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I know what you guys are thinking first of all. "Oh, another fanfic by Bri? She's not going to finish it, so I might as well ignore it." Well, you know what? I am going to continue this one so yeah :lips

Twelve Houseguests.

Nine Weeks.

One Winner.

L-R: Baylee ~ Josh ~ Rebecca ~ Caleb ~ Jessica ~ Mason ~ Annie ~ Ben ~ Rhi ~ Skye ~ Seth ~ Rachel

Baylee Rhodes
Age 18
Student at Florida State
Majoring in Fashion Design
Currently Single

Josh O'Henry
Age 21
Band Manager
Resides in Chicago, Illinois
Currently Single

Rebbeca Roberts
Age 20
Unemployed, Living at Home
Resides in Dallas, Texas
Currently Dating

Caleb Kuster
Age 23
Resides in Houston, Texas
Currently Engaged

Jessica Sampsin
Age 29
Fashion Manager
Resides in New York City, New York
Currently Single

Mason Wiff
Age 28
Graphic//Video Game Designer
Resides in Albuquerque, New Mexico
Currently Single

Annie Catris
Age 19
Student at Ohio State
Majoring in Literature
Currently Single

Ben Catuman
Age 19
Student at Parson's
Majoring in Interior Design
Currently Single [Gay]

Rhiannon "Rhi" Jones
Age 19
Aspiring Model
Resides in Los Angeles, California
Currently Single

Skye Manning
Age 21
Resides in Miami, Florida
Currently Single

Seth Black
Age 27
Resides in Kansas City, Kansas
Currently Married

Rachel Reilly
Age 21
Resides in Las Vegas, Nevada
Currently Single


-- Episode 1 --

Julie Chen: Welcome to the first season of eLouai Big Brother. Tonight, twelve houseguests will enter the house and fight it out to win food, luxuries, and most importantly power. Each week, the winner of the Head of Household competition will nominate two houseguests for eviction. Then, the winner of the Power of Veto can remove one of the HoH's nominations, and the HoH will have to nominate a new player. Then at the end of the week, everyone except the HoH, and the two nominees will vote to evict one of the nominees. This will continue until only two remain, and the jury will vote for one to win. The winner will be crowned with $500,000 and the title of Big Brother S1 Winner.

Slowly, the twelve houseguests walk on to the stage in front of the house and wait to enter.

Julie: Now that you're all here, the person beside you may become your best friend, and the person behind you, just might stab you in the back. This is a game of lying, deception and backstabbing, because only one can win the half million dollar prize. Are you ready to see your house?

Houseguests: Yes!

Julie: The first four houseguests to enter the house are: Josh, Jessica, Rhiannon, and Skye.

The brown haired guy with a jacket and frayed jeans, the girl with a gray suit, a girl with a sleek dress and a surfer dude all walk inside the front door and look around.

Skye: This house is dope!

Rhiannon in Confessional: As soon as we got in the house, I realized that the surfer was going to be really easy to manipulate. He sounds like he knows nothing.

Jessica: I want a bed!

The group of them all ran off to the bedrooms. There was one bedroom that was comprised of four small beige beds with a very cozy, apartment-y feel. The second bedroom was a green, black, and white bedroom with a modern feel. It also had four beds. The third and final bedroom looked like a London bedroom with four beds. The mains colors of the room were maroon, mahogany, and black. Jessica and Josh chose beds in the London Bedroom, while Skye and Rhiannon each chose beds in the Apartment Bedroom.

Rhi: Hey! I'm Rhiannon, but you can call me Rhi.

Skye: Cool name! I'm Skye dude.

The four houseguest go to the living room and sit down.

Julie: The next four houseguests to enter are: Rebecca, Mason, Ben, and Rachel.

A girl with flowing blonde hair in a white dress, an uptight dude in a jean jacket, a gay guy with a white t-shirt, and a girl with a pink jacket and pants quickly rush into the house and ask the others where the bedrooms are. Jessica and Rhi point them in the direction. Rebecca and Ben each chose beds in the Modern Room, while Mason chose a bed in the London Room, and Rachel in the Apartment Bedroom.The second four meet with the other four in the living room.

Julie: The final four houseguests entering the house are: Baylee, Caleb, Annie, and Seth.

A girl with blonde hair and a tank top, a guy in a beige suit, a girl with pink hair, and a guy with boxing gloves run into the house, not wanting to not get a bed.

