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04-03-2010, 11:37 PM

Kris: The search is on again to find Beautiful's Next Top Model. Last cycle we watched Luna go from a shy, reserved girl to a true top model. Now we're back to give 14 more lucky girls a chance at a modelling contract with Beautiful Models, a contract with Revlon and a cover of Model magazine. Who will it be?

Age: 18
Location: California
Occupation: Student
Bio: Andrea has always excelled in academics and is currently majoring in Physical Science at her university. Though it's rather expected considering her father is a doctor and her mother is a lawyer. "The value of a good education was always what my parents wanted to show me. They pushed me to strive for excellence and be the best that I can be." Andrea's parents have mixed feelings about her entering the competition but understand that Andrea shows a strong passion for it. Can this intelligent beauty win it all?

Age: 19
Location: Pennsylvania
Occupation: Mathematician
Bio: From a very small age Annie has always shown an interest in mathematics. "I had a calculator and I would play on the calculator when I was little. I refused to play with any other toys." Annie thinks her extreme intelligence will intimidate some of the girls but says she's used to it. "I never had a lot of friends when I was little because if I thought someone was unintelligent I would tell them to their face (laughs)." Annie may be wise with the calculator but is she as wise with a pair of heels?

Age: 22
Location: Maryland
Occupation: Hostess
Bio: Audrey was raised in a wealthy Japanese family. Her parents own an oriental restaurant where Audrey works as a hostess. She has always loved fashion and wants to be a designer when her modelling career is over. "I love the industry and I want to be involved in it for the rest of my life. Whether it's modelling or designing I want a career in the fashion industry." Will this beautiful fashionista win?

Age: 20
Location: Kansas
Occupation: Student
Bio: Donna has been struggling to become a model for years but hasn't found her big break. She auditioned for last cycle but barely missed the cut. Now she's back to prove herself. "I've been waiting to be signed to an agency for way too long now. I didn't get chosen last cycle but I'm here this time and I promise that I will work harder than anyone else. I want this so badly." Will this be Donna's chance to shine?

Age: 18
Location: Hawaii
Occupation: Student/Model
Bio: Eva admits that she can be annoying at times but says that people still find her charming. "Like I know I talk a lot sometimes and I can get really annoying but people still love me. Because I'm just so bubbly and happy all the time." Currently a student at a small college near her home she also does some part time modelling jobs on the side. "Nothing big. Just enough to dip my toes in it." Eva hopes to make modelling her full time job but can she do it?

Age: 18
Location: Montana
Occupation: Student
Bio: Hallie is a preacher's daughter and admits to being very naive and blissfully unaware of the world. "I was so sheltered my entire life so it's weird being exposed to people and things outside of my comfort zone." Hallie was home schooled her entire life and is worried about traveling so far way to compete. "I've never been on a plane or away from my parents for a long period of time so it's all new to me." Can Hallie handle the industry?

Age: 21
Location: Illinois
Occupation: Currently Unemployed
Bio: Jade describes herself as a very sexual person who loves who she loves no matter what gender they are. "I've had relationships with men, with women. It's all the same to me. If I have feelings for them who cares what gender they are?" Jade is currently single and hopes to meet someone interesting in the house. While she may not look like your typical fashion fan Jade's knowledge of the fashion industry is what she thinks will help her in the competition. "I've spent countless hours learning up on the last fashion news and I know it will help me get far." Can this androgynous girls prove herself?

Age: 19
Location: Arizona
Occupation: Fashion Student
Bio: A fashion student, Jamie shows extreme interest in the fashion industry and loves shopping for the latest clothes. "I have such a shoe fetish. You don't even understand. My roommate gets so mad at me because our room is like overflowing with shoes." Jamie thinks her look will work for her in the industry because she has a commercial and high fashion face that will intrigue everyone. Does Jamie have the talent to win?

Age: 22
Location: Georgia
Occupation: Sales Clerk
Bio: Tomboyish Jenna has always had a passion for 2 things - Modelling and Motorcycles. "I love riding my Harley. It just feels so alive on it and it's such an adrenalin rush." Working as a sales clerk Jenna just doesn't feel like it's the place for her. "I want to be where the action is. It's in the fashion industry." Can this motorcycle riding beauty take the prize?

