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09-30-2010, 12:30 AM
Kris: 13 cycles have come and gone. Now we're embarking on an entirely new journey into finding Beautiful's Next Top Model. Girls from all across America tried out but only 14 were selected to come to Los Angeles for their shot at the title. And this year the stakes are higher than ever!! This year's winner will receive a contract with top modelling agency Ford Models, a contract with Revlon and the cover of Model magazine. The talent was so strong this cycle so I simply couldn't do it alone. Top fashion designer, Nancy Holden has been added to the judging panel and be warned, she does not beat around the bush. You know what's at stake now. Meet the Divas in Black!!

Age: 19
Location: Oregon
Occupation: Art Student
Height: 5'9"
Bio: Alivia is an art student who comes with her own sense of personal style. "I've never been 1 to follow the trends of what's in or what's out. I wear what I like and that's that." Alivia has wanted to model her entire life but never saw herself auditioning for Beautiful's Next Top Model. "I'm strongly against the commercialization of art and fashion but I heard the show was going in a new direction so I thought, why not?"

Age: 18
Location: Minnesota
Occupation: High School Student
Height: 5'8.5"
Bio: Beth was raised by her grandparents on a farm in rural Minnesota. A socially awkward girl, Beth doesn't have many friends at school and says her main companions are her grandparent's farm animals. "I can talk to them and they don't respond back with laughter or looking at me like I'm different. I'm definitely going to miss my animals." Beth doesn't have much knowledge of fashion or modelling but is desperate to learn. "I've always wanted to be a model. I want people to look at me and say, oh she's so gorgeous. I want to be like her!"

Age: 18
Location: Iowa
Occupation: Waitress
Height: 5'9"
Bio: Danielle dropped out of high school at 16 to move in with her now ex-boyfriend. "I was young and dumb and thought I was in love. It was just an absolute mess and I ended up getting pregnant a month after I move in with him." Being a parent at 16 forced Danielle to grow up fast. "I realized it wasn't just about me anymore. I have a baby now and it's time to put my big girl pants on." Danielle now works as a waitress earning minimum wage to help support her son. She hopes this competition will give her and her child a better life.

Age: 19
Location: California (Originally Mexico)
Occupation: Unemployed
Bio: Esmerelda was born to a lower class family in the slums of Mexico. Growing up she never felt loved by her parents who never seemed interested in getting to know her. "I had a very lonely childhood. I just remember feeling sad all of the time and not having anyone to go to with problems." Her family moved to California when Esmerelda was 15. Last year Esmerelda was in a mentally and physically abusive relationship. Scarred from the relationship Esmerelda decided to shave her head. "I went into the bathroom and began shaving all of my hair off. I could only get 1 side done because I just broke down before I could do it all." Esmerelda is coming into this competition to start a new life. Can she handle the pressure?

Age: 18
Location: Illinois
Occupation: Student
Height: 5'9.5"
Bio: Born to a Russian father and an Asian mother, Fiona was always teased for her looks in school. "The bullying made me feel terrible inside. I would always think to myself, why can't I be beautiful?" Fiona has grown up with the hopes of becoming a model but never thought it could become a reality. "I did some research and realized that the modelling business loves interesting looking girls. That was what encouraged me to try out and I'm so happy that I did."

Age: 18
Location: New York
Occupation: Student
Height: 5'10"
Bio: Jade is a college student who claims she can speak to spirits from beyond the grave. "People think I'm insane but I have the gift of communicating psychically with spirits." Jade has practiced Wicca throughout her teenage years and is worried about how the others will respond to her religion. "People can very judgemental so I'm a little nervous to see how the other girls will react to me."

Age: 20
Location: California
Occupation: Cashier/Student
Height: 5'11"
Bio: Julie was raised in a middle class family in suburban California. She has always aspired to become a model and even won a local modelling competition in her community. "It was just a little community competition. Nothing big at all. But it did get me to thinking, maybe I can become a model." Julie works as a cashier and attends school full time but is now ready to chase after her dreams of becoming a model. "You only live once and I better go after my dream while I still can."

Age: 21
Location: Colorado
Occupation: Unemployed
Height: 6'1"
Bio: Growing up Kirsty was always teased about her height. "You couldn't go anywhere without someone staring at you or asking how tall you were. It sort of made me feel insecure." Kirsty played basketball in high school where she finally began to feel some acceptance. "I was like, why not join the basketball team? They're all tall and lanky so I'll fit right in." Kirsty was scouted for the show in a local diner and couldn't believe her ears. "Me? A model? Are you kidding?"

Age: 22
Location: Pennsylvania
Occupation: Dental Assistant
Height: 5'10"
Bio: Becoming a model was always an aspiration of Liu's. "I would always say to myself, you're going to become a model. Then I wound up going to college and becoming a dental assistant so my dreams sort of slipped away." Liu finally decided that she had to take a chance of pursue her passion. "It's always been a passion of mine and I can't believe I'm here actually doing it."

Age: 21
Location: Florida
Occupation: Boutique Sales Clerk
Height: 5'11"
Bio: Melina has been struggling to become a model since she was 18 years old. "I busted my butt trying to get signed to an agency and I never had any luck. I would always get told no or it would end up being a fake modelling agency trying to scam me. So I gave up." Melina has been working as a sales clerk for the past year and hadn't given modelling a 2nd thought. "I found out that Top Model auditions were coming to Orlando so I thought, why not just give it 1 more shot. It was the best decision I could have ever made." Although Melina is happy to have made it this far the fear or rejection still rings in the back of her mind. "You get so hurt in this industry and if I get turned down again there's no going back for me."