Baylee and Annie chose beds in the Modern Room, while Caleb chose a bed in the London Room, leaving Seth the last bed in the Apartment Room. After everyone got their beds picked, they all gathered in the living room to meet each other.


Mason: I think we should go around and introduce ourselves.

Rachel: Yeah I like that idea.

Mason: I'll start. I'm Mason, 28 and I'm a graphic and video game designer from Albuquerque. I'm also single.

Annie: I'm Annie. I'm 19 and currently a student at Ohio State, in English Literature. I'm single as well.

Rhi: Hello. I'm Rhiannon, but you guys can all call me Rhi, because that's what everyone calls me. I'm an aspiring model and I live in New York City.

Jessica: Hello (: I'm Jessica, and I'm 29. I'm a secretary at a Fashion Company in New York. I'm also currently single.
♦ in Confessional: I didn't tell people that I'm a successful business manager, because I didn't want a huge target on my back right away.

Baylee: So Cool! I'm Baylee and I'm majoring in Fashion Design at Florida Sate. I'm 19 and single baby :yay
♦ in Confessional: There's a lot of cute guys here, so I'm hoping that I can use my charm :blowkiss and femininity to get them to do what I want.

Skye: Wassup dudes and dudettes? I'm Skye and if you can't tell, I'm a surfer! I live in Miami, Florida. I'm 21, and currently single.

Rhi in Confessional: Skye is super cute, and his body looks smoking hot!

Josh: I'm Josh. I'm 21, and I manage a band. I live in Chicago, Illinois and I'm currently single.

Rachel in Confessional: Josh isn't bad looking. I mean, he's obviously in my sights, as a bonus to winning the game.

Ben: Hey! I'm Ben, and if you can't tell, I'm openly gay, but currently single. I am an interior design student at Parson's in New York, and I'm 19.

Rebecca in Confessional: Ben is so cute! I have so many gay friends at home, so he's going to be so fun to hang out with!

Rachel: Hey guys. I'm Rachel, 21, and I live in Las Vegas as a dancer. I also am single.

Caleb in Confessional: Rachel is really cute. She's definitely very good looking.

Ben: What kind of dancer?

Rachel: :lol I get that a lot. A hip-hop, pop, jazz, tap, and classical dancer.

Rebecca: Don't know how I can top that. I'm Rebecca, 20, and I am currently unemployed. I live in Dallas, Texas with my parents, and for all you, I am currently dating.

Caleb: I'm Caleb, 22, and I work as a janitor in some business. I'm single and I live in Chicago.
♦ in Confessional: I didn't tell people I was the CEO because I obviously didn't want a huge-a** target on my back.

Seth: I guess I'm last. I'm Seth, 27, and I am married to my beautiful wife. I have one child, age 3, and I'm a teacher by day, and a MMA Fighter by night. I live in Kansas City, Kansas.

Rachel in Confessional: I almost cried when I found out Seth was married. I thought he was so hot.

Julie's face slowly appears on the screen and they all look at her.

Julie: It looks like you guys got acquainted fast. But, now you guys are going to your first HoH competition, and one of you will be the first HoH of the season. Are you ready? Well go get your stuff on, and meet me in the backyard.

-- Ep1P2 will be up Soon (: --

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Bri, that is freaking awesome! :love

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Caleb, Skye, and Seth all have the same face. :D

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Boys always look dumb without the same face D: I did not mean that :cry

Episode 2 up within fifteen minutes.

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The twelve houseguests open the door to the backyard, where they see a giant bingo board. They each sit down in one of the chairs and wait for Julie to give instructions.

Julie: Hello houseguests. I'm assuming you see the giant bingo board in front of you. There's obviously five numbers in each column, and the free space has been changed into a number as well. You will each stand on one of the numbers until a number that someone is standing on has been called. If the number you're standing on has been called, you are eliminated. After a person has been eliminated you must switch numbers. This will continue until one person remains.


Julie: You may now choose your numbers.

