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07-27-2010, 01:01 AM
Kris: Beautiful's Next Top Model is back and this time we're giving 14 past contestants a 2nd chance at their dream. 1 of them will walk away with a contract with Beautiful Models, a contract with Revlon and the cover of Model magazine. And for the 1st time in Beautiful's Next Top Model history the public will determine their winner! Did your favorite make the cut?

Age: 22
Location: Washington (Originally France)
Original Cycle: 3
Bio: Adrienne competed with her twin sister Symone in Cycle 3. Despite her gorgeous look, Adrienne was sent home in week 3 for not showing enough growth in her photos. Since her elimination she and her sister have continued to take care of their terminally ill mother.

Age: 21
Location: Colorado
Original Cycle: 3
Bio: When Amy 1st auditioned for Cycle 3 she had little confidence that she would make it as a finalist. Unfortunately that lack of confidence showed in her photo and she became the 1st girl to be sent home. Her confidence has grown but does she have what it takes to beat out the others?

Age: 19
Location: Oklahoma
Original Cycle: 1
Bio: Ashley competed on the 1st ever cycle of Beautiful's Next Top Model. Her rebellious attitude and continuous clashes with fellow contestant Anna-Sophia immediately caught attention. Ashley was ousted in the final 4 but now she says she's back to take what's hers.

Age: 22
Location: California (Originally Costa Rica)
Original Cycle: 10
Bio: Juanita proved herself to be a serious contender in Cycle 10 continually producing gorgeous photos. Sadly she failed to impress the go see designers and was eliminated in the final 5. Juanita is determined to make the most of her 2nd chance and provide a better life for her family.

Age: 19
Location: Massachusetts
Original Cycle: 3
Bio: Mei captivated the public with her endearing personality and beautiful photos in Cycle 3. Due to a declining performance she was eliminated in 5th place. Mei returned home to live with her family but is ready for her 2nd shot at the title.

Age: 20
Location: Washington
Original Cycle: 7
Bio: Mekenna stood out with her gorgeous face and captivating eyes in Cycle 7. Before the revealing of the international destination Mekenna was sent home in a double elimination just missing out on the trip. Can this sorority girl come back and win it all?

Age: 20
Location: Texas
Original Cycle: 4
Bio: Mena's sexy demeanor and dancing background seemed like it would give her a leg up in Cycle 4. Ultimately her overly sexy photo proved to be the cause of her elimination and Mena was the 1st contestant to be sent home. Mena wants to redeem herself and prove that she has what it takes to become Beautiful's Next Top Model.

Age: 20
Location: Oregon
Original Cycle: 4
Bio: Monica's stunning face and abrasive personality couldn't be overlooked in Cycle 4. She had a strong start to the competition but unfortunately began to decline and was eliminated in the top 5. "I know I can do much better than I did in Cycle 5 and this is my chance to show that."

Age: 20
Location: Nevada
Original Cycle: 8
Bio: Sarah entered Cycle 8 as a showgirl from Las Vegas looking for her big break in the fashion industry. Sarah was eliminated in week 6 for relying on just pretty pictures to get her by. Sarah says she knows what she needs to work on and is ready for her 2nd chance.

Age: 21
Location: New Jersey
Original Cycle: 2
Bio: Shauna was deemed the modelesque girl next door in Cycle 2. Though she had taken some strong pictures Shauna was sent home in the final 9 for not taking risks at the photo shoot. "You don't get a lot of 2nd chances in life so I really want to make the most of mine. No more playing it safe."

Age: 18
Location: Louisiana
Original Cycle: 6
Bio: Tasha was known in Cycle 6 for speaking her mind and not caring what others thought of it. "I don't sugarcoat things. I tell it like it is and more people should be like that." Tasha was eliminated in the final 7 just missing out on the overseas trip.

Age: 22
Location: Kansas
Original Cycle: 4
Bio: Tiffany competed in Cycle 4 where she was known for her laid back and chilled personality. Tiffany was eliminated during week 8 for her middle of the road performance throughout the competition. Tiffany hopes her edgy, high fashion look will stand out and help her go further.

