love your eyes – they’re a lot like Marina’s, so big and round.

Pania: Thank you. I used to be picked on for my eyes and hair back in middle-school, so it’s nice to finally receive compliments for them.

Lyra: Bullying?

Pania: Oh, yeah. All the time. I’m a bit different, you see. I try to express that in my songs…

Lyra: Aw, well I think you’re beautiful, and have a lot of soul. You just need to work on, like. Actually modelling. Because so far, apart from those eyes, I haven’t been impressed, girl.

Pania: I'll work harder, definitely. I really want to get in on the modelling industry because I feel it's a valid form of self-expression, you know? Creating art and images with your body, it's so... it's so appealing. Much like songwriting.

Lyra: Thank you, Pania.


Felicity Brown, Twenty, Oregon!

Lyra: Our plussie, correct?

Felicity: Righto'! I’m big, bold and beautiful. Is that cliche? Sorry.

Lyra: No, I love it. You have such confidence – much more than some of the skinny girls I’ve seen here today. What makes you so content with your image?

Felicity: My husband. He knows I’m beautiful and that gives me strength… He’s so gorgeous; he could have had any girl he wanted, but he chose me. I love that. I appreciate that. We love each other.

Lyra: I’m so happy for you. You’re beautiful, and your outfit is killer! So vintage and pinup; you’ve got a lot of skill going there, girl.

Felicity: Thanks, Lyra. I love you.

Lyra: Heeee.


Polly Dragmire, Twenty, Ohio.

Lyra: That's a cute dress, girl, but I'm not seeing much in terms of potential in this photograph. Your face looks stunning here in front of me, though.

Polly: Thanks, I think?

Lyra: *nods* Tell me, why is it you auditioned for this competition?

Polly: My father and mother were both models; they actually met while doing an editorial together for Cosmopolitan, so... You might say it runs through my blood? Everyone always tells me that I could be a model; I'm the tallest and prettiest girl I know. I've never been called ugly in my life.

Lyra: Riiight. It's a shame, then, that you couldn't back those credentials up with your picture. It's lackluster, I'm sorry. Modelling is more than just being pretty - have you seen your competition? They're stunning, but some of them were bullied in school for looking different. For not being pretty, but being alienesque. High-fashion.

Polly: I'll show you I can win this, Lyra, because I can. I can be high-fashion, too.

Lyra: We'll see. Thank you, Polly.


Flo Chang, Eighteen, Washington.

Lyra: Hold on... Chang? You’re… You’re Ping’s sister?

Flo: Half sister. She’s full Chinese, while my mother is Native American.

Lyra: You’re a lot different to her. She’s so girly, and you’re…

Flo: Not? I know. I’m not that into fashion; I came up to the audition with Ping as her support and… I was cast, too. It’s bizarre.

Lyra: Not really. You have a lot of potential, actually. This outfit you’ve got on is pretty rough, but you’re working it to hell and back in your promo shot. I think you’re better than you think you are.

Flo: Oh, wow. Thank you. My outfit is here for practical purposes, mostly. I’m very into nature and working towards preserving our environment, so I need to wear clothes that protect me when I’m out on hikes or treks or whatever. This jacket was given to me by my mother on my sixteenth birthday, she’s a lot like me… I think she's the reason me and Ping are so different.

Lyra: Well that’s great. You know, between you and me, Flo… You’ve done better this audition than your sister. Great job.

Flo: Th… Thank you.


Once the last session is finished Lyra meets up with the girls for a second time out in the holding area. Smiling as she places a hand on her hip, the supermodel's eyes dart from one girl to another as she talks.

"So, girls, that was intense, wasn't it? And it's only the beginning. This competition will only get harder from here - I'm searching for the next top model, not just any old girl. So get your fierce gears into action, because after this elimination, the game really begins. Good luck."

And with that, she leaves to go deliberate. Fourteen girls remain, who will be eliminated first?

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oh lord this bitches are so stunning, I adore chanel,pania,monique and rasha :love :love

02-21-2010, 08:23 PM

So glad to see Monique <3

02-21-2010, 08:28 PM
Polly and Flo :smitten

02-21-2010, 08:42 PM
I love Rasha, Polly and Flo :love

02-21-2010, 08:54 PM

*Cue dramatic violin music*

One by one, the girls pile onto their itty-bitty platform, facing Lyra. There's barely enough room for each of them to stand, so much so that Pania makes a short sqeualing sound as she's jabbed in the rib by Monique.

Before them, Lyra stands in her sparkly dress, twelve photographs in her hand.

"Welcome to your first elimination, girls. This week was a little out of the ordinary, but I wanted the competition to start off like a real model would. With a casting session. Each of you, regardless of whether you come third, twelfth or first, is going to face rejection at some stage, so this wil help prepare you for the real world. Good luck.

And after this cut, believe me. There'll be enough room for each of you to stand on that platform.

The first name I will call out had, overall, the best casting session of all the girls. She delivered confidence and elegance in both the way she presented herself, and in her picture. That person is...

Aphrodite! You were the best by far. Great work!

Flo! Bet you didn't expect to be called second, did you?

Felicity! Come here, big girl!

Monique! Ugh, let me marry your jawline.



Chanel! I neeearly said no to you. I want to see a fierce pose next week. No more commercial!

Raven! Prepare to say goodbye to that hair of yours.

Ping! Not nearly as good as your sister. I can't wait to break you down.

Uhh... Marina! Come here, cutie!