Annie -- Light Pink
Baylee -- Hot Pink
Ben -- Light Purple
Caleb -- Dark Purple
Jessica -- Red
Josh -- Orange
Mason -- Light Green
Rachel -- Dark Green
Rebecca -- Yellow
Rhi -- Cyan
Seth -- Blue
Skye -- Dark Blue


Numbers Called:
I29 -- Mason Eliminated -- Switch Numbers


Numbers Called:
N44 -- Rebecca Eliminated -- Switch Numbers


Numbers Called:
B11 -- Baylee Eliminated -- Switch Numbers


Numbers Called:
I19 -- Josh Eliminated -- Switch Numbers


Numbers Called:
N38 -- Annie Eliminated -- Switch Numbers


Numbers Called:
O66 -- Rachel Eliminated -- Switch Numbers


Numbers Called:
O75 -- Caleb Eliminated -- Switch Numbers


Numbers Called:
N41 -- Rhi Eliminated -- Switch Numbers


Numbers Called:
N32 -- Seth Eliminated -- Switch Numbers


Numbers Called:
I24 -- Ben Eliminated -- Jessica Wins HoH 1

-- End Episode 1 --

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Last time on eLouai Big Brother,

The houseguests moved into their house, the houseguests met their competitors, and at the BINGO Head of Household Challenge, Jessica took first place and won the season's first Head of Household.

Rachel: Congratulations Jessica. You definitely deserved the win today (:
♦ in Confessional: I obviously don't want to go on the block this early in the game, so I'm going to offer an alliance to Jessica, even though I don't really want one.

Jessica in Confessional: I'm really proud of my win at the HoH competition, but I think I now have a target on my back. Hopefully I can make some allies, and people aren't just going to kiss ass to not get nominated.

Jessica: Who wants to see my HoH room!?

Seth in Confessional: I could really care less about her HoH room. I think that since I'm a father, I'm going to be targeted soon, so I was just hoping that I wasn't going to get nominated this week.

Slowly, Jessica and the rest of the contestants walk up the spiral staircase and Jessica opens the door with her key. Inside, there's a king bed, a tv showing a camera of the house, two chairs, multiple bean bags, a table of candy, food, & more, and her own bathroom.

Rebecca: Oh Em Gee! You are so lucky!
♦ in Confessional: I could care less about Jessica. She seems like a b****.

Jessica: This is so cool you guys!

Jessica picks up a picture of her standing by a younger girl with blonde hair. They're both smiling and posing in a fun manner.

Annie: Who is that?

Jessica: That's me and my friend Bri!

Rhi: She's really pretty.

Slowly, one by one, Caleb, Josh, Baylee, Mason, Seth, Rebecca, and Skye seem to leave the room, leaving Annie, Baylee, Jessica, Rachel, and Rhi.

Jessica: So, girls, who do you think I should nominate this week? Anyone we don't like?

Baylee: Maybe it's because we haven't been here long, but I don't really have a grudge or preference on who goes home or is nominated this week.

Rhi: I kind of agree.

Rachel: I was thinking maybe Seth. He just seems kinda annoying, and he bugs me. I don't know why. Maybe it's the way he holds himself.

Jessica: I was thinking Seth and Mason, or maybe Seth and Caleb.

Annie: Those nominations sound fine to me. :lol
♦ in Confessional: I was really hoping I wasn't going to get dragged into an alliance, especially this early in the game.

Rhi: I think that the five of us should team up and make, like an alliance. What'ya guys think?

Baylee: That sounds so cool!

Rachel: I'm up for it. (:

Jessica: Sure.

Annie nods, and then stands up. Annie: I'm going to go, so no one suspects anything.

Downstairs, Rebecca and Ben are chilling in the Modern Bedroom.

Rebecca: How long have you been, y'know, ...

Ben: Gay?

Rebecca: Yeah :lol

Ben: Since I was ..., sixteen, I believe.

Rebecca: That's so cool!

Ben: Yeah, I guess. Who do you think Jessica is going to nominate?

Rebecca: Honestly, at this point, I have no clue and I don't know if anyone else does either.

Ben: Yeah, I guess you're right.

Meanwhile, in the London Room, Mason, Josh and Caleb are talking.

Mason: So what do you guys think so far?

Josh: Pretty cool. I was hoping the challenge was going to be something physical, that I could dominate at, but I'm okay with who won. I'm not on bad terms with her, so I don't think I'll be nominated.

Caleb: You never know.

Josh: I guess.

A few hours later.

Jessica: It's time to start the first nomination ceremony.

After everyone gathers at the dining room table, Jessica comes downstairs with a giant circular wheel, with keys in it. There are nine keys in the wheel, leaving two people without a key.

Jessica: As HoH it is my duty to nominate two players for eviction. I will draw the first key, that means you are safe. That player will draw the next, and this will continue until two people are without a key. The two people without a key will be nominated for eviction this week. Good luck. First key goes to, Rachel.