Age: 21
Location: New York
Original Cycle: 10
Bio: Yay-Yay could not be overlooked in Cycle 10 due to her larger than life personality and ongoing confrontations with fellow contestants. "I don't let people walk all over me. I never have and never will." Yay-Yay made the final 3 but was eliminated right before the final fashion show.

Age: 19
Location: Louisiana
Original Cycle: 8
Bio: Zen became known in Cycle 8 as the lovable and striking beauty with a fascination for death and horror movies. Sadly Zen was cut in the final 3 which came as a shock to many viewers. "My friends told me that my elimination was more shocking than finding out that Jason Voorhees' mother was the killer in the original Friday the 13th. That's pretty cool."


Kris: All of them are getting a 2nd chance but only 1 of them will walk away with the title of Beautiful's Next Top Model: All Stars!

Distorted Asylum
07-27-2010, 01:06 AM

Mena, Amy, Tasha, Tiffany, Monica, Ashley :surrender :love

Most of these girls look fantastic!

Mekenna looks pedestrian though IMHO. Not feeling her.

07-27-2010, 01:07 AM
Stunning :smitten

And you learned how to trace, right? Can't wait to see the photos this cycle :)

07-27-2010, 01:09 AM
Yes I learned to trace!! Much easier than I thought it would be.

07-27-2010, 01:26 AM
Mena, Monica, and Zen are stunning.

07-27-2010, 04:38 AM

07-27-2010, 06:05 AM
I think add ages becAuse their not same as cycle do need help with that

07-27-2010, 07:35 AM
Stun-ning BB! You learned how to trace! :smitten

Amy, Juanita, Mei, Mekenna, Monica, Sarah, Shauna, Yay-Yay, Zen :cheer

07-27-2010, 08:23 AM
Great an all-star cycle :yay :love

07-27-2010, 08:29 AM
I think add ages becAuse their not same as cycle do need help with that

Girls who were on a cycle in 2009 were aged up a year. Girls who were in a 2010 cycle stayed the same.

07-27-2010, 11:25 AM
My favorites are Ashley, Mei, Mekenna, Sarah, Yay-Yay, and Zen :love

07-27-2010, 11:49 AM
Juanita/Mei/Mekenna/Monica/Sarah/Zen for the win!

07-27-2010, 01:09 PM
Juanita, Mekenna, Sarah, Tasha and Tiffany are my favourites.
I really like Ashley, Mena, Yay Yay and Zen too!

07-27-2010, 05:12 PM
I never noticed how many of the girls look alike.
Monica FTW.

07-27-2010, 06:06 PM
Juanita~ :cheer

07-27-2010, 06:33 PM

07-27-2010, 07:56 PM
zen ftw! :woo

07-28-2010, 12:37 AM
Mekenna, Ashley and Shauna FTW :surrender

and OMG, your traced poses look awesome <3

07-30-2010, 06:33 AM

The contestants arrive at their new home.

Mekenna Confessional: I am so excited to be back and competing again for the title of Beautiful's Next Top Model. Modelling is all I've ever dreamed of and to get another shot at my dream is amazing.

Sarah Confessional: When I was told that Beautiful's Next Top Model was having an All Star cycle I couldn't even believe it. I was like, sign me up. I'll be there!

The girls run inside to look around and pick out their beds.

Ashley: This house is sweet!!
Confessional: I competed in Cycle 1 of Beautiful's Next Top Model. I clashed a lot with a couple of the contestants and I don't feel like I was mature enough to handle the competition at that point. Now that I'm being given another chance at this I'm not going to let anything stand in my way.

Shauna: I know! I can't believe we actually get to stay here.

Mena enters a room with Juanita and Tiffany.

Mena: Hi guys. Mind if I stay in here?

Juanita: Not at all. I'm Juanita.

Mena: Yes I know. Nice to meet you. I'm Mena.

Tiffany: And I'm Tiffany.

Mena Confessional: It's not every day that you're just given another opportunity to prove yourself so I'm definitely going to make the most of this. I've been working hard since my elimination to get a modelling contract and it hasn't worked out. I really want this to be my chance to shine.