Age: 18
Location: Wisconsin
Occupation: Student/Street Preacher
Height: 5'8.5"
Bio: Rai is an outspoken and quirky girl who marches to the beat of her own drum. "I'm an individual! I don't want to be like anybody else. Who I am is me!" Rai grew up in a household where religion was always important. "There was absolutely no excuse for missing church when I was a kid. No excuse. If your legs were broken you crawled there. You didn't miss no church!" Rai now street preaches on the weekends and wants to spread the word of God to the fashion industry. "I'm for Jesus Christ and I will do whatever he wants me to do! He wants me to spread His word."

Age: 23
Location: New York
Occupation: Ticket Taker
Height: 6'0"
Bio: Regina currently resides in New York where she shares an apartment with her girlfriend of 6 months. "I came out as a lesbian very early in life. I always knew I was different and thankfully my family supported me." Regina works as a ticket taker at a cinema where she learned about the auditions for Cycle 14. "A friend told me they were having auditions just a few blocks down and I was hesitant at 1st. Finally I decided to go and I was the last person to be seen that day and they almost didn't let me in." Regina is ready to dive into the fashion world and says that the competition should watch out.

Age: 18
Location: New Mexico
Occupation: Student
Height: 5'9"
Bio: Rubi lives in a poor neighborhood in downtown New Mexico. "Nobody from my community has ever made it. I want to be the 1st one." Rubi hates school and is ready to break free and follow her dreams. "I want to get out of my neighborhood and begin a new life and have some security. Modelling is 1 of the quickest ways to do that." Rubi is determined but can she stand the heat of the competition?

Age: 20
Location: New Jersey
Occupation: Aspiring Model
Height: 5'10"
Bio: Tatyana is an single mom from New Jersey who has been struggling to get her life back together after having her 2 children removed from her custody. "I had a really bad addiction to narcotic drugs and 1 of my family members reported it and my children were removed from my custody. I went to rehabilitation and got clean and now I'm looking for a fresh start." Tatyana's children were placed into their grandmother's custody. "Those kids are my life and I don't want to give them any less than what they deserve. If I win this competition I will be able to get my babies back and give them the best of everything."

Kris: Prepare for a cycle of Beautiful's Next Top Model like no other! Are you ready? Let's get started!!

Kirsty-Distorted Asylum

Thanks to Turbulence for his expansion pack.

09-30-2010, 01:04 AM
Kirsty is stunning :love

09-30-2010, 01:09 AM
amazing cast...
kristy, julie, esmeralda:love

09-30-2010, 02:05 AM
Fiona! Oh man, I'm in love.

09-30-2010, 02:21 AM

:lol @ Jade... shes unique~ . Maybe a little too unique :lol

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You don't get bre

09-30-2010, 04:01 AM
I. Feel upset you don't get brezc

09-30-2010, 05:29 AM
Fiona <3

09-30-2010, 07:46 AM
Jade will cast a spirit on you b!tches. :lips

09-30-2010, 08:24 AM
danielle, julie, rai & rubi <3

09-30-2010, 11:47 AM
Alivia, Beth, Fiona, Kirsty, Melina, Rai, Regina, Rubi, Tatyana :smitten

09-30-2010, 12:23 PM
I try again next cyle

09-30-2010, 02:50 PM
Danielle, Melina and Regina <3

09-30-2010, 03:59 PM
Rai ftw :lips

09-30-2010, 06:15 PM
i just try make bre goth she will back next season but rember send stuff you

09-30-2010, 06:36 PM
Julie <3

09-30-2010, 09:22 PM
Fiona, Julie, Liu, and Tatyana for the win!

A lot of these girls need to be on ENTM!

09-30-2010, 09:27 PM
Fiona looks so different from when i sent her to you :love. You made her look amazing beautiful!


09-30-2010, 11:02 PM
Fiona looks so different from when i sent her to you :love. You made her look amazing beautiful!

Thanks. I tried to keep her high fashion look and adapt it to the new version of her.

Fiona, Julie, Liu, and Tatyana for the win!

A lot of these girls need to be on ENTM!
I sadly do not have time to play on E.N.T.M but if anyone wants to use any girl that I made from any cycle they can. If you want to use a submitted girl you will have to talk to their creator.

09-30-2010, 11:42 PM

A line of black limousines are heading down the street. Each limo is carrying 1 contestant and is heading to the new model house in Los Angeles.

Melina Confessional: My name is Melina and I am a sales clerk at a clothing boutique. I have been trying very hard to begin my modelling career over the past few years but I haven't really had any luck up until now. Hopefully this will give me the big break that I've been waiting for.

Beth Confessional: I could feel the butterflies in my stomach as I was riding in the back of that limo. I've never been away from my small little town so coming to L.A. is going to be a huge change for me.

The limos turn into the driveway of a large mansion. The jaws of the girls literally drop as they see their new home for the 1st time.


Kirsty Confessional: The car started pulling in the driveway of this humongous house and I was like, are you kidding me? This is where I'll be staying? It's bigger than 15 of my houses combined.