Rachel: Why thank you Jessica. ... Annie.

Annie: Thank you (: Skye

Skye: Thanks a lots dudette. Rhiannon!

Rhi: It's 'Rhi.' Thanks Jess (: Rebecca, the next key is for you.

Rebecca: Thanks :D Josh.

Josh: Thank you. Baylee, the next key is yours.

Baylee: Thanks Jessica. Ben.

Ben: I was getting worried you were going to nominate the gay guy :lol The last key is for you Caleb.

Caleb: Thanks Jessica.

Jessica: That means I've nominated you, Seth, and you, Mason for eviction. I talked it out with the house and we think this is the best idea for now. One of you is supposed to be a pawn this week, and the other is supposed to go home, but good luck to you both. This meeting is adjourned.

Who will win the Power of Veto? and will they use it to save either Seth or Mason from eviction?

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Last time on eLouai Big Brother,

Jessica moves into her HoH room, and an alliance of Rhi, Annie, Baylee, Rachel, and herself form. Afterwords, they agree on taking out Seth, and he and Mason are nominated for eviction.

Jessica is sitting in her HoH room alone, eating food, when Mason walks in and sits down in one of the chairs.

Mason: So am I the pawn, or am I the one that's going home?

Jessica: Definitely the pawn. We all hate Seth at this point, and he needs to go.

Mason: Mkay. If I get taken off the block, who's going up? And can we trust each other?

Jessica: Probably Rebecca, and of course I consider us good friends, maybe even a small secret alliance.
♦ in Confessional: I don't really like Mason all that much, and I'll probably ditch him as soon as possible.

While this is happening, Seth and Skye are talking in their room

Skye: I just can't believe you got nom'd dude.

Seth: Yeah :(

A few hours later


Everyone gathers in the living room.

Jessica: Only six people will participate in the veto competition. Myself, the two nominees, and three players selected at random. Will the nominees join me up here? One by one we will draw out of this bag, and whoever we draw will play. As HoH, I will go first.

The group goes silent as Jessica draws her chip.

Jessica: Rhi.

Mason: Houseguests choice! I'm going to choose Josh.

Seth: I guess I'll go last. Baylee.

Jessica: Now I must choose someone to host the Veto Competition, and I'm going to choose Rachel. We will meet a little bit later for the veto competition.

A few hours later.

Rachel: Time for the PoV competition!

Everyone goes outside, and the Veto Players go in their booths.

Rachel: For this competition you guys will be asked a question about the questions we answered at the beginning of the day. You will answer with, A or B. For each incorrect answer you will get a strike. After three strikes you have been eliminated.

Everyone in the booth nods.

Question #1
Who answered the question, 'What is your favorite dessert?', with Strawberry Shortcake?
A - Annie, B - Rebecca

Baylee ~ B
Jessica ~ A
Josh ~ A
Mason ~ B
Rhi ~ A
Seth ~ B

Correct Answer: A
Baylee, Mason and Seth have 1 Strike Each.

Question #2
Who answered 'My Cell Phone' to the question, 'What item would you bring to a deserted island?'
A - Ben, B - Rachel

Baylee ~ A
Jessica ~ A
Josh ~ A
Mason ~ A
Rhi ~ B
Seth ~ A

The Correct Answer is B. Only Rhi got it right.
2 Strikes: Baylee, Mason, Seth
1 Strike: Jessica, Josh
0 Strikes: Rhi

Question #3
Who was the only person to say 'No.' to the question, 'Do you enjoy going to the mall?'
A - Skye, B - Caleb

Baylee ~ A
Jessica ~ B
Josh ~ A
Mason ~ A
Rhi ~ B
Seth ~ B

Correct Answer: B
3 Strikes: Baylee, Mason -- Eliminated
2 Strikes: Josh, Seth
1 Strike: Jessica
0 Strikes: Rhi

Question #4
Who answered with 'Going to Clubs' to the question, 'What do you do on Saturday Nights?'
A - Annie, B - Ben

Jessica ~ A
Josh ~ A
Rhi ~ B
Seth ~ A

Correct Answer: B
3 Strikes: Josh, Seth -- Eliminated
2 Strikes: Jessica
0 Strikes: Rhi

Question 5
Who said 'Real World/Road Rules Challenges' was their favorite reality show?
A - Annie, B - Rachel

Jessica ~ B
Rhi ~ B

Correct Answer: A
3 Strikes: Jessica -- Eliminated
1 Strike: Rhi -- Winner :yay

Rachel: Congratulations Rhi on winning the first PoV of the season. The ceremony will occur in a few hours.