Marina takes a moment to register her name has been called, before her eyes widen and she gasps, moving forward to collect her photo. Four girls are left standing on the podium.

Pania, come get your photo. You survived this week by a hair. Show me you’re more than just a set of big ol’ eyeballs.

Will Khadra, Polly and Nadia please step forward.

Three girls stand before me, and all for very different reasons. With you, Khadra, we see a girl with amazing bone-structure and captivating eyes, who hides it all beneath her clothes. You know nothing about fashion or modelling, and I am are upset that, in the photoshoot, you didn’t even try.

Polly, you are pretty. Veeery pretty. I love your sense of style, but your modeling this week was just poor. Your problem is that you're relying on your pretty, and when compared to aaaaall these other unique and interesting girls, you... Well, you don't stand out.

Nadia... You’re sweet, and I love your desire to improve, but… In front of me, and on camera, I see a girl who has okay style, and takes okay pictures, but isn’t a model. I saw an amazing body and decent style, but NO potential in your face, and that worries me.

So who stays?

Khadra… I think your potential outweighs your faults.

I’m sorry, Nadia and Polly, but your time in the competition ends here.

Nadia: Th... Thank you.

Polly: *Crying*



Nadia: Yeah… Modelling wasn’t for me. I thought it would be easy, you know? And it wasn’t. At all. I’m going to return home to find a job that I enjoy. Continue with soccer, because I love that and I’m good at it too. Perfect.

I’d like to see Flo win this. I spoke to her like, once in the lobby, but she’s nice, and I can dig that. She seems down to earth.

Polly: ****. Don't they know who I am? Can't they see my potential? There was a girl in there who looked like a goldfish, and I just... UGH. I just don't get why I was sent home. Lyra said I was pretty, and that's a good thing. I'd rather be pretty than an effing fish.

I'm rooting for Chanel because no one else here is actually attractive. Ugh.

(Next time, get ready for makeovers! huhuhu)

02-21-2010, 09:04 PM
Awww, I like both the girls that were cut :(

But I like pretty much all of them :p

02-21-2010, 09:08 PM
:( @ Polly being cut D:

FLO FTW :love

02-21-2010, 09:11 PM
Im just glad my readhead princess is safe, she better deliver next week :smitten

02-21-2010, 09:52 PM
Flo's getting a winner's edit. :smitten

02-21-2010, 10:15 PM
Oh no at Polly! :(

But Flo and Chanel and Marina are still great! :D

02-22-2010, 01:31 AM
It had been a looong night. The girls had only just entered the competition and already two of them were gone. Inside the top model limousine, the mood was a tense mixture of excitement and despair.

Chanel: So, guys, we fiiinally made it into the competition!

Khadra: I can’t believe I survived… Thank you, jesus.

Rasha: You deserve it. You are tallest girl here. Perfect for runway.

Khadra: Thank y-

Ramona: I'm glad you stayed, Khadra, but realistically... you wouldn’t be all that great for runway, actually. I’ve walked in a few shows and I can tell you they don’t actually want models to be too tall; the sample sizes will look awkward on their frame.

Khadra: … Wh-what?

Chanel: I thought you had to be tall to model? None of us here are under 5’8”, I think.

Ramona: It’s recommended a model be between 5’8” and about 6’, so it is possible to be too tall. My best friend is a casting director and she's been known to refuse many a girl due to their height.

Chanel: Riiight.

Chanel (Confessional): Ramona is a smart girl, and I can respect that because, you know. I’m intelligent myself. But I don’t go around bragging about it – she’s acting a bit like a knowitall, and I don't think it's rubbing well with some of the other girls.


They pull up to the model mansion and, one by one, enter through the front gate. The girls immediately rush hastily from bedroom to bedroom, tossing their suitcases on the mattresses of their choice. Aphrodite and Khadra move quick and nab their own double beds, while other, slower models move at an orderly pace, managing to get only what is leftover.

Monique (Confessional): Ugh… So I take my time going into the house, right, thinking we could discuss this like adults, and… No. These girls just wont do that. They run and scream and fight until they get the beds they want, and it leaves me stuck with Raven and Pania. Can you say ew?

Ping (Confessional): I got a room with Ramona and, through sheer luck, my sister! lol forever. Some of the girls have been saying we have it easier for having each other in this competition, but I think it’s going to be worse, honestly. We’re constantly compared to each other and… this was meant to be my experience, you know? I want this so badly, I just love being girly and fashionable and… she doesn't. I love her, but it feels like she's taking my dream away from me.

After the girls are settled in, a few of them group together around the dining room table to discuss an… 'issue', that has cropped up.

Felicity: *leans forward* Did y’all notice Aphrodite is a little… masculine? Not androgynous, but… manly.

Marina: Androge... Androgewhaaat…?

Ping: I was wondering about that too, actually. Do you think she could be…

Ramona: She couldn’t, could she? I’ve been paying close attention to the industry for a while and I’ve never heard of a transgender model. Not at the level we’re competing at. Lyra wouldn’t allow it.

Felicity: Maybe we should talk to ol' Aphro' about it. I’m fine with it, but y’all have a right to know, right?

Monique: Right.

Ramona: Right.

Marina: Left.

Monique: ...

The girls confront Aphrodite, who is in her room with Khadra and Rasha.

Aphrodite (Conffessional): So I’m settling down into the house, and I’ve made great friends with my two roommates, and a few of the other girls kind of… barge in. I’m sure they didn’t mean to seem aggressive but there were about seven of them just standing over me, it was quite imposing.