Age: 20
Location: New Jersey
Occupation: Artist
Bio: Life hasn't been easy for Jordis until just a year ago. Battling a strong drug and alcohol addiction, she fell into a dark world of depression. "I was so depressed. Drugs and alcohol were my escape. I hated being sober." It wasn't until Jordis developed an interest art that she was able to make a lifestyle change. "I discovered my artistic side and love for designing and it really helped me to turn my life around. I've been clean for over a year now so I'm really thankful." Does Jordis have the confidence to go all the way?

Age: 18
Location: Tennessee
Occupation: Waitress/Student
Bio: Marcie is a small town beauty with big dreams of becoming a model. "I'm from a really tiny town and just to be given this chance is a blessing." While she looks happy and energetic now things haven't always been this way. Marcie battled with anorexia as a young teen and almost lost her life. "One day I was just walking down the hall at school and I collapsed. Thank heavens I was able to get help and now I'm living my life as a normal 18 year old." Will her dreams come true?

Age: 20
Location: Washington
Occupation: Student
Bio: Mekenna is a sorority girl with big plans for the future. "I am finally being given the chance to prove myself as a true top model. I want to be as big as Gisele one day." Mekenna's sorority sisters are cheering her on all the way and have always believed in her. "They pushed me to try out so I have to give credit to them. They always have my back." Can Mekenna make the transition from sorority girl to top model?

Age: 21
Location: Texas
Occupation: Hooter's Waitress
Bio:Quinn works in Dallas, Texas as a Hooter's waitress and says customers always tell her she should be a model. "Like almost on a daily basis someone would come up to me and tell me I should pursue modelling. Finally I thought I'd give it a chance and here I am today." Quinn is leaving behind a boyfriend and daughter to come here but says she thinks it will be worth it in the end. Is the customer truly always right?

Age: 20
Location: Nebraska
Occupation: Martial Arts Instructor
Bio: Tessa says they are two sides to her - the girly side and the tough side. A children's martial arts instructor, Tessa knows the key to success is hard work and determination. "So many people just expect everything to be handed to them on a silver platter. In reality you have to work hard for what you want." Tessa says she's going to give 110 percent the whole way through. Will her fighting attitude win her the title?

Kris: Find out who will win it all on this cycle of Beautiful's Next Top Model.


04-03-2010, 11:42 PM
honestly, wheres andrea, thats not the girl I sent you at all :cry :cry

04-03-2010, 11:52 PM
I couldn't find her head or eyes on Elouai. I guess I wasn't looking hard enough. I tried to pick features similar to her's though. Sorry :(. I hope you're not angry at me.

04-03-2010, 11:55 PM
I couldn't find her head or eyes on Elouai. I guess I wasn't looking hard enough. I tried to pick features similar to her's though. Sorry :(. I hope you're not angry at me.

andreas eyes are 0181 head 0065,Nose 0108


please use her, I love her eyes :smitten

04-04-2010, 12:09 AM
I love them!

04-04-2010, 08:06 AM
Eva & Hallie :love

Quinn needs a makeover ASAP.
Jenna looks SO MUCH like Joanna.

04-04-2010, 09:12 AM
:love :faint Mekenna, Tessa, Jordis, Eva. :love :faint

WORK @ the cast this year. I think it's the best ever.

04-04-2010, 10:01 AM
I ketch up I am start redcyle - 1-7 now

04-04-2010, 10:05 AM
Annie, Eva, Hallie :love

Quinn would look really good with a makeover :smitten

04-04-2010, 10:27 AM
TESSA is hot By The way! hehehehe!

EVA FTW! keep her exotic and tropical look!

final 6 <3

04-04-2010, 01:23 PM
I like Jordis :D
She's cool, also, I am artist too ;)

Distorted Asylum
04-04-2010, 02:46 PM
TBH. Jade can go first.