A few hours later.

Rhi in Confessional: I know what I'm going to do already, so I was just being impatient on what to do next.

Rhi: It's time for the Veto Ceremony. Mason, and Seth, I would like each of you to tell me why I should save you.

Mason: I think I shouldn't have to tell you to save me. If you want to save me, you will and ultimately, it's your decision.

Seth: Same.

Rhi: In that case, I've chosen not to use the Power of Veto.

Everyone stands up and hugs Seth and Mason.

Who will be evicted from the Big Brother house? And who will win the next HoH? Find out on the next episode of eLouai Big Brother.

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Does anyone read this? If so, I'd love to see some comments :lol

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Last time on eLouai Big Brother,

HoH, the two nominees, Rhi, Baylee, and Josh compete in the A or B veto competition, where Rhi smokes the competition, winning her the Power of Veto. At the veto ceremony, Rhi chooses not to use the PoV, leaving Seth & Mason on the block for tonight's live eviction.

Rhi: in Confessional: So like, I knew I wasn't going to use it, and I'm glad I didn't, because Seth is for sure going home now.

Seth, Jessica, and Annie are talking upstairs in the HoH room.

Seth: I'm the pawn, right?

Annie: Yeah, Jessica and I were talking and we all hate Mason. He's definitely leaving tonight.

Jessica: Yeah a lot of people hate him.

Seth: Okay! Thanks. That's really reassuring.

A few hours later.

Julie: Welcome houseguests to your first live eviction. Tonight either Seth or Mason will be evicted from the Big Brother house. Jessica, as HoH you will not vote, and Seth & Mason, as nominees you will not vote either. Seth and Mason, you may now address why you think you should stay in the game.

Seth: I believe I should stay in the game because I don't think I've proved my worth yet and I think that if you guys choose to keep me, I could be a positive influence in the house and yeah. Thanks (:

Mason: I definitely think I should stay, not that you aren't a great guy Seth, but I think that I will be a great guy to keep around, and I just want to play the game.

Julie: Thank you guys. Now it's time to vote. Rhi you're up first.

Rhi: I vote to evict Seth~

Skye: I vote to evict Mason

Rachel: I vote to evict Seth~

Caleb: I vote to evict Seth~

Baylee: I vote to evict Seth~

Annie: I vote to evict Seth~

Ben: I vote to evict Seth~

Rebecca: I vote to evict Seth~

Josh: I vote to evict Seth~


Julie: The votes are in and with a vote of 8-1, Seth~ you have been evicted from the big brother house.

Everyone gets up and hugs Seth as he walks out of the house, waving goodbye. He opens the door and goes outside. He then sits down with Julie Chen, for the exit interview.

Julie: So Seth, how does it feel to be evicted first?

Seth: It obviously feels horrible. I mean, I had a lot to prove.

Julie: Well in case you were evicted, your housemates each taped a goodbye message to you.

Jessica: You were never really the pawn, and I just didn't like you so I'm glad you're gone.

Skye: Duuude. I'm going to miss you sooo much. I considered us close friends for being in the beginning of the game. See ya duude.

Rachel: Now that you're gone, I can focus on getting rid of the other physical threats. I got you out because I knew you'd be a threat, so good luck in life.

Julie: I'll chat more with Seth tomorrow on the Early Show (: Now we go back to the house, where the houseguests are going to start their second HoH competition soon.

Inside the house


Julie: Houseguests, please go outside for your second HoH competition, after suiting up in your gear.

A few minutes later, the houseguests are outside on a large raised platform. Jessica is sitting in a chair in the middle, with a fence around her.

Julie: For this competition, you will be fighting for colored pendants. There are four stations that hold them.. In each round, three of them will consist your colored pendant. When each round starts, you will race to the four stations, collect each of your pendants. Once you retrieve a pendant, you will put it back at your station. However, here comes the tricky part. While you are away from your station, another player can take your pendant and put it back at one of the pendant stations, thus making this a strategical and strategy game. Once you have all three pendants, you can rest until the next round. The last person to get all three pendants at their station in each round will be eliminated.

Round #1
Annie finishes first.
Rhi is eliminated.

Round #2
Annie finishes first.
Mason is eliminated.