Aphrodite: Can I help you?

Chanel: A few of the girls were wondering, Aphrodite, if, well… When we were sitting down at dinner, we noticed you looked a li-

Monique: We think you’re a man.

Chanel: …

Aphrodite: … I… I was born physically male, yes. But on the inside, I am female. Just like you.

Monique: You are nothing like me. *leaves*

Monique (Confessional): I have a lot of gay friends. I am very open-minded, but I think we should have been notified about this. We’re sharing a house with this girl. It’s disrespectful of her not to tell us, especially when we're sharing beds and such.

Rasha (Confessional): I do not understand why man want to be woman, but I like Aphrodite, so I'm not hating her. God loves everyone and I know she has reason. I am glad to have met her and Khadra, they both beautiful people.

Flo (Confessional): Why does everyone care so much?

The house becomes alight with gossip after this particular revelation, girls running from room to room chatting and giggling. Bonding.

Pania (Confessional): Me and Raven have become really close over the past day. Everyone else has been all swept up in this Aphrodite drama but we've kept to ourselves. Raven is actually a real sweetie. I-I... I'm glad we're roomates. It makes sleeping near Monique a little less worrisome.

Later on, Flo stumbles across the competition’s first Lyra Mail on a platform beside the pool.

Flo: You’ve already suffered one cut, can you handle another?

Pania: That couldn't mean m-ma… makeo-


Ping (Confessional): So excited for makeovers! I cut and dye my hair every other week, so I’m very interested to see what Lyra will do to me.

Felicity (Confessional): OH MY GAAAWD. *applause*

Rasha (Confessional): I have never cut hair in my life. In my family, girl with long hair is beautiful girl. I am worried for tomorrow.

02-22-2010, 01:59 AM
The girls are bought into a salon where Lyra is standing, a grin plastered across her face.

Lyra: Welcome, girls. We are in the famous Bank Salons where I actually got my first model makeover, before I shot to superstardom. Some of you are more jank than others, but one thing is for certain. Almost all of you could use some improvement.

First up is our bottom three girl from last week, Khadra!

Khadra, we’re going to lob off that hideous afro and replace it with a flowing black weave. We really think this look will elevate you to a much higher, softer level.


Khadra: I love it! I feel so feminine now, it’s great.


I’m especially excited for this one. We’re going to straighten that beaauuutiful bushy maine of yours and dye it strawberry blonde. It will frame your face much better, believe me.


Pania: Oh, wow. I look so serene… I’ve never been a blonde.


There’s a gorgeous face beneath that unflattering bobcut, so we’re going to cut it all off and dye it auburn!


Ramona: It’s androgenous and stylish, I really like it.


You’ll look much better with a darker colour, so we’re going to embrace your indian roots and dye it black.


Chanel: My hair is naturally black, so I feel all nostalgic at the moment. I really like it.


You have an incredibly masculine look, which I absolutely love. I know this will be hard for you, but I’m honest when I say I really think this edgy cut will elevate your look.


Aphrodite: I… I like it, but I miss long hair. I don’t feel as feminine with this cut.


There’s not much we can do about that tan of yours, but we think you’ll benefit from a dark colour and a big-ass weave.


Marina: I love it… It’s like, it’s all… It’s all brooown.


There’s a very interesting face beneath that… that brechtian punk cabaret?? cut. We want to embrace your Swedish heritage and make you super high-fashion, so we’re chopping your hair and eyebrows off and bleaching everything. EVERYTHING! MWAHAHA.


Raven: I didn’t know my face looked like that… Wow.


We really like your hair, so we’re not going to do much. Just get you a nicer, less ratty weave.

Felicity: I don’t have a weave…

Lyra: …


Felicity: I’m so fierce; love it.


We, uh. We like you just the way you are.


Monique: I knew it was perfect – I have tried every option under the moon already. This cut was meant for me.


Super racially ambiguous, your face works with almost any cut. In the end, we decided an ice-blonde bob would compleeetely transform you.


Flo: Oh, jesus. I look so different! I don’t even look like me any more.


You have beautiful bone-structure and we want to, like, actually see it. So we’re cutting your hair off.

Rasha: What!? No… *cries*


Rasha: I hate it. I hate it. I hate it. I'm a disgrace.

Last but not least, Ping!

Ping: Pong!

We’re going to embrace your chinese side and give you a short black bob cut. Prepare yourself for a complete transformation.


Ping: OH MY GOD.

After the girls have settled and tears have been shed, Lyra smiles and takes one last look over them.

“Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. You look like models now and I couldn’t be happier. Here’s your next Lyra mail, I’ll see you at panel.”

Raven: ... Are you ready to wear one of your fellow contestants?

Flo: The heck?

02-22-2010, 02:02 AM
Stunning makeovers :smitten

02-22-2010, 02:10 AM
Wow, a lot of girls benefited on the gorgeous make-overs :love

02-22-2010, 02:17 AM
Piiing :love

02-22-2010, 03:22 AM
Thank you for the love, guys. It means a lot. :smitten

I'm surprised Polly was so popular! I love her, but I thought she was kind of a blank canvas in the looks department.

02-22-2010, 03:26 AM
I love Polly, it's just too bad that she's the one who looks the most "common" among these unique stunners :smitten

02-22-2010, 05:09 AM
she seemed Clark like, which is why i loved her i think.