The girls go into the kitchen for drinks and food.

Amy: A toast to us, the all stars!

Tasha: This is crazy!

Yay-Yay: Well there's only going to be 1 winner. I guess we'll see who's the best of the best.

Zen Confessional: When I 1st saw that Yay-Yay was in the house I got a little nervous. She was like the Freddy Krueger of Cycle 10 so I'll definitely be watching out for her. Good thing I brought my crucifix so I can fend her off. :giggle

Adrienne finds the Kris Mail.

Adrienne: The Kris Mail's here!

-Welcome back to the competition girls! This is your 2nd chance to prove that you are a top model, not a mall girl. Love Kris.-

Mekenna: I'm so excited!! I haven't done a photo shoot in forever.

Mei: I'm kind of nervous actually.

07-30-2010, 06:39 AM

Kris: Hi ladies! It's great to have all of you back competing for your 2nd chance at the title. 1 of you will win a contract with Beautiful Models, a contract with Revlon and the cover of Model magazine. This week you were all divided into groups. 3 groups of 4 and 1 group of 2. You were posing as friends shopping in the mall. Since you girls have all been here before you will not have it as easy as usual. You girls know what is expected in this competition. For that reason tonight not 1, not 2, not 3 but 4 of you will be heading home. That will leave only 10 girls vying for the win. Now let's see how you did at the shoot.

Yay-Yay I think you look very sexy and in control. Your pose has personality to it and is confident. Mena you have a gorgeous face and your pose is cute. Tasha you look so adorable and beautiful here. You have such a doll like face. Adrienne I like the shape to your body and your face looks gorgeous.

Shauna you look so chic and beautiful. There's a quiet confidence in your pose and I like your pose. Zen you have great legs and I'm so intrigued by your unique beauty. Amy you look very pretty but the pose is perhaps a bit bland. Ashley you look so confident and in control of the shot. Your eyes are connecting very well.

Juanita I think your pose is excellent. I like the way you've slanted your body and your face is very gorgeous. Monica I like your cool and calm pose. It's simple and has attitude. Your face looks really sexy as well.

Mei you have a very soft and pretty face and your pose is nice and simple. Sarah you have such a stunning face and a nice sexiness about you. Mekenna I love your sophisticated and chic pose here. Your face looks lovely also. Tiffany I love the confidence and the sexiness in your pose. You look very in control and your face looks great.

Kris: When I call you back I will reveal the 4 of you who will be going home.

07-30-2010, 06:45 AM
Kris: The 14 of you are standing in front of me but only 10 girls can move on. If your name is not called you must pack up and head home. The 1st girl who is advancing to next week is..................................

Juanita. You did a great job.









There are 5 of you left but only 4 photos in my hand. I will now critique you individually.

Adrienne, you are a stunning girl. However I feel like your look may be a little 1 note.

Amy, you are very pretty. What I didn't see in your shot this week was personality or any sense of memorability.

Mei, I think you are such a beautiful young lady. Your photo this week was ok but not outstanding.

Mena, you are absolutely gorgeous but are you maybe just a pretty face?

Sarah, you have a natural sexiness and confidence on camera. However are you too sexy and not modelesque enough?

1 of you are staying. The rest will be going home.

Sarah. The sexiness is great but also prove that you can be a high fashion model as well.

I am so sorry to the rest of you but you are eliminated from the competition. Thanks.

The eliminated girls hug the others and exit the room.


Adrienne: It's hard to accept being eliminated for the 2nd time. I really wanted this to be my victorious 2nd chance but it looks like I'm going back home. I can't let 2 rejections stop me from pursuing my dream though. It will come true some how.


Amy: I'm in such disbelief right now. This was supposed to be my chance to come back and win it but I'm going home once again. At least I can say I was lucky enough to be brought back and given another opportunity. That doesn't happen much in life.


Mei: It's very saddening to have to leave and go home. I really wanted to win but it didn't work out that way so I'm ok with it. Even though it hurts you have to pick up and keep going. Life goes on and you have to go on with it.