Round #3
Skye finishes first.
Rebecca is eliminated.

Round #4
Rachel finishes first.
Skye is eliminated.

Round #5
Caleb finishes first.
Rachel is eliminated.

Round #6
Josh finishes first.
Baylee is eliminated.

Round #7
Josh finishes first.
Caleb is eliminated.

Round #8
Ben finishes first.
Josh is eliminated.

Round #9 | Final Round
Ben wins.
Annie is eliminated.

Who will the HoH nominate? and will drama ensue? Find out on the next episode of eLouai Big Brother.

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Go Josh :cry

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Last time on eLouai Big Brother,

Seth was almost unanimously evicted at the live eviction, and in a struggling HoH challenge, Ben emerged victorious claiming the second Head of Household of the season.

Ben in Confessional: I was so surprised when I won the Head of Household competition. I mean, it involved some strategy to do it, but I ended up winning, which was good.

Rebecca in Confessional: I was glad when I saw that Ben won Head of Household, I mean the two of us are really close friends so I figured I'd be safe during nominations.

Ben: Who wants to see my HoH room!?

Jessica in Confessional: When Ben won HoH, I was mad. I despise gays with a burning passion, so I stayed downstairs.

Everyone, but Jessica, went upstairs and saw Ben's room. It was nothing special, similar to Jessica's.

Ben: Where is Jessica?

Annie: She stayed downstairs.
♦ in Confessional: It was really rude of Jessica to stay downstairs and neglect Ben like she did. I really regret making an alliance with her. I kinda hope she gets evicted this week.

Ben: Well that's rude.

Ben storms out of his room, angrily. He goes down the steps and walks over to Jessica, who's sitting at the dining table eating a sandwich.


Jessica: What are you talking about?



Jessica slaps Ben in the face as hard as she can, leaving a red hand print on his face.

Big Brother: Jessica, please go to the Diary Room.

Ben: Yeah, that's right Jessica, go to the Diary Room.

Jessica: F*** off Ben.

Big Brother: Jessica, you have violated the rules of Big Brother. Unless you wish to be removed from the house, you must go to Solitary Confinement. In that room is only a fridge of powdered food, water and a toilet.

Jessica: Fine.

A hidden door in the diary room opens and Jessica walks down a hallway to open another door to be locked in a white room.

Big Brother: Jessica has been confined to Solitary confinement for 24 hours. She will return for the nomination ceremony.

Skye, Josh, and Caleb go outside to lift weights, while Rachel, Mason, Rhi, and Baylee go to play pool. Ben, Annie, and Rebecca all go up to his HoH room to talk strategy.

Ben: Okay, I know for sure I'm going to nominate Jessica for obvious reasons, and I'm thinking of nominating Skye because he'll be a physical threat down the lines. What do you guys think?

Rebecca: Sounds like a perfect plan. I think we should be an alliance. The three of us. We can run this house.

Annie: I love that idea. I think that the three of us are a perfect alliance. We're small enough that we won't be noticed easily, but big enough to make bold power moves.

Ben: Yep. You guys better go, to not draw suspicions.

Annie and Rebecca go to put on their swimsuits and sit in the hot tub outside.

Skye, whispering: Hey Josh and Caleb. Do you guys have an alliance?

Josh: No.

Caleb: I'm kinda with Josh I'd say.

Skye: I think the three of us should team up. I mean we're all athletic men that can dominate.

Josh: I like that idea.

Rachel: So Mason, who did you think voted for you?

Mason: Probably Skye because he and Seth were really good friends.

Rhi: I guess that makes sense :lol

Rachel: Yep.

24 Uneventful Hours Later...

Big Brother: Jessica, you may leave Solitary confinement, and join the others at the nomination ceremony.

Everyone is sitting at the dining room table, when Jessica emerges from the diary room and joins them.

Baylee: Welcome back Jessica.

Jessica: Thank you.

Ben: As HoH it is my duty to nominate two houseguests for eviction. I will pull a key, and the person who is on it is safe. The safe player will draw the next key, and so on. This will continue until only two houseguests remain. The two houseguests who do not have a key will be nominated for eviction. I'll start, by pulling the first key. Rebecca.

Rebecca: Thank you Ben. Josh.

Josh: Thanks. Baylee.

Baylee: Wow, thanks Ben! Rachel.

Rachel: Eeee! Annie.

Annie: Thanks Ben. Caleb.

Caleb: Rhi.