But everyone else is amazing! :woo

04-04-2010, 06:21 PM
I really, really like the models. I think all are very beautiful...

I really love Jamie and Donna, really extern beauty

04-04-2010, 07:12 PM
I love Jamie! She is definately my favourite!
I like Annie, Donna and Mekenna too!
There are a lot of good girls.

04-04-2010, 10:34 PM
1. Andrea
2. Hallie
3. Jordis
4. Mekenna
5. Eva
6. Quinn
7. Jamie
8. Jenna
9. Audrey
10. Donna
11. Annie
12. Marcie
13. Jade
14. Tessa

04-04-2010, 11:52 PM
Let the best girl wins this cycle! :D

04-05-2010, 06:37 PM
The premiere is on it's way!!!

04-05-2010, 07:19 PM
The 14 finalists pull up at their new house.

Mekenna Confessional: We're just driving along in our bus and suddenly we pull up to this amazing mansion. It's like 20 stories high and it has a pool and everything. I was literally stunned.

Jade Confessional: The house? Freaking awesome. You couldn't ask for a better place to stay through this whole process. It's just beyond words.

The girls are screaming and jumping over the sight of the house.

Annie Confessional: The loud screaming was getting on my nerves so much. I'm like, yes it's a beautiful house. They have 1 every cycle. Please be quiet.

Everyone rushes into the house to find their beds and explore.

Jamie: Oh my gosh! Look at this house!

Jenna: This is like heaven guys! Can you believe this?
Confessional: If you would have told me a year ago that I would be staying in a house like this I would have called you crazy. To be here right now and to be given a once in a life time opportunity like this is beyond my wildest dreams.

Hallie, Jade and Audrey find a room together. Hallie chooses her bed and puts a bible on her night stand.

Jade: You're a very religious person?

Hallie: Yes. My dad's a pastor so I was raised in a strict religious family. Are you?

Jade: Religious? No I'm an atheist.

Hallie looks frightened.

Hallie: Oh ok.

The girls continue putting their stuff away. Hallie seems a little on edge.

Hallie Confessional: My dad was the preacher at our church throughout my whole childhood and my faith has always been my number 1 priority. So I was a little taken back when Jade told me her religious views. I've never met an atheist before so it was a new thing for me.

It gets dark. Most of the girls all go out to pool to socialize. A few stay indoors. In the pool the girls are talking.

Jamie: Anyone got anything interesting to tell about themselves?

Jordis: Well I'm an artist.

Jamie: That's cool. Do you paint or what?

Jordis: All types of things. Paint, draw, sculpt.

Donna: What are you inspired by?

Jordis: Well up until just recently I was a really bad drug addict. I got involved in smoking crack and pot when I was about 14 and then I moved into meth.

Donna: Oh wow.

Jordis: Yeah. It got really bad one time. Then 1 day I discovered that through art I could express my feelings to the world. I got help with my addiction and cleaned up and now I'm starting over.

Donna: That's wonderful.

Jamie: Anybody else?

Jade: I'm bi! Is that interesting? :lol

Jamie: You are!? Oh my god! You have to make out with someone! You have to!

Jade: :lol Well then.

Jamie: I dare you and Mekenna to make out right here in the pool!

Mekenna: Woah!! Jamie!! :lol

Jade: Ok.

Jade moves over to where Mekenna is. Mekenna is laughing. Jade kisses her on the lips for a few seconds.

Jamie: Whooo! Mekenna's going home a lesbian.

Most of the girls laugh. Jade begins to move back to her side of the pool. She bumps into Hallie. Hallie pushes her with force and Jade turns around.

Jade: Sorry.

The girls look at each other.

Hallie: I just need some space. I'm going to go inside now.

Hallie goes inside. The girls look at her and laugh.

Hallie Confessional: It was just a reflex to push her back. I'm not comfortable with people touching me. I'm just not used to being around people like Jade because I was raised in such a strict, Christian community. In reality I wouldn't hang out with someone like her because it's out of my comfort zone.

Jade Confessional: I don't know why she would push me. It was rude and she didn't have to do it. I'm just wondering how she's going to handle this business if she can't even stand to be around people.