The limos come to a stop. The drivers get out to open the car doors for the girls. 1 driver hands the keys to the house to a contestant and everyone takes off running towards the front door.

Tatyana: Oh my god look at this place!!

Alivia: Holy ****!! :lol

Tatyana Confessional: The outside of the house is gorgeous but I literally flipped when I saw the inside. It's so beautifully decorated and there's pictures of models hanging up everywhere. It's like something out of a dream.

The girls split up to choose their bedrooms and continue exploring the house.

Danielle: I call this bed!!

Fiona: Do you mind if I have the 1 beside you?

Danielle: No not at all. It's free choice.

Fiona: Thank you.

Fiona sits her bags down and begins to unpack.

Fiona Confessional: I always wanted to model but I never really thought there was a place for me in this business. Now that I'm here I really want to make the most of my opportunity and do my best.

Danielle Confessional: Fiona seems very quiet. I noticed that she's very calm and very polite. I don't know if that will completely work for her in this competition because a top model has to have personality. I have a 2 year old son back at home who I have to provide for so I think I have a lot more drive and determination than a lot of the girls here.

Night falls and many of the girls go outside to lounge in the pool.

Julie: How many of you have a boyfriend back at home?

Liu: I do. I felt so bad leaving him. He was like, call me every chance you get. :lol

Regina: I have a girlfriend back home. Does that count?

Danielle: Oh you're a lesbian?

Regina: Yep. We've been together for almost half a year now.
Confessional: Being the only lesbian in the house does give me even more of a drive to want to win. There hasn't been an openly gay winner of Beautiful's Next Top Model before and I would like to be the 1st one.

Rai looks down as Regina talks about her sexuality.

Rai Confessional: I'm a very religious and spiritual person. It is kind of weird for me living with a lesbian because the Bible calls it an abomination and it seems very unnatural to me. I'm here to not only model but also spread the word of God to everyone here.

Esmerelda: I'm just really excited that we have the opportunity to be signed with Ford Models this year. That's a huge agency.

Rubi: Man I'm just glad to be out of New Mexico. I'm tired of living in the hood. I want to big you know? Big house, nice car, not having to worry about money anymore. That's what it's about for me.

Melina rolls her eyes to the side after Rubi's statement.

Melina Confessional: I think Rubi is here for more of a financial reason rather than being here because she truly has a passion for modelling. I've been waiting for my opportunity for years now and it makes me a little upset to see that some girls aren't here for the same reasons that I am.

Everyone heads to bed. The next morning Jade discovers the Kris Mail.

Jade: Wake up everybody! Kris Mail!!

-Welcome to the competition ladies. The stakes are high this year and the competition won't be a walk in the breeze. Love Kris.-

Jamie: I'm nervous.

Liu: Not me! I'm ready to dive right in.

10-01-2010, 12:26 AM

Kris: Hi girls! Welcome to your 1st week of judging. As you all know Beautiful's Next Top Model is undergoing huge changes this cycle. This year it's not just about impressing me. So please say hello to your newest jude, Nancy Holden!!
Nancy: Greetings ladies.

Girls: Whoooo!!!

Kris: Miss Nancy Holden is a noted fashion designer whose designs have been worn by some of the biggest models in the business including yours truly. So your 1st photo shoot had you all walking through a lovely flowered forest. Let's see how it went!

Kris: You have such big, lovely features that really pop and I'm so intrigued by your face here.
Nancy: I think you have a very high fashion look and I'm impressed that you were able to command the photo even though your face and pose are fairly simple.

Nancy: You look gorgeous in this picture. You really do. I'm just baffled as to why you would show up to judging looking like a busted librarian.
Kris: I see a complete diamond in the rough. The girl I see standing before me and the girl in this picture are like 2 different people. A lovely shot but work on your presentation.

Nancy: It looks like you're trying way too hard in this picture. It's all so contrived. The pose looks so stiff and forced.
Kris: I have to agree. It doesn't feel natural. You're a beautiful girl but this shot of you doesn't work I'm afraid.

Kris: I think it's a great shot. You look so strong and confident. I love your strong movement here.
Nancy: I love your face. The pose isn't completely doing it for me however. I have a question. Why is 1 half of your head shaved and the other isn't?
Esmerelda: *tears up* I was in a very abusive relationship and it drove me to do this to myself. I just couldn't finish shaving it off.
Kris: Thanks Esmerelda.

Nancy: Fierce honey!! Now we're talking. This is what a high fashion working model looks like.
Kris: This photo is truly stunning Fiona. The simplicity of your pose mixed with your confident expression is magnificent.

Kris: I love your look. I think it's so different and unique. This photo is good but I think you have it in you to do much better.
Nancy: The pose is just so awkward for me. You have a face that stands out but I'm not inspired by this shot at all.

Kris: Beautiful face! You have such captivating eyes. I like the flirtiness of the pose as well.
Nancy: We have a living Barbie doll right in front of us don't we? You're a gorgeous girl and I really like this picture. A fine job.
Julie: *smiles* Thank you guys.

Nancy: You're so tall and so damn beautiful in the face. This is a very strong shot but I feel that with your look you could do even better.
Kris: I think this photo is wonderful! I really do. You have such striking features and I like the subtle sexiness you brought. Excellent job.