The cameras scan by Jessica, Skye, and Mason before Rhi draws the last key.

Rhi: Mason.

Ben: I have nominated you, Jessica, and you, Skye for eviction. Jessica, for obvious reasons have I nominated you, and Skye, I believe that you will be a threat down the line, and will try to go for me, and that's why I nominated you. The meeting is now adjourned.

Annie in Confessional: I'm really confident about my position in the game as of right now. I'm playing in two different alliances, and I just hope that I don't get drug down because of it.

Jessica in Confessional: I'm in control of this house, so am I nervous about going home? No way. I have Rachel, Annie, Baylee, and Rhi behind my back willing to save me from eviction.

Ben in Confessional: I'm definitely in a good position now. I'm HoH this week, and I've got two people backing me next week. I think I'll be safe for quite some time.

Skye in Confessional: I'm not that nervous, because I've got Josh and Caleb watching out for me, and Jessica fighting with Ben is digging her own grave. I think I'll be safe at least one more week.

Who will win the Power of Veto? and will they use it to save either Skye or Jessica from eviction? Find out next time on eLouai Big Brother!

10-10-2010, 10:37 PM
I hate Jessica for hating gays. :angry

10-13-2010, 10:47 PM
Last time on eLouai Big Brother,

Ben and Jessica fought about Ben's sexuality and she was sent to solitary confinement. Ben, Annie, and Rebecca form an alliance, while Caleb, Skye, and Josh start looking out for each other. At the nomination ceremony, Jessica and Skye were nominated, Jessica for her remarks and Skye for his athletic ability.

Ben: Time to pick players for the Veto Competition!

Everyone gathers in the living room.

Ben: Only six people will participate in the veto competition. Myself, the two nominees, and three players selected at random. Will the nominees join me up here? One by one we will draw out of this bag, and whoever we draw will play. As HoH, I will go first. Rachel.

Jessica: Josh.

Skye: Rebecca.

Ben: As HoH I have to choose someone to host the competition, and I'm going to choose Annie, because of her bubbly personality.

Annie: Thanks!

A few hours later, Annie emerges from the Diary Room.

Annie: Time for the VETO COMPETITION!

Everyone gathers in the living room.

Annie: Hopefully you can recognize your pieces. Get your gear on and go outside.

Everyone goes to put on their gear and then go outside and get prepared.

Annie: For this veto competition, you will have to create three puzzles. However, it will not be that easy. These puzzles are just three shapes: hexagon, octagon, and pentagon. All the puzzles are made of the same color pieces, the color of your gear at the moment. All the pieces are mixed up in one basket at the beginning of your "course." You must grab however many pieces you'd like and travel across the balance beam, through the net ropes, and start the puzzle on the rotating platform. First to finish all three puzzles wins PoV. Go!

01. Ben
02. Jessica
03. Josh
04. Skye
05. Rachel
06. Rebecca

Annie: Congratulations Ben on winning the second Power of Veto of the season.

After a few hours..

Ben: As the power of veto holder, it is my decision to remove one of the nominees. I can choose not to as well. I have made my decision.

Everyone gathers in the living room once again.

Ben: It should be fairly obvious, I'm not going to use the veto, so we won't bother with the speeches. I am not using the PoV.

Who will be evicted from the Big Brother house? And who will win the next HoH? Find out on the next episode of eLouai Big Brother.

10-18-2010, 10:20 PM
The houseguests are gathered in the living room. Voting is about to occur.

Julie: Everyone but the HoH and the two nominees will vote. Skye and Jessica, you may say your speeches.

Jessica: Keep Me. Thanks (:

Skye: I just want to say you guys are a blast and I don't want to leave you guys! I want to have fun with y'all and yeah.

Julie: With that, it's time to vote.

Annie: I vote to evict Jess.

Rebecca: I vote to evict Jess.

Rachel: I vote to evict Skye.

Josh: I vote to evict Jess.

Rhi: I vote to evict Skye.

Caleb: I vote to evict Jess.

Mason: I vote to evict Jess.

Baylee: I vote to evict Skye.

Julie: With a vote of 5-3, Jess you have been evicted from the big brother house. You have 10 seconds to say your goodbyes and leave.

Everyone, except Ben and Rebecca get up and hug and say good-bye to Jessica as she leaves.

[No Exit Interview.]

Inside the house


Julie: Guys, suit up in your gear and head outside for your next HoH competition.

Everyone gets ready and walks outside to find