02-22-2010, 03:48 PM
Marina, Raven, Monique, and Ping are my favorites now. :smitten
Amazing fanfic though. Can't wait for the first actual shoot!

02-23-2010, 08:16 AM
Lyra: Hello g-… Hold on a minute, who are these models I’m looking at? What happened to all those busted, broken-down girls that were here last week?

*cue ANTM automated laugh track AKA the girls*

Well, whatever happened, you all look stunning! Let’s hope your shoot worked out just as well. You had to pose on a beachside cliff wearing Chanel, and the girl with the best photograph will get hers featured in a magazine! Isn’t that great?

Yes. Yes it is. Allow me to introduce the competition’s second judge, who will assist me with my decisions each week. Her name is Nigella Barkeer, and she is a noted fashion photographer. Let’s begin.




Nigella: Wow, Felicity, I am loving those curly black locks of yours. You eyes shine so brightly now; the makeover frames your face amazingly!

Lyra: No kidding. You’re working this shot sensationally – I love the strength and the facial expression, juuuust work on your posing. You’re definitely one to watch out for, my plussie.

Nigella: Mm, good work.




Nigella: Flo, this is…

Lyra: Amazing, definitely. The fact that you leapt into the air in a dress like that and held your pose deserves tremendous applause. Your face looks fantastic, too.

Nigella: Mm. You look perhaps a little bored, but I don’t mind it – it works with the ambience of the setting.

Lyra: Thanks, Flo.




Nigella: I liiiike this, Aphrodite. Your makeover is strong and edgy, and so is your pose. I’m worried that you don’t look all that tall, though, so be careful of that.

Lyra: Well… hm. You were sosososo strong last week, but here you’re just resting on pretty. Edgy, masculine pretty, but pretty all the same. I want to see what you gave us last week every week, because you impressed me so much back then!

Nigella: Indeed. Remember, Aphrodite. Tension! Pull! Strong!




Nigella: It’s decent. More than decent, in fact. You’re showing off the garment in all the right ways.

Lyra: Yup, no complaints here. I love this shot – it’s chic, but watch your face, because it’s looking a little old.

Nigella: Yes, you’re certainly not the freshest fruit of the bunch, so be careful in regards to your severity.




Lyra: Chanel in Chanel.

Nigella: Chanel… Ugh. This shot? It’s… It’s not good.

Lyra: Last week you were playful and flirty, yet professional. This week you’re… the same. But in Chanel. I don’t think it really works with the brand.

Nigella: Mm. Plus, you’re just staaanding there. You haven’t shown us a model yet. You look so good in person but this is a commercial disappointment, not going to lie.




Nigella: Wow.

Lyra: Who are you, Raven? This is compleeeetely different from last week – I LOVE IT. You look so regal-

Nigella: Like an alien.

Lyra: Yes. And it’s brilliant. Just… try to pose more, ‘cause you’re just standing there.




Nigella: O-oh, Pania. This is magical. You look like a fairy.

Lyra: In all the right ways. I can’t get over how much you’ve changed and improved this week; you look high-fashion and tall.

Nigella: She’s modelling.

Lyra: She is. Thank god.




Lyra: You look poised and strong, Rasha. Elegant, like a statue.

Nigella: Yeah, it’s a good shot, but… Why are you wearing that headscarf? We can’t see your makeover.

Rasha: I… I don’ t like my makeover. I can’t. I… I can’t.

Nigella: …

Lyra: Rasha… This is the modelling industry. Take the headscarf off now.

Rasha: *takes it off*

Nigella: Stunning.

Lyra: Seriously. You look one thousand percent better, I… I can’t believe you would sabotage yourself like this. Completely disappointing.

Rasha: I’m so sorry…




Nigella: Whaaaat. Are we sure this is Ramona?

Lyra: Holy… You look completely different. Mature and… Like a model. That cut is perfect!

Nigella: Mm, you look fabulous in the face, just… not in this shot. Seriously, Ramona, what were you thinking?

Ramona: I’ve worn Chanel before. It’s very feminine and clean, so I wanted to show that in my pose.

Lyra: Well… You didn’t. Not really. You’ve made a beautiful dress look severely unflattering, and you’ve made yourself look about twelve. It’s not an awful shot by any means but it’s definitely not what I expected from you, especially after last week.




Lyra: Hahaa, oh, Ping. I’m so glad we finally get to embrace your chinese heritage, your face looks so interesting now.

Nigella: She’s giving great face. Really.

Lyra: Definitely. Your face, and your lower body look so brilliant. So dynamic. But why are your arms so limp? You’ve got to give 100% when you pose, not 75.

Nigella: I agree. Not to mention this is a little too sexy for Chanel. I’d like to see a more high-fashion pose to go with your new cut.

Lyra: Thanks, Ping.




Nigella: It’s okaaaaaaay. The outfit is perfect, obviously, and you’ve improved tenfold. Love that makeover too.

Lyra: Seriously. She’s so feminine now.

Nigella: Yeeeah, but still. This picture could be better. I feel like your hair and outfit are doing all the work for you. Your pose is very basic.




Lyra: Giiiirl, if ever I’ve seen a fierce rodent, it’s now.

Nigella: Your makeover has really added to the intriguing qualities of your face, you don’t look human anymore and… and I like it.

Lyra: Yeah, you give really good face, and so naturally, too! If you actually started trying to model instead of just standing there, oh god. I can’t even begin to express how amazing the possibilities could be. Thanks, Marina.