Mena: I really wanted to get another chance to prove myself. I thought I did a great job on the photo shoot but I guess I didn't stand out and shine like a true model. I've been working hard to get a modelling contract and I'll continue to work hard.


07-30-2010, 07:09 AM
correct eliminations but i liked Amy's shot :lol

07-30-2010, 07:29 AM
I did too. She should not have went home. ):

Distorted Asylum
07-30-2010, 07:31 AM
Not cool @ sending 4 home D:

07-30-2010, 09:01 AM
Mei should have stayed IMO.

07-30-2010, 09:06 AM
OIC @ the AusNTM twist :hand

07-30-2010, 10:54 AM
Aw, sad for Mena D: Do you need help with makeovers? :smitten

07-30-2010, 10:57 AM
:yay Juanita, go juanita! :cheer

07-30-2010, 11:12 AM
werque, my top three are still there :love

07-30-2010, 01:07 PM
I would've liked to have seen Mena develop but other than her, I am pleased with who went.

07-30-2010, 04:21 PM
EW @ Amy going first. AGAIN. :cry :cry Juanita, Mekenna, Monica, Sarah, Shauna, Yay-Yay, Zen :cheer

07-31-2010, 02:46 AM
Soem of girls did awesome job :D! Looking forward to their another acts :love

07-31-2010, 10:13 AM
I want to tell you guys that there will be a big twist this cycle. Some will hate it and others will like it. It will definitely make for a more competitive and heart racing cycle. It will be only for this cycle though.

07-31-2010, 10:57 AM
WERKKK @ Juanita getting FCO. :cheer

07-31-2010, 12:30 PM
Someone's getting brought back?

07-31-2010, 12:48 PM
New poeple

07-31-2010, 12:50 PM
I hope it's Annie or Melissa. :smitten

08-01-2010, 07:06 PM
OIC @ the AusNTM twist :hand

This. I hate when people try to make up for not being online by eliminating more contestants to speed things up.

08-01-2010, 07:17 PM
This. I hate when people try to make up for not being online by eliminating more contestants to speed things up.

Wow, rude. :hand

08-01-2010, 11:33 PM
This. I hate when people try to make up for not being online by eliminating more contestants to speed things up.

This has had twelve cycles, btw. If you do not like it, GTFO.

08-01-2010, 11:41 PM
Can't wait for makeovers to be revealed! :smitten

08-02-2010, 12:40 PM
This. I hate when people try to make up for not being online by eliminating more contestants to speed things up.
Thank you for your comment BBjane/Tigerlily/OutlandishWhore/MilaJ/MadBitch/rtvgbaby09!! :flower

Makeovers will be revealed today!!! LaChunk helped out so much with them and they look great!

08-03-2010, 10:08 PM
Can't wait!

08-03-2010, 11:02 PM
It's so weird 'cause we have saw some of them getting makeovers already. :lol

08-08-2010, 09:54 AM

The 10 remaining girls return home from elimination.

Shauna: Wow! Who was expecting 4 girls to go home?

Ashley: That was insane. I didn't see it coming at all.

Monica: There's a lot more expected of us this time around. We've all been here before so we should know to give it all or nothing.
Confessional: Being cut in Cycle 4 really hit me hard because I wanted it so bad and to have it taken away was just unbearable. I have a 2nd chance now and if I don't make the most of it then I might as well say goodbye to my dreams and I will not do that. I'm here to win.

Sarah and Tiffany are in the kitchen talking.

Sarah: I'm quite surprised that I'm still here to be honest. I thought 1 of the other girls were going to stay over me.

Tiffany: It's tough competition this year but you totally deserve to be here. We all earned our spot here because we worked our ***es off in our 1st cycle.

Sarah Confessional: Being in the bottom 5 last week really made me realize that I'm going to have to step up my game if I want to win this. This isn't just an average cycle. This a cycle filled of past contestants who had a strong shot at winning their cycle so I'm going to have to put my best effort in every week.

Tasha finds the Kris Mail.

Tasha: Kris Mail!

-There will be many changes this cycle but are you ready for your own personal changes? Love Kris.-

Mekenna: It's makeovers!!!

Shauna: Oh my god I can't wait!