Inside Andrea finds the Kris Mail.

Andrea: The first Kris Mail!!

-Welcome to the competition. This cycle we're taking it to the streets. Love Kris.-

Eva: Yes! The first photo shoot! I wonder what it will be?

Marcie: I don't know but I'm excited.

04-05-2010, 07:54 PM
Kris: Welcome to the competition girls. It's time to begin the search for Beautiful's Next Top Model. 1 of you will win a contract with my agency, Beautiful Models, a contract with Revlon and a cover of Model magazine. For your first photo shoot you were all taken to the streets to portray homeless models. Every day more and more people are being forced to live on the streets and I wanted to draw attention to this issue. Let's see how you all did.

You're giving a good pose. It's very dynamic. You are holding back too much in the face though and aren't pushing to give a captivating expression. It's kind of lifeless. Good pose, mediocre face.

I like it Annie. Your face is great. Very intense. I also like the chilled laid back pose and your ease on camera. You did really well for the first shoot.

It's a lovely photo. Very graceful and elegant. You are a very classic beauty and that's great. It will definitely work for you but I also want to see you show a more edgy side somewhere down the road. But this is great.

I don't like the pose. It's just too still and I don't see any effort in it. The face looks great though. Intensity and power is what you're showing in the expression. The pose is weak though.

It's good Eva. You have a cute face but you've adapted it to make it look fierce and edgy. I like that there's a mix of cuteness and rebelliousness.

It's a nice picture. I do think you're a bit too cute and innocent looking here in the face. I don't see that intensity that this photo required. The pose is pretty good. I just think you were a bit too sugary with the face.

The whole thing is ok. It's definitely not a bad picture but it's just not standing out. The face is decent and the pose is alright but it's all just quite bland and lifeless.

The face is alright. Sort of boring but it's ok. I love the pose though. It's cool and confident and you brought style to the shoot. So in all it's a strong shot.

I like it. You're giving a rebel attitude and you look great. The whole thing comes together very well and you've got subtle power. It's a very strong start.

The awkward pose is good in a way but in a way I don't like it. If you're going to give a pose like this then you need to contort your body really well. You've done it halfway. The face is very strong though and captures my attention.

You're not really doing much with the pose but your face looks lovely here. I just think you need to push yourself because you have the goods but you're not doing much with them.

I like the awkward legs and the hand behind your head. The face is just alright and I don't see you giving much passion or intensity. It's an ok face but a good pose.

It's pretty but it's just too soft and reserved. You're kind of relying on just a pretty face to get you through the shoot and it's just not a striking shot. It's pretty but it's not popping. Too safe.

I like the laid back pose with some subtle attitude. The face isn't great but it's quite good. I want to see you take more risks though because this is a little safe for you.

Kris: When I call you all back I will reveal who is the first girl going home.

04-05-2010, 08:21 PM

Kris: 14 girls are in front of me but am only holding 13 pictures in my hand. If you do not receive a photo you must pack up and go back home. The first photo goes to...............

Eva. The more I looked at your photo the more I loved it.












Will Marcie and Quinn please step forward?

Both of you are here for the same reason. Resting on pretty and not putting your potential to full use.

Marcie, you have the cute, baby doll look but you gave nothing in the pose. Just because you have a beautiful face doesn't mean you don't have to make the pose just as great.

Quinn, you relied solely on your pretty face and didn't give any power in your pose or facial expression. This photo shoot was all about being intense and fierce. You were neither.

So who is the first to go home?

Marcie. You're a gorgeous girl but you have to work it in your pose just as much as the next girl.

Thanks Quinn.

Quinn: Alright. Thanks. Bye guys!


Quinn: I wasn't expecting to be the first girl sent home. I'm disappointed and frustrated with myself that I didn't deliver like I wanted to. Now I'm going to go back home and see my husband and daughter and hopefully another opportunity will come to me.


04-05-2010, 08:41 PM
You left out Andrea in the callout order.

I don't think Quinn should have left. I thought her picture was one of the better ones.