Kris: I'm a big fan of your look Liu. I feel that this photo is a little too much on the safe side but you definitely look beautiful.
Nancy: There's absolutely no life in your eyes and you're not bringing anything from within in this shot. You could be a mannequin here and I would never know the difference.

Nancy: You're a very beautiful girl and I could see you doing really well in the European fashion market. I'm just going to warn you though, watch your sexiness. You can see a little hint of hooch in this photo and the furthest you will get with that is the cover of Hustler.
Kris: I love your face. It's so incredibly gorgeous. I really like the curves to your body here and the pose is interesting.

Kris: I think your face looks great here. You have those big blue eyes that I'm so drawn to. I like the feminine pose too. It's flirty and cute.
Nancy: I disagree. I think your face looks average here and that pose quite frankly makes you look fat and stubby. It's just a really mediocre shot for me.

Nancy: Yawn!! What is this? I just want to shake you right now and say, wake up! You are so modelesque and so stunning but in this picture you are doing absolutely nothing. It's like you're just standing there thinking, what do I do now?
Kris: I have to agree sadly. Regina you are such an edgy girl but you are just resting on pretty here. There's no life or personality in your pose at all. No emotion in your face or anything.
Regina: I'm sorry. I know I can do a hell of a lot better than that.

Kris: The softness and the subtlety of your pose is actually quite nice. I'm just not feeling that same warmth in your face. It looks very hard.
Nancy: For me this shot is downright awful. The pose and the face don't go together at all and you look like you have been up for 72 hours straight.
Rubi: You guys didn't choose my best shot though.
Kris: As a model you will never be 100 percent happy with the shot that is chosen. Take our critique and learn from it.

Nancy: It's definitely a nice picture. Your pose is very feminine and dainty. As beautiful as your face is here I'm now wowed by it. I feel that you could have done more.
Kris: I think it's really beautiful. You look so gorgeous and free here. The pose and face are great in my opinion.

Kris: Ok girls. I must now ask you all to please wait outside while Nancy and I deliberate. When I call you back someone will be sent home.

10-01-2010, 12:58 AM
Kris: 14 girls are standing in front of me but I only have 13 photos in my hand. If I do not call your name you must pack your bags and head home. The 1st name I will call this week is........................

Fiona!! Your photo was stunning this week. You looked like a true top model.












Will Danielle and Rubi please step forward?

Danielle, you have gorgeous bone structure and very quirky features. This week we felt that your pose seemed very forced and it didn't look natural. You have these naturally beautiful features. You don't need to push so hard to get a good shot.

Rubi, such a strong face. However this week it was a bit too strong and hard. It didn't work with your soft, subtle pose and on top of that you made excuses by telling us that we didn't select your strongest photo. Blame is not a game we play in the fashion business.

So who goes home?

Danielle. You're naturally beautiful. You don't have to do so much. Pull it back a little.

Danielle: Thank you for the 2nd chance.

Kris: Thanks Rubi.

Rubi: It's been fun. Thanks. Bye you guys.


Rubi: It really sucks to be the 1st girl to be sent home. I wasn't trying to make excuses but I honestly don't feel that my best picture was chosen for judging. Regardless I had fun while it lasted and maybe 1 day I'll get another opportunity like this.


10-01-2010, 04:42 AM
i dont mind the elimination.

loving Julie so effing much :drool

sweetened angel
10-01-2010, 02:35 PM
i love your fan-fic not same thing what they did on youtube way too much fight and cuss. you did best so far here. :) i happy danielle safe.

10-01-2010, 02:36 PM
Alivia and Jade FTW!

PS: If Jade's makeover is durastic, I'll probably be pissed. :lol Maybe just eyebrows bleached and a little longer.

10-01-2010, 04:22 PM
TBH. Rai had an amazing shot :cry

10-01-2010, 07:12 PM
Not too upset with the elimination. I'm just glad my girl wasn't the first cut this time.

Esmeralda/Julie/Kirsty/Melina for the win.

10-01-2010, 08:24 PM
Kirsty ftw :yay

10-01-2010, 09:12 PM
Yay! :yay. Fiona got FCO :yay.

I'm proud of her.

10-01-2010, 09:45 PM

The 13 remaining contestants return back at the house. Fiona's photo is displayed on the wall as digital art.

Liu: Congratulations Fiona. Your photo's awesome!

Fiona gives a subtle smile and tucks her hair behind her ears.

Fiona: Thank you.

Tatyana Confessional: When I saw Fiona's picture last week I was like, damn! It was absolutely gorgeous. I wasn't expecting her to do so well because at the house she's so quiet and reserved but you see her in a photo and it's like a whole new person.

There is a knock at the door. Melina goes to answer it and sees Nancy standing on the other side.

Nancy: Hello hello!!

Melina: Oh my god!! Nancy's here guys!!

Everyone runs into the living room.

Nancy: So how's everybody doing?

Girls: Fine!

Nancy: Well today I'm here to tell you a little bit about myself and also evaluate your runway walks.

Danielle Confessional: It was so cool to have Nancy come in our house and tell us about herself. I was in the bottom 2 last week so my goal is to impress her this week so I don't wind up their again.