After Marina takes her place back on the girls' platform, Lyra stands up and offers them a smile, hands on her hips.

Lyra: Girls, I'm now going to ask you to leave judging so Nigella and myself can deliberate. When you return, one of you will be cut. Good luck.

And with that, the girls file out of the room in an orderly fashion, tension rising.

(Elimination will come laterr when i have time.)

02-23-2010, 04:19 PM
The contestants pile back into the room, where Lyra is standing with eleven photos and smiling... with her eyes!

Twelve girls stand before me, but only eleven photos sit in my hands. The girl whose name I call first will have her photo displayed as digital art in the house, much like Aphrodite’s was last week.

That girl is…

Pania! Who would have thought? Keep it up, my little fairy.

Flo! Stunning, absolutely stunning.

Felicity! Tone down the hooch, girl.

Monique! Proffesional and chic. You did well.

Raven! Amaaazing. Now start taking risks.

Aphrodite! We want the you from last week back. Don’t let that makeover intimidate you!

Ping, pleeeease show us high-fashion. You did well.

“The rest of you,” Lyra pauses as Ping takes her place in line, “Were disappointing. I wont lie – you really need to pick up your slack, because every one of you was thiiiiis close to being eliminated. You have to be perfect to survive in this competition, not just great.

That being said…”

Marina… You’re captivating even just standing there. Show us more and you could win this quite easily.

Khadrananana. You’re improving. Slooooooowly. Speed it up.

Chanel, very disappointing. You’re lucky to still be here. Take your place.

Will Rasha and Ramona please step forward.

Before me stands to beautiful girls, who are each beautiful for very different reasons. Rasha is our high-fashion stunner. Dark skin, piercing eyes and cheekbones for days. Your shot was decent this week, but your reaction to your makeover? Terrible. You sabotaged your shot and for that, you should feel shameful.

Ramona is… Well, Ramona is the girl with experience. You’re a smart girl, and incredibly calculated with everything you do. Your face this week was decent, but… your pose was absolutely delusional. It was not high-fashion, it was not commercial and it was definitely not Chanel. It was… It… was. That’s it. So disappointing.

So who stays?

... Rasha, embrace that makeover, because your potential outshines Ramona's experience in tenfold.

I’m sorry Ramona, but you are not America’s Next Top Model.

Ramona: *sniff* Thank you for the experience, Lyra.




Ramona: I’m shocked, I won’t lie. Rasha does have a lot of potential, but her attitude was terrible this week, and I happen to think my photo was better than quite a few of the others. Still… I do admit I had an off day, and in the modelling world… There’s no excuse for that. I’m going to go home and continue what I’ve been doing, and hopefully you’ll see me soon.

I got along well with Monique, but I feel she’s a bit too old for this industry, so I don’t know. I suppose I’d like to see Flo win. She’s a very nice girl. Very open, very, uh. Very accepting.

02-23-2010, 04:20 PM
Rasha wont win. She wasnt seen overseas :lol

02-23-2010, 04:28 PM
:lol Ping Pong

gorgeous makeovers :smitten

good elimination, she wasnt bad but clearly the weakest

Marina,Pania,Ping and Chanel FTW :yay :smitten

02-23-2010, 04:44 PM
Great elimination!

Flo, Kadhra & Felicity FTW! :cheer :cheer

02-24-2010, 03:16 AM
Rasha wont win. She wasnt seen overseas :lol


i'm from Khadra's hometown and she came home like a couple weeks after
it started airing, so she sucks :blowkiss


02-24-2010, 03:25 AM
Work Pania, Flo, Raven, Felicity and Ping :surrender

Chanel is so... Chanel Iman. :lol

02-24-2010, 06:29 AM
More please. Stunning girls!! Flo Raven Felicity!!

02-24-2010, 01:12 PM
Work Pania, Flo, Raven, Felicity and Ping :surrender

Chanel is so... Chanel Iman. :lol

ugh,dont ruin her for me :cry, chanel is much more stunning :smitten:smitten:smitten

cant wait for the next episode :D

02-25-2010, 06:56 AM
ugh,dont ruin her for me :cry, chanel is much more stunning :smitten:smitten:smitten

cant wait for the next episode :D

Both of them aren't stunning at all :lol

Chanel Iman and everything that reminds me of her = :puke

02-25-2010, 09:29 AM
I loved her well good luck gilrls!

02-25-2010, 09:34 AM
Monique (Confessional): So… Ramona was my only friend in the house, and now she’s gone. It’s a shame, but she did deserve it, I won’t lie. I’m kind of glad I can put all my energy into the competition instead of house politics now. I intend to win this game, and I intend to do it flawlessly.


The exhausted girls return home from panel and Rasha heads straight for her bedroom, where Khadra and Aphrodite are waiting. The girls sit down on the floor, wrapped in their blankets, and begin to discuss the elimination.

Rasha: That was hard. I… I never want to be in bottom two again. I hate it more than haircut.

Khadra: Mm, it’s really difficult. You should be so glad you haven’t been in it yet, Aphrodite, because it’s hell.

Aphrodite: Oh, I am. I really want to do well in this competition, I owe that to Lyra for believing in me.

Rasha: Lyra believe in all of girl in competition, but I think especially us three. We should make pact. Pact that none of us ever hit bottom three again - not until we reach top three, together.

Khadra: That sounds really good… I think we can do it, you girls are great.

Aphrodite: Heee! Deal; let’s do it!