04-05-2010, 09:37 PM
Honestly if you didnt knew where heres where you could have asked me, and after I gave you the original doll you dont change it?
Is like I never submitted a doll at all and I wasted my time :shrug

04-05-2010, 10:20 PM
Honestly if you didnt knew where heres where you could have asked me, and after I gave you the original doll you dont change it?
Is like I never submitted a doll at all and I wasted my time :shrug
It's too late to change her after the promo and individual shots have already been made plus I make changes to everyone's dolls. Not just yours.

Sorry about forgetting Andrea. She would have been called after Jordis.

04-05-2010, 10:20 PM
Her photo wasn't the best, but definitely not the worst.

Nice photos :D

04-05-2010, 10:54 PM
Actually QUINN has the most potential than MARCIE but I love her! though!

04-05-2010, 10:54 PM
Too bad that Quinn left early.

04-05-2010, 11:12 PM
I think JORDIS and TESSA should have the hair they have in the PROMO and EVA should keep hers or maybe change but with the same structure she is very sultry!

04-06-2010, 11:42 AM
I added Andrea to the call out order. The next episode will be sometime today.

Distorted Asylum
04-06-2010, 01:55 PM
My elimination order:

14. Jade
13. Quinn
12. Andrea
11. Mekenna
10. Hallie
9. Eva
8. Donna
7. Jamie
6. Audrey
5. Annie
4. Tessa
3. Marcie
2. Jordis
ANTM: Jenna

04-06-2010, 02:51 PM
The girls return to the house from elimination.

Eva: Oh my gosh! I can't believe I got the best photo! I'm so happy!
Confessional: Last week I had the best photo and I was so ecstatic that I started out so strongly. I hope that I can continue to take great pictures and show everyone that I deserve to win.

Andrea and Donna are in the kitchen talking.

Andrea: I think I did ok last week. Were you happy with how you did?

Donna: No not really. I feel like I have a lot more to prove because I auditioned last cycle and didn't make it.

Andrea: Woah really?

Donna: Yeah. I made it to the last audition round but didn't get a call back.
Confessional: I don't want to get my hopes up this year because I did that last time and ended up not being picked. I just have to do my best every week and prove to them that they didn't make a mistake choosing me this cycle.

Tessa and Marcie are outside on the balcony.

Marcie: I'm just stumped because I thought I did good last week and I don't feel like my best shot was chosen you know?

Tessa: A lot of probably feel that way. I didn't do that well either but I just have to take it and learn by it.

Marcie: It's just confusing to me because I don't know what to do.

Tessa Confessional: It's so frustrating when you see someone who wants something but doesn't want to put forth the effort to get it. I've worked for everything I have and I don't like to see people just expect things to be handed to them. These girls need to find out why they're here and stop making excuses.

Hallie, Jamie, Jade and Mekenna are all in the dining room.

Jamie: So Hallie. A lot of us were just wondering why you pushed Jade in the pool? Because that was pretty rude.

Hallie: I just did it by reflex. I don't like people to touch me or bump into me.

Jamie: Well regardless I think you should apologize because it was still rude.

Hallie: Sorry. It's just that I'm out of my comfort zone because there are people here who I normally don't associate with.

Jade: Well you need to learn to adapt to different situations because if you can't then you're not going to last in this business.

Hallie: *starts crying* I'm sorry. This is just all new to me.

Jade: And I understand that honey but you need to be careful about how you come across.

Hallie walks off still crying. She goes to Andrea for support.

Hallie: They're all in there talking about me like I'm stupid and I can't take it anymore.

Andrea: It's ok sweetie. They just needed something to talk about. That's it. Don't worry about them.

Jade Confessional: I'm not trying to be rude to Hallie but if you can't handle the pressure only in the 2nd week, then there's the door.

Hallie Confessional: It just feels like everyone's against me but I'm not trying to be mean to people. I feel so misunderstood by everybody.

Audrey Confessional: There's already arguing and fighting going on in the house and we haven't even been here 2 weeks yet. I think a lot of these girls need to grow up and start focusing on the competition instead of worrying about drama.

Annie finds the Kris Mail.