Nancy: I began designing my own line of clothing almost 15 years ago. My designs have been worn by many famous models and Karl Lagerfeld and I even collaborated our designs in a Spring fashion show a few years back. Regardless of what you might think I didn't become big over night. It took a lot of patience and tons of rejection but I finally found my place in the industry. Don't come into this competition thinking it's going to be a straight shot into the business because you'll be disappointed. It will give you a head start but you still have to put that work in to get to where you want to be. So now I want to see what you girls have to deliver in terms of runway walks. I'll give you some pointers on what you need to work on and all that jazz. So follow me.

The girls are taken outside to the pool area.

Jade Confessional: I'm a little nervous for the runway challenge because I've been told before that my walk is a bit awkward. So yeah..... kind of worried about that.

Nancy: Remember girls, I'm a designer so I see hundreds of models a week. Some are good, some aren't. There's nothing you can do that I haven't seen before. So don't get nervous or it will affect your walk tremendously. Who wants to go 1st?

Liu raises her hand.

Nancy: Alright Liu. Let's see it!

Liu Confessional: So I volunteer myself to go 1st which was a risky thing to do because you haven't heard anyone elses critique so you don't have the chance to learn from the other girls' mistakes. I just didn't want to make a fool of myself in front of Nancy.

Liu walks down the pool area. She strikes a very over the top pose at the end.

Nancy: Not a bad walk but what the hell were you thinking with your pose? Your goal is to sell the dress you're modelling. If I saw a model do that I would never feel obligated to buy the garment she's wearing. Next!

Julie steps out and begins walking.

Julie Confessional: I did win an amateur modelling contest back in my hometown but it was nowhere near the magnitude of this competition. So I had some sense of security but a sense of doubt as well.

She keeps her hand on her side during her walk and thrusts out her hip at the end of her walk.

Nancy: Right now I'm seeing a Victoria's Secret model which isn't a bad thing but if you're ever going to make it in the world of high fashion you're going to have to edge your walk up a bit.

Danielle is the next girl to walk.

Danielle Confessional: I am a mom so I have a little boy back at home who I miss so much. I didn't leave him to come her just so I could turn around and go back where I came from. I'm here to win so I can give my child the life he needs and deserves.

During her walk Danielle struggles to keep good posture. Her pose at the end is very hesitant and unconfident.

Nancy: It doesn't matter how tall you are. If you walk around slouching, staring at the ground you're going to look like a short person. Confidence is key and it was lacking all around in your walk.

After everyone has a chance to walk Nancy addresses the group as a whole.

Nancy: Well today there were some strong walks and some bad walks. Remember that there is always room for improvement and no matter how good you are you can always be better. Take my advice, apply it and wow me the next time I see you. Thanks girls! Bye!

Girls: Bye!!

The girls go back inside where they find the Kris Mail.

-It's 1 thing to do well on your own but how will you do when you have to share the spotlight? Love Kris.-

Kirsty: A group photo shoot.

Regina Confessional: I didn't do so well last week. It's a new week now and a chance to start over so I'm going to try damn hard to impress the judges with my picture this time around.

10-01-2010, 10:25 PM

Kris: Hi ladies!! 13 of you now remain but after tonight's elimination 1 of you will be saying goodbye to the competition. On panel with me this week is your Model Mentor Nancy Holden who stopped by your house this week to give you all advice on your runway walks. So this week you all had to share the spotlight with a male model at your photo shoot. Let's see how it went.

Kris: I think it's a step up from last week. I'm still not wowed by it though. I'm not seeing a whole lot of confidence from you here.
Nancy: You are lacking so much in confidence at the moment. I saw it in your runway walk and I can see it in this photo. You need to get it together and believe in yourself.

Kris: Wow. This picture is absolutely stunning. I'm immediately drawn to you and I hardly even notice the male model. You command the photo.
Nancy: Check please!! I am so impressed with you and it's only the 2nd week. You have an elegance about yourself here and the confidence that a model needs.

Nancy: Now I'm starting to see some power coming from your expression. Last week was dull but in this photo I'm seeing more fire in your eyes.
Kris: I agree. You look powerful in this shot and you have a very strong connection with the camera.

Nancy: I'm not impressed. This looks like anything I would see in a Kohl's catalog or something. It doesn't remind me of an editorial fashion photo.
Kris: I think it's much better than a Kohl's catalog Julie. Your problem is that you're too commercial at the moment and you're going to have to find a way to fight against that.

Kris: You have a striking face and definitely a strong sexuality about yourself. I think that you could have brought a bit more of a romantic feel to it but I still like the shot.
Nancy: For me I think your face looks too cold and is not expressing a strong enough emotion. You're a beautiful girl but I want to see you do more than just deliver a good photo. Really surprise us!
Melina: Ok. Thank you.

Kris: This is a beautiful photo of you Beth. To me it looks like you're real couple and I feel a chemistry between the 2 of you.
Nancy: I agree. I have a question though. Have you ever been this close to a guy before?
Beth: No I haven't. *awkwardly smiles*
Nancy: Well it's a shame because you are 1 damn hot chick. Ok? So stop trying to work against it and embrace it. You come up in here looking like a school girl instead of a beautiful fashion model. We see it. You have to see it too.