They put their hands together and cheer, unaware of the going-ons in the kitchen, where Pania and Raven are sitting at the dining room table drinking tea. They are in the midst of a deep discussion when Marina enters, sitting at their side and putting her head in her hands.

Pania: … Marina? Are you okay?

Raven: …

Marina: O-oh… I’m, like… I’m…

She begins to cry.

Marina: Like… I’ve never modelled before. I know how to, like, pout my lips in photos, but like… posing? How do I do that…? The judges are like… telling me off, and I can’t like… I don’t, like, know how to im… improve.

Pania (Confessional): I feel really bad for Marina, she's so cute and innocent. I did terribly in the first week just like her at the most recent panel, so I know what it feels to be at the bottom of the pack.

Pania: I could… I could, um, help you, if you want? Raven will, too. She is sooo good at giving tension with her face.

Raven: Uh, yeah. Okay?

Marina: … Reeeallly…?

Pania: Sure!

Marina: Thanks…

As the girls finish their tea, they’re interrupted by Ping, from the hallway, who has found the competition’s next Lyra Mail.

Ping: Get ready to see hue has the best sense of style. Looove, Lyra!

Raven: …………


The next morning, the girls are whisked away to a nearby American Apparel store, where they are greeted by judge Nigella Barkeer. The fashion photogropher stands before isles and isles of clothing, a grin plastered across her aging face.

Nigella: Greetings, girls, and welcome to your first challenge!

The girls all cheer.

Nigella: A top model knows how to style herself, so today you girls will each be buying yourselves a brand new outfit! You’ll have fifteen minutes to roam the store and get changed into an ensemble that you deem fashionable. Whatever you’re wearing when the time is up is the outfit you’ll be judged on, so make sure you manage yourselves properly.

The girls all nod their heads and ready themselves for the challenge to start. Nigella chuckles and shakes her head.

Nigella: There is, of course, a simple catch. You will each be assigned a colour and your outfit will have to be clearly influenced by said hue. No acceptions. With that said, you can begin... Now!

Holding her hand to her lips, Nigella whistles and sets the girls off. Some get moving at an amazing pace, while others take their time and slowly move from rack to rack. After ten minutes of rummaging, Rasha, Raven and Aphrodite return, decked out entirely in their colours. Khadra follows suit alongside Flo, Chanel, Pania and Ping a few minutes later, leaving only Felicity, Marina and Monique out in the isles.

Monique (Confessional): I got yellow as my colour and I knew instantly that I’d need to find something perfect, otherwise it would end disastrously. I didn’t act like the other girls; I took my time and found the right dress, and made it back right on time. Couldn’t have gone more perfect.

With only a few seconds to go, Marina slowly stumbles towards the finish line wearing a frilly pink dress and a pair of mauve flip-flops. The valleygirl pants as Nigella puts her fingers to her lips and whistles for the second time, signalling Felicity to return to base… without a top.

Felicity (Confessional): I got black as my colour and… y’all know how versatile black is. I couldn’t decide and… and I ended up with nothing on but a skirt. Oh lawd.

Nigella laughs as Felicity cups her breasts with her hands, turning to face the other girls.

Nigella: Well, that certainly went… interestingly. A few of you did exceedingly well, while others? Not so much. The three who have stood out in my eyes are Aphrodite, with her dark purple trench over black leggings; Pania, with her blue, structured mini-dress and Chanel, for her stone grey kimono. Only one girl can win the challenge, and that girl will receive twice as many frames as the others on her photoshoot, and must also choose another girl to receive half the amount of frames, hindering their progress.

That girl is Chanel!

Chanel’s eyes widen, and she cups her face with her hands, squealing with delight.

Chanel: Oh my god, this was so unexpected! Fashion is my life, but I never expected to win this challenge. I’m so happy! Thank you, Nigella!

Nigella: You earned it, girl. Your choice of outfit was unique and stylish; especially considering you had a veeery awkward colour to work with. You may now choose one girl to, uh, ‘share’ your prize with. That girl will receive half the amount of frames for her shoot, so pick wisely.

Chanel (Confessional): I knew I had to be smart about my choice, but… in the end, I instead went with my heart and chose the girl I like the least in this house. I get along with everyone but her, so to see her go home would be… liberating, I suppose?

Chanel: Monique.

Monique: … What.

Nigella: Monique! You have been chosen by Chanel to suffer a penalty for the next photoshoot. It’s our toughest one yet, so you’ll need to work extra hard because… You’ll be doing it entirely on your own.

Nigella is given a few awkward glances from the contestants.

Nigella: This week you girls will be doing beauty shots in the clothes you just recieved. You will need to choose, edit and crop the final image yourselves – the one that could see you take hold of this competition, or lose grasp of it entirely. Good luck, I will be seeing you all at panel.

With that, the photographer takes her leave and the girls are left standing in the middle of the store, bright and colourful as a rainbow.

Felicity (Confessional): Uh. Wearing the clothes we got in the challenge? I… don’t have a top. Crap!

Marina (Confessional): I, like… I like, don’t know what’s happening. Aren’t all shots supposed to be beautiful…? I hope Pania and Raven help me like they said they would… I’m so confused.

Khadra (Confessional): All or nothing, this week. All or nothing. I need to prove I can live up to my potential, or I could be going home. Will be going home.