Annie: We have mail.

-Be ready to fight through the storm. Love Kris.-

Mekenna: We're going to be outside in a storm?

Donna: Sounds like it to me.

04-06-2010, 03:20 PM
Kris: Hi girls. 13 of you are before me but only 12 will move on. This week your photo shoot was selling elegant dresses in a lightning storm. Let's see how all of you did.

I think it's really beautiful. Very subtle and mystifying. Your face looks haunting and I love your reserved pose. Great job.

It's decent Jenna but I'm not blown away like last week. You seem a little lost in your pose and the face is just alright. Not bad but I expected better.

I think it's very pretty. You look soft and feminine. Very gorgeous. The way you're holding the dress and the peaceful expression. It's really good. I like it.

This is magnificent! You look so confident and elegant. It's stunning. You are owning that dress and there's the classic beauty with some edge in it. You did outstanding.

It's a good strong pose. Not much originality or wow factor in it though. The face is pretty but it's just not a model. I see you playing it safe again and not taking any risks.

Beautiful pose. It's confident and girly. Very elegant. The face is alright. There's not much connection in it. That's your biggest problem in both of your shoots. No connection.

I liken the pose and that you're interacting with the dress making it flowy. You have a strong face here and you're alluring on film. You did a really good job.

Your neck appears quite short here and I'm not wowed by the face. It's just ok and there's not much emotion in it. The pose is better than last week but you're still not doing enough with it.

The face is beautiful and captivating but the pose is just blah. You're standing there giving not much of anything. It's soft and pretty but you didn't do anything with the pose.

I like it. I think you look beautiful and innocent. Very doll like. Soft face and poised pose. You did well. Now I want to start seeing that you can be high fashion and edgy.

The pose is confident and regal. I think it's kind of safe and dull though. The face is beautiful and strong and you're giving power but still keeping it subtle. It was overall good.

It's soft. It's not the most overwhelming shot but it works. Innocent face and beautiful, elegant pose. I like how the dress is flowing.

Great once again Eva. It's a beautiful pose and you make the dress come alive. The face is gorgeous and your stunning eyes just pop. It's lovely and regal.

Kris: When I call you back someone will be going home.

04-06-2010, 03:34 PM
Kris: 13 girls are in front of me but only 12 photos are in my hand. If you do not receive a picture you must pack up and go home. The first name I'm going to call is.................

Audrey. Your photo was breathtaking.











Will Marcie and Tessa please step forward?

Marcie, you're here again this week because although you improved, it still was not great. You have a lovely face but you just don't do enough with it or your body in photos.

Tessa, you have tremendous potential but your photos have only been ok so far. You're not bringing your personality or energy to them and it's causing them to be just average.

So who stays?

Tessa. Stop playing it safe and show me what you can do.

Thanks Marcie.

Marcie: *crying* Thank you.


Marcie: I didn't want to go home at all. I was wanting this so bad and I'm upset that it's over. I came through a lot in my life battling my eating disorder so if I can make it through that I can make it through this. Modelling is my passion and I'll do my best to make sure that I pursue it.



04-06-2010, 05:31 PM

I dont Like the FCO... I think the best was Donna...
The worst for me was Marcie... and im agree with the elimination. Really love this !!!

My favourites: Donna and Jamie

04-06-2010, 06:33 PM
My favorite photo is actally Jenna's. It's edgy and it fits the theme well IMO.

The eliminated girl didn't have the worst photo, but it was probably her time.

04-06-2010, 09:54 PM
WOW anotha fave of mine hahaha!!! I still go for
EVA FTW! keep her exotic and tropical look!

04-06-2010, 11:01 PM
Hey Beautiful! I would like to make you some wikis but can I have the WHOLE callouts of your cycles from 1-6???

04-06-2010, 11:16 PM
Oh thanks Turbo!!! I'll send them to you when I get them together.

04-07-2010, 09:43 PM

The remaining girls return home.

Andrea: Audrey your photo was beautiful.