Nancy: To me it looks like you don't want to be near him.
Alivia: Really? Hmm?
Nancy: Seriously. You look like you're being very stand offish towards him here. The photo's gorgeous, don't get me wrong but I don't see a connection with you and the guy.
Kris: You're a very straight up edgy model Alivia which is great. Just work on bringing more of a romantic side to your photos.

Kris: It's a beautiful shot. You have a very sexy face and I feel this subtle confidence from you that's not overstated.
Nancy: It's good. It isn't great. I would look at this and think, oh my god this photo is just amazing! It's sufficient but it's not taking you to that next level of being a supermodel.

Nancy: You look bloated. Your face looks lost. It's a complete train wreck in my eyes.
Kris: I don't know what you're seeing but I like this picture. She has a lovely face and a soft romanticism about herself here.
Nancy: Sorry. I disagree whole heartedly.

Kris: This is a nice shot Esmerelda. It's classy and regal. You look very elegant and the beauty of your face really shines through.
Nancy: I do agree that it's very classy and sophisticated. I just don't know if I would remember this if I saw it in a magazine. I'd probably say, oh that's nice, and turn the page. It's a good photo but not a stand out photo.

Nancy: I like the emotion on your face. There's a bit of sadness coming from your eyes that creates this sort of story within the photograph.
Kris: I think it's stunning as well. You have a really beautiful face and I think you're the star of this shot.

Kris: To me it's a nice, regal shot of you but not much more. I'm not drawn to you here and I don't feel any emotion coming from your face.
Nancy: It looks like you're working against the model as apposed to working with him. There's no warmth in your expression or emotion to the shot. It's a bland photo.

Nancy: Now this is an edgy high fashion model! You did a much more interesting pose and embraced your look. It's not the best photo in terms of working with the male model but it's a 1,000,000 times better than last week.
Kris: I love it. I'm captivated by your eyes and your pose is a very editorial 1. You stepped it up a lot this week.

Kris: Nancy and I will now deliberate and when I call you back I will reveal who is going home.

10-01-2010, 10:44 PM
Kris: 13 young ladies are in front of me but I only have 12 photos in my hand. If you do not receive your photo you must pack your things and head home. The 1st name I am going to call is.....................................

Fiona! Best photo for the 2nd week in a row! Congratulations.











Will Danielle and Liu please step forward?

Danielle, this is your 2nd time being in the bottom 2. You are a very pretty girl but we feel that you are lacking in confidence. Your walk was not on point this week and neither was your photo.

Liu, your photo this week was very dull and didn't convey any type of emotion. It was like a blank photograph. You have a very editorial look but if you don't do anything with it then it's just a waste.

So who is staying?

Liu. You have to start bringing more emotion and feeling to your pictures.

Liu: Oh my gosh thank you so much!

Kris: Thanks Danielle.

Danielle: Thank you for the opportunity. Rock this girls!!


Danielle: It's upsetting to be sent home but I can't sit here and dwell on it. This might just not be the right path for me but I know that there's something for me in this world. I'm definitely excited to see my little boy again. I've missed him like crazy and I know he's missed me.


10-01-2010, 10:55 PM
Can't wait for makeovers! New episode please :lips

10-02-2010, 05:31 AM
Hopefully after the makeovers Melina won't be getting the overly-sexy girl edit. :lol

10-02-2010, 11:11 AM
awwe Danielle was so pretty and awesome :cry

10-03-2010, 11:21 PM

The 12 remaining contestants return home from elimination.

Liu: Ugh! I can't believe I was in the freaking bottom 2 you guys. That was awful!

Melina Confessional: I don't think that Liu is as serious about this competition as I personally am. To me it just doesn't feel like she is trying her best to improve and get better as a model. It's like she's just along for the ride and isn't dead set on winning.

Liu Confessional: Being in the bottom 2 totally sucks. I was standing up there like, please call my name, please call my name! Luckily the judges see potential in me and gave me another chance. Let's hope I don't screw it up and that I'm able to rock the next photo shoot.

Fiona's photo is once again displayed on the wall as Photo of the Week. Some of the girls are standing around looking at it talking.

Tatyana: I can't take another week of Fiona having top photo guys. I just can't.

Regina: She is freaking killing this competition.

Kirsty Confessional: I'm not a big fan of Fiona. Her personality is just really strange for me and I can't see her as like this huge fashion model. Personally I don't get all the fuss over her.

Fiona Confessional: My photo was called 1st the past 2 weeks which I'm really shocked about. I'm so surprised that I'm doing so well but I want to keep my status as sort of the front runner.

Everyone sits down to breakfast.

Rai: I would like to say grace please.

Tatyana: Sure. Go ahead.

Everyone bows their head except Alivia. Rai notices before she begins the prayer.

Rai: Aren't you going to say grace Alivia?

Alivia: That's ok. You guys go ahead.

Rai: Why?

Alivia: Well I never say grace. I'm an atheist actually.

Rai gets a look of surprise on her face.

Rai: Are you really?

Alivia: Yes. I'm dead serious.

Rai: You know you're going to hell right?

Everyone looks shocked by the comment.

Alivia: Ok. Awkward.

Rai: Like I'm not judging you in any way but the Bible says, Deny me in front of your friends and I will deny you in front of my father.

Alivia nervously giggles and begins to look at the other girls with a look of disbelief.