02-25-2010, 10:03 AM
Lyra: Welcome, girls, to your third elimination. This week you had to do the styling for the competition’s first set of beauty shots. Each of you were designated a colour, and had to work with that in mind – you also got to choose and crop your final shot, meaning this week was entirely in your hands. Lets get straight to it and see how you went.




Lyra: I love the styling in this shot, Aphrodite. It’s a very chic and professional jacket, with a feminine edge.
Nigella: Yes, and I’ve never seen your face this relaxed – this soft.
Lyra: I agree, which makes it a shame that you chose this shot. I was told by the shoot director that this was your test shot – your first shot. Why did you choose it?
Aphrodite: I thought my face looked the best in this shot, and beauty shots are about the face, right?
Lyra: Mm. You need to find a balance, Aphrodite, because a lack of posing has shifted this shot from potentially amaaazing to mediocre at best. Thank you.




Nigella: So… commercial, but cant… complain!
Lyra: Yessss, ffffuuu. You’ve given us commercial again, Chanel, but I actually really like this photograph. You look like a model in your shot for the first time, and your pose is interesting and unique. Love that outfit.
Chanel: Thank you – I tried really hard this week, and winning the challenge really helped.
Nigella: I bet it did. Now you just need to work on your face.
Lyra: Thanks, Chanel.




Lyra: Ooh giiirl, this is fierce.
Nigella: And I LOVE that you failed miserably at the challenge – so much so you ended up without a top-, yet you worked that to your favour. You look sensational and fit the theme of your colour perfectly.
Lyra: It’s a really good shot, Felicity. Your portfolio is one of the best in this competition, so keep up the good work, and don't get complacent.
Felicity: Thanks, y'all.




Lyra: The cropping is unique and your face looks impeccable, as always. It feels a little men’s magazine to me, though. Perhaps it’s the dress you chose.
Nigella: Mm. You look really seductive, but… I’m actually willing to give you a pass on it, because we haven’t seen this side of you yet and you’ve done it really tastefully.
Lyra: This is true. Subtleties like hand placement really make an image like this pop. Great effort.




Nigella: I… I can't.
Lyra: Your body looks fantastic, Khadra. The cropping is good, the styling is amazing and my god you’re trying so hard, but… But your face. Eugh. It looks so pedestrian.
Nigella: Lower than pedestrian.
Lyra: I’m just speechless, because it is sooo captivating on film and in person. I don’t know what happened, or why you chose this shot. You've compleeetely dumbfounded me, girl.



Lyra: Finally, Marina! You’re actually posing and look, you look a kajillion dollars.
Nigella: This shoot is seriously amazing. I don’t know how you managed to pick up your game this quick, but I’m loving it.
Marina: I practiced, like... a lot. I'm trying to learn from the other girls and, like, improve.
Lyra: Well keep it up, because everything about this is sensational. Love you!



Lyra: I like it, but it’s very dull. Your face photographs a little old, I think.
Nigella: Yeeeah. I mean, I know you got that penalty from Chanel's challenge win, but it just looks very very severe. I’m kind of liking your body, though.
Lyra: Yeah, definitely. The cropping is a bit uninspiring, but it’s still decent. Just an average shot, really.



Lyra: You’ve fallen a little. Love your outfit, but that pose is making your body look a liiiiittle bizarre. Your face looks wonky, too. It’s just an awkward shot, and I actually kind of thought beauty would be your forte. Sadness.
Nigella: Dissapointing, yeah. But unlike a few of these other shots, it’s still easy to see your potential here.
Lyra: This is true. If you survive, I'd like to see you practice and try to give us a different Pania next week, 'cause the open mouth thing, while beautiful, is beginning to get old. Okay?



Lyra: Hot! I loooove your face and everything about this shot, really.
Nigella: Yess, you did great with what you had. It’s a shame we still haven’t seen high-fashion from you, though. Because I think you’d be better at that than this mens mag stuff you’re obsessed with.
Lyra: True ‘dat. Keep improving, Ping, and take more risks. Good work.



Lyra: You know… I reeeally like this shot.
Nigella: Really? I think it's a little dull.
Lyra: Of course. But... unlike, say, Monique or Aphrodite's... Rasha is giving us an energy here - an aura, you might say. It's a captivating, simplistic beauty shot.
Nigella: Her eyes are positively glowing, and I'm glad we can see her hair. So I'll give her that.
Lyra: Thanks, Rasha.



Nigella: Hm. It's a bit 80's catalogue, don't you think?
Lyra: Yeeeeah. You look like a swedish Grace Jones. Without the drive. Which is to saaay, you have potential, but I'm not seeing it fulfilled in this image. Not good for third week, I've gotta' say.
Nigella: You look reeeally bored, which is a shame because the outfit is not that bad. You could have really gone for a heavy, androgynous look, but you fell flat.
Lyra: Your lips looks great, though! Lovely tension.


Raven takes her place back on the platform and Lyra stands up, offering the girls a stern glance.

Lyra: Girls, I'm now going to ask you to leave panel so Nigella and I can discuss things. When you when you come back, one of you will be eliminated. See you all soon.

02-25-2010, 10:15 AM

best Plus Size FELICITY but not really a fan!

02-25-2010, 10:18 AM
Wow I love these shots!!! Great job!!! :love

Marina looks really good. Ping and Felicity also rocked it :love

02-25-2010, 10:39 AM
The contestants shuffle back into the room, where Lyra is standing with ten photos.

Lyra: Eleven girls stand before me, but only ten photos rest in my hands. The girl whose name I call first will have her picture displayed as digital art in the house, juuust like Pania's was last week. Wanna know who it was?

It was Marina! Work hard, girl, because you could easily win this.

Chanel! We know you're happy but pleeease, stop smiling!

Felicity! Third again. You owned this shoot.

Ping! Finally ahead of your sister. Soon you might be on top, who knows?

Flo! Very tastefully done

Rasha! No more resting on pretty for you. Your face looked stunning this week.

Monique, you look much too old. Embrace your youthful side.

Pania… Give us consistency.

Raven. I want to see drive from you.

Raven takes a deep breath as she recieves her photograph, taking her place in line.

Lyra: Will Aphrodite and Khadra please step forward.

In front of me stand two very unique girls. Girls, who I understand, are good friends because of this very competition.

Aphrodite, you were the absolute best girl in the first week of the competition. I love your jaw, I love you attitude and I love your story. You're perfect for this competition, yet over the past two weeks, your fall from grace has been less than noble. Your shot this week was uninspired and dull - you did the very last thing I'd expect from a person with your look, and that was relying on your pretty.

Khadra? You've been here before. The first time, we kept you because you had potential. Beautiful chocolate skin, an amazing body and bone structure for days. I loved that, and while your shot this week was good, your face was... hideous. Corpse-like, even. I don't know what happened, but I'm beginning to wonder whether that potential I saw was real or not, and that's, well... It's not a good thing.

So who stays?

... Aphrodite, make a comeback. I know you can.

I’m sorry Khadra, but you are not America’s Next Top Model. You've come a long way from week one, so I hope you continue pursuing your dreams.

Khadra: *hugs Aphrodite and cries* Th-th... Thank you. I-I'm so sorry...





Khadra: ... It, yeah. It sucked being in the bottom two with my best friend, especially after that pact we made. Aphrodite and Rasha were both so good to me and now... Now I won't be able to share this experience with them any longer, and that hurts more than an elimination ever could. I really hope they make final two, because they're beautiful and really deserve to reach that far. Yes.

I... I really tried, you know? I've always been the drab girl throughout my life, and this competition helped me get in touch with my feminine side. I know I wasn't great or anything, but I'm really proud of my journey and.. and hey, maybe you'll see me on the pages of eL one day? Who knows. For now, I'm going to continue chasing my dreams and doing things I love, because that's what I do.

02-25-2010, 10:44 AM
Oh love her skin and bone structure :( but yeah she deserves it.

02-25-2010, 10:15 PM
The girls return home from elimination and already there is tension in the kitchen, where Monique takes aim at Chanel.

Monique: I hope you’re real proud.

Chanel: Proud of what?

Monique: Of what you did to me, bitch. You threw me under the bus and guess what? I survived.

Chanel: I had to choose someone, and I chose you for your attitude. You’re still giving me that attitude right now, so obviously it didn’t work.

Monique: I’m your biggest competition, Chanel, and now? Now I’m going to make sure the rest of your time here will be a living hell. Watch your back.

A nearby Felicity overhears the conversation and manages to involve herself, stepping between the two models and placing a hand on each of their chests, closing her eyes.

Felicity: Y’all need to calm down. This is a competition, and Chanel was only doin’ what she was told to do by Nigella. Both of y’all need to get over it and focus on modeling, not each other.

Chanel: That’s what I’ve been trying to say. Talking to Monique is like talking to a wall.

Monique: At least I’m a wall with potential. Really, Felicity? Focus on the competition? Don’t make me laugh. You’ve gotten this far by pure chance. A fat black model will never be on the cover of eL, and I would bet my career on that fact.

Felicity is taken aback, mouth agape in shock as she considers what Monique has just said. Slowly, the girl’s eyes narrow and she grunts, pivoting around and exiting the kitchen, after which she heads straight for her bedroom.

Felicity (Confessional): Y’all… I know it’s hard for a model like me t’make it in this industry, but… But I’m trying so hard, and Lyra has seen my potential. She told me this panel that I have one of the best portfolios in the competition. I can do this and… and I’m not gon’ let Monique get to me, ‘cause that’s exactly what she wants.

Meanwhile, Pania and Raven sit on their beds, legs crossed and faces in a state of deep consideration.

Pania: W-we were in the bottom four.

Raven: It sucks.

Pania: Seriously. And… and Marina got first callout.

Raven: Yeah…

Pania glances up at Marina’s picture, which is displayed as digital art on the wall.

Pania: Well… She used the exact same pose I did last week. Do you think that when we helped her at the shoot, she didn’t learn, she just… Copied us?

Raven: That seems rather likely.

Pania: Weeird.

Raven (Confessional): The only person I really get along with in this house is Pania, I think. She has been the first person I’ve met since my boyfriend passed away that I can, like… connect with. She understands me, and because of that we have a really special bond. The other girls just don't understand me. I thought Marina was okay, but now it seems not.

Marina: Guys, we have, like… Lyra mail…

The girls all rush down to the hall, where Flo is waiting, grinning.

Flo: A good top model knows how to work in her element, in a group. Do you? Love, Lyra.

Chanel: Group shots. Interesting…

Monique (Confessional): Ugh… If I have to work beside any of these girls I’m seriously going to die. This competition is based on our performances, not those of the people around us.

Flo (Confessional): It sounds bad, but I really hope I don’t get put with Ping. Me and her are constantly compared to each other, and… well, I’m sick of it. I’m here for me. I love her, but she feels the same, too. Hopefully the judges will see that.