Audrey: Thank you.
Confessional: I had the best shot last week so I was proud of myself. I don't want to become too confident because you never know what will happen. I'm happy with how I'm doing so far but I still have to work hard to keep it up.

Tessa Confessional: Being in the bottom 2 last week was intimidating I must say. My critique has been that I'm being too safe in my pictures so I'm going to work hard to put more edge and effort into them.

Hallie goes into the phone room to call her dad.

Dad: Hello.
Hallie: Hey daddy. It's Hallie.
Dad: Hey pumpkin. How are you?
Hallie: Missing you and mama. How are you 2?
Dad: Good. A lot's been going on at church. Everyone's praying for you.
Hallie: Tell them thank you. I wish I could be home.
Dad: Why? Is something wrong?
Hallie: It's just that some of these girls are so different from me. They're hard to get along with.
Dad: Well you just have to remember why you're there. Don't let them get to you. Ask for God to help you and He will sweetie. You know that.
Hallie: Thanks daddy. I love you.
Dad: Love you too. Your mother loves you too.
Hallie: Love her too. Bye.
Dad: Bye.

Hallie exits the phone room. She sees Jamie standing outside waiting for the phone.

Hallie: I'm finished now.

Jamie: Good. Thanks.

Mekenna finds the Kris Mail.

Mekenna: Kris Mail!!!

-It's time for a change. Be ready tomorrow morning. Love Kris.-

Eva: Makeovers!!! Oh my gosh!!

Andrea: I wonder what I'll get?

04-07-2010, 10:33 PM

The girls arrive at the salon. Kris is waiting for them.

Kris: Hi girls! Welcome to the salon where today you are all getting makeovers!!! All of you are beautiful but I need to give you more modelesque looks. Are you ready to see what you're getting?

Girls: Yes!

Kris: Ok. Follow me.

ANDREA-With your angelic face I want to give you some light blonde hair to finish your look.


ANNIE-You have a stunning face but that red hair is just too much. I'm cutting it all off and dying it black.


AUDREY-Your face is very classically beautiful. I want to give you some edge so I'm cutting your hair short.


DONNA-The hair you have now is just too dull for you. I'm going to lift you up with some gorgeous blonde hair.


EVA-You're stunning the way you are so I don't want to change you much. Some more bounce and body will be nice though.


HALLIE-This light hair is just a bit too Barbie doll. I'm dying it brown to give you some edge and make you darker.


JADE-I don't want to take away your androgyny but I do want to make you more intense. I'm dying it jet black and spiking it.


JAMIE-You've been hiding behind your long hair in your shots so I'm going to eliminate that by cutting it all off. I'm also going to dye it bleach blonde.


JENNA-You have amazing bone structure and an interesting face. You don't really need any hair. It just pulls you down. I'm giving you an ice blonde pixie cut.


JORDIS-With your exotic face I think some black hair would bring it into full effect and make you even more intense.


MEKENNA-You have a really soft face and amazing gum-drop eyes. Some flowing blonde hair would work well with your face.


TESSA-The hair you have now is too safe and boring. We need to elevate you. And we're doing so by dying your hair red and cutting it off.


Kris: You all look amazing now! Now you're going to do a photo shoot to show off your new looks.


Kris: Well I will see you all at judging! Bye!

Girls: Bye!!!

04-07-2010, 11:16 PM
I guess everybody rocked there look!

still EVA ftw the hair is gorgeous on her so seductive.

04-08-2010, 03:51 AM
Eva :love

04-08-2010, 11:26 AM
Andrea, Eva, Hallie, Jordis, Tessa :love

I loathe Jenna's makeover TBH. It makes her look so unflattering.

04-08-2010, 12:51 PM
Yeah, I would have just dyed Jenna's hair black to make her eyes pop even more.

Other than that, good makeovers.

04-08-2010, 01:03 PM
She looks like TSHANI [entm season 5] INSPIRED! hehehehe!

04-08-2010, 07:52 PM
The rest of the episode is soon!

Meanwhile, Turbo has finished the Cycle 1 wiki page: http://rtvgames.com/w/index.php/Beautiful%27s_Next_Top_Model,_Cycle_1