Alivia Confessional: I announced that I'm an atheist at breakfast this morning and then Rai starts talking to me about how I'm going to hell and preaching bible verses to me. I was really weirded out by the whole situation and honestly a little shocked.

Regina Confessional: We're all sitting at the breakfast table and the next thing you know Rai's telling Alivia that she's going go to hell and this and that. I'm like........ what? Why are you talking about this?

Everyone dismisses from the table and takes their breakfast elsewhere to eat. After breakfast Esmerelda finds the Kris Mail.

Esmerelda: Kris Mail!!

-Are you ready for even more changes? Love Kris.-

Julie: Changes! Makeovers!!

Liu: Please don't let them shave my head!

Esmerelda Confessional: I'm a bit nervous for makeovers. I began shaving my head after getting out of an abusive relationship but I didn't have the emotional strength to finish. If they decided the shave the other side off I don't know how I will respond. I just know it will bring me back to my weaker days and just remind me of the entire incident.

10-04-2010, 12:02 AM

The girls are driven to the salon. They enter and see Kris waiting for them.

Kris: Hi girls!

Girls: Hi!!

Kris: Welcome to the salon! Today you're all her to get makeovers! These new looks will transform you from pretty girls to stunning fashion models. So are you ready to get to it?

Girls: Yes!

Kris: Follow me.

ALIVIA-Your face just screams high fashion. However your current hair doesn't. We're going to really edge you out with some long, jet black hair.

Alivia: I'm so in love with my new hair. It completely matches my personality and gives me a much edgier look.

BETH-There is so much potential in you but you're not embracing it at all with you style. We're going to give you some lovely long, blonde hair and I'm replacing your glasses with new contacts.

Beth: I don't even look like the same person!! This makeover gives me a lot more confidence and I'm so glad I get to ditch my glasses!

ESMERELDA-You have 1 side of your head shaven and I know it was a painful moment for you. We want to cut your hair short and embrace this stunning androgynous look of yours.

Esmerelda: I was so glad when I heard they weren't going to just shave it the rest of the way off. I don't think I could have handled hearing those clippers running.

FIONA-You look so gorgeous already but we want to bring you to the next level with some redder hair.

Fiona: I really like it. The red makes me stand out and it brings out my freckles really well.

JADE-You have such an interesting face. To make you more modelesque we're going to give you some extensions and also straighten and lighten your hair a bit.

Jade: It isn't a drastic change which I'm really happy about. I think it definitely makes me look more like a model than I did before.

JULIE-At the moment your look is too commercial. To give you more edginess we're going to dye your hair chocolate brown and make it more voluminous.


KIRSTY-You have such a classic face. To bring more attention to that you're getting a trim and a platinum blonde dye job.

Kirsty: I've never really changed my hairstyle that much. It's pretty much been long and brown my entire life. Now that I see myself with this new haircut I'm like, woah!

LIU-Your look right now isn't really standing out and emphasizing your beauty. We are going to trim your hair to your shoulders and give you some bangs.

Liu: This hairstyle is so high fashion. I keep looking in the mirror and touching it. I'm so happy with it!

MELINA-We want to tone the sexiness down just a bit. We're going to bleach your hair and cut it to your shoulders. It will give you a very classic Marilyn Monroe vibe without make you too sexy.

Melina: I like it. I don't know if I would have chosen it for me personally but I think it looks good and I'm definitely going to rock it.

RAI-You have these gorgeous blue eyes and this baby doll face. I think some blonde, flowing hair would really bring out your beauty.

Rai: It's so strange going from having jet black hair to having such light blonde hair. It's going to take some getting used to but I do like it.

REGINA-There's this whole Naomi Campbell vibe about you that I really want to see come to the service. So I'm giving you a long, straight wig that you can take on and off for various photo shoots.


TATYANA-You are so beautiful and what we think you need is a nice flowing weave to bring out in your inner supermodel.



Kris: You all look so gorgeous and like true model now! I will see you all at judging! Bye girls!

Girls: Bye!!

10-04-2010, 12:10 AM
Great makeovers! They all look great :)

10-04-2010, 12:14 AM
Fiona, Jade, Liu and Regina final four! :smitten

10-04-2010, 05:19 AM
My Beth looks great now

10-04-2010, 07:05 AM
Rai looks stunning now!

Distorted Asylum
10-04-2010, 04:09 PM
I'm in love with my Kirsty even more with that makeover! :love

Rai also looks beautiful, such a strong face. Whoever made Jade should enter her in ENTM, she's very unique looking.

This season has the strongest cast from any BNTM, I feel. Hoping for a Kirsty win! :woo

10-04-2010, 04:41 PM
These are your best makeovers yet, Beautiful. I don't dislike a single one.

10-05-2010, 01:19 AM

The girls arrive home from the salon.

Julie: Oh my god you guys. I look so different with dark hair!

Liu: It makes you look so much sexier.

Julie Confessional: The judges have given me a lot of criticism about coming over as too commercial in my photos. Now with my makeover I'm hoping that being too commercial will not be an issue again.

Regina and Beth are upstairs looking in the mirror.

Regina: I cannot believe I have hair flowing down my back. This is absolutely insane! I can't even fathom it.

Beth: You look really beautiful.

Regina: You look great too Beth. Your hair color just completely brings this light to your face.

Beth Confessional: I have been a fashion train wreck my entire life. I always had flat hair, always had glasses, always dressed in tacky clothing. Now it's like I've completely transformed and I don't even look like the same person. I never thought I could look this much like an actual model.

Alivia, Kirsty and Melina are all sitting on the bed discussing the earlier events of the day.

Alivia: I'm still in like complete shock that she would even say that to me. I was like, is this a joke?

Kirsty: I really don't think she's all there. Like honestly.
Confessional: This morning during breakfast Alivia announced that she was an atheist. Then Rai started making these really offensive comments about how Alivia was damned to hell and that she needs to repent of her sinful ways. I understand being religious but don't try and force it on people.

Melina: I really think she's just wanting attention. That's what I think the bottom line is truthfully.

Alivia Confessional: Rai called me out at breakfast today and she tried to make me look stupid in front of everyone but I think the tables were turned and her plan backfired on her. She made herself look like a fool which is what she is.

Tatyana finds the Kris Mail.

Tatyana: Guys we have mail!!

-You all have new looks but are you ready to cross yet another bridge? Love Kris.-

Jade Confessional: I think we all have our eye on Fiona just because she's been doing so well and both of her photos were named the strongest of the week. I want to step up and take that top spot and hopefully I'm able to do that this week.

10-05-2010, 02:02 AM

Kris: Welcome to judging ladies!! Don't you all look absolutely amazing with your new makeovers? We are now down to 12 of you but after this week's cut only 11 will move on. Please say hello to your judge and Model Mentor, Nancy Holden. This week all of you had a photo shoot on a foggy bridge. Let's see how you did.

Kris: I think you look so fantastic with your new look. It really brings out this fire in you. Your pose is very editorial and I love the strength in your face.
Nancy: You look 1,000,000 times better now that your hair is all 1 length and you completely rocked it out in this photo shoot. There's a very strong passion in your eyes that I'm drawn to.

Kris: It's a very haunting photo and part of me does like the simplicity of it. However I also feel that it's kind of safe and not really showing your abilities as a model.
Nancy: This picture is as dull as dish water Alivia. Yes you have an edgy look and haunting eyes but you have to start showing us more than that. Otherwise it's going to become monotonous.

Nancy: I think you look absolutely gorgeous here but I'm not sure if I'm feeling any connection with you. There's not enough emotion in your face to really grab my attention.
Kris: I love this photo Tatyana. It's very classy and chic. My only complaint is that it might be a bit too stiff so try and loosen it up a bit.

Kris: This picture is great. The way you're walking towards the camera with such power is so alluring and the fire in your eyes just pierces me.
Nancy: You look like a supermodel now! Before I just saw this mousy little girl with an interesting face but now I'm seeing someone who could walk for major designers. This photo screams confidence for me.

Nancy: It's sexy, it's sultry, it's confident. This is a great picture! I didn't think you had this in you Liu but you proved me wrong. I love it.
Kris: I think last week was a wake up call for you and this shot definitely proves that you woke up. It's so luscious and sensual.
Liu: Thank you so much.

Kris: It's certainly a lovely picture Rai. I just don't know if it stands out enough in this group of gorgeous photos that we've seen. I don't feel compelled by it.
Nancy: Rai, you're a beautiful girl but I just don't think you're photogenic. Each photo I've seen of you looks the same and I'm never really impressed by your expressions or your poses. It's like wallpaper. You see it but you don't care for it enough to notice the detail.

Kris: This is really beautiful. I think this makeover has taken you from just being a very sexy girl to being a high fashion model with a sexy side to her.
Nancy: The way your dress is flowing in the wind is stunning and so is the wind in your hair. Everything comes together so well in this shot. It's like artwork.

Nancy: Thank God someone put Barbie back in her box and replaced her with a potential top model! You look fabulous with this dark hair. This photo isn't like amazing to me but it's definitely a step in the right direction for you.
Kris: I completely agree that you look more modelesque now. I really like your pose and the passion exuding from your eyes. I'm a big fan of this photo actually.

Nancy: Who is this girl? We've never seen you before.
Beth: *giggles* It's me, Beth!! I look so different now.
Nancy: You certainly do. You look like a model now and not a librarian. I'm not that keen on this photo because I think you look way thicker than you actually are but you get an A+ for appearance this week.
Kris: Not your best photo but I can't deny that you've made a radical transformation this week. You look incredible.

Kris: It's a quite dramatic photo really. I like the simplicity of your pose and your face really pops with your new hair color.
Nancy: I don't know. To me it looks like you have just said, well this is the end, and are about to take a jump off of that bridge. I don't feel any life coming from it.

Nancy: Fierce with a capital F-I-E-R-C-E!! This is a top model right here! You brought sexiness but still kept the regal feeling of a fashion model. This is great!
Kris: I 100 percent agree. This photo reminds me of a young Naomi Campbell or Beverly Johnson. You delivered the goods this week. Spot on!

Nancy: And she knocks it out of the park again! You are on fire girl! This photo is whimsical and ethereal. It's just so stunning too look at and I'm mesmerized by the look in your eyes. Wonderful!
Kris: Once again I'm truly impressed by how beautiful this shot of you is. I think the pose is so striking and you captivate me with your beautiful expressions. Another strong photo!

Kris: Nancy and I must now deliberate and when I call you back I will reveal who will be heading back home.