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05-19-2006, 04:12 PM
Team Geniuses


Charles, Frank and Sam met as students at Southern Methodist, where they all still attend college. According to their IQ ratings (and near-perfect SAT scores), the three friends qualify as geniuses. Charles is the most conservative and attends SMU on a full scholarship. Frank is witty and sarcastic and thinks he knows everything about women. But it?s Sam, half-Indian and half-Polynesian, who is the self-proclaimed ladies man. Will brains beat out brawn in the hunt for the gold?

Strengths: Intelligence, dedication.

Weaknesses: Big egos.

Fun Fact: Frank has numerous nicknames including Frank The Tank, The Donger and F-bomb.


Age: 22
Occupation: Student
Fave TV Show: The Apprentice
Fave Movies: The Matrix
Fave Book: The Bible
Hobbies: Skiing, rock climbing, baseball

Charles currently attends Southern Methodist University on a full scholarship. Charles is a teaching assistant in the organic chemistry lab, which is where he met his two teammates. Charles is currently a senior and is studying electrical engineering, biology, physics, and math. In high school he had near-perfect SAT scores and his dream is to conduct stem cell research in his own lab. Originally from Paris, Texas, Charles is proud of his intelligence and knows that the Geniuses, three guys each with multiple majors, should be able to successfully solve almost any puzzle.

Age: 19
Occupation: Student
Fave TV Show: Family Guy
Fave Movies: Pulp Fiction
Fave Book: Catcher in the Rye
Hobbies: Hiking, soccer, woodworking

Francis is currently a pre-med student at Southern Methodist University. He hails from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and was awarded the Presidential Scholarship to SMU, the University?s highest honor. Francis doesn?t see the drastic religious and political differences within his team as a handicap, but loves engaging in debates with his teammates, knowing that their friendship will never be compromised by their beliefs. Francis is excited to see the world and live life to its fullest by being on ?Treasure Hunters? and is ready for the challenge.

Age: 21
Occupation: Student
Fave TV Show: Scrubs, Late Night with Conan O?Brien
Fave Movies: The Professional
Fave Book: Angels & Demons by Dan Brown
Hobbies: Mountain biking, scuba diving

Sam met his teammates in his organic chemistry lab, Charles being his T.A., and Francis a classmate. Sam, a student at Southern Methodist University, is working towards his B.S. in biology, a B.A. in chemistry, and a B.S. in economics with finance. Sam says that the Geniuses may be their own worst enemy ? their biggest weakness being their egos. But Sam credits their intelligence and work ethic as the qualities that will help their team to succeed. Sam's main incentive for winning ?Treasure Hunters? is that he wants to establish a college fund for his best friend's newborn son. Sam wishes one day to become a doctor and open a free geriatric clinic.

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05-22-2006, 10:11 AM
Please, please, be as funny as the Nerds from TAR. PLEASE!

05-28-2006, 04:05 PM
Oh my god... Look at Frank's picture... I hope they are funny and not annoying! :lol

Hehe look at the picture with them using their like GPS systems... haha maybe Sam is a robot...

I think they will make it medium, like half way give or take...

06-19-2006, 03:53 PM
Sorry to double post, but none of you are damn well posting :lol

Oh god, Charles is a lot to take in!! He's by far the most annoying character second to the Fogal family...

I can't stand him, if you want to understand what I mean, look at his Bio photo, it tells all! :lol

Also, I dont think I heard Sam say one word... I didnt even know he was on this team... Do any of you remember him?! *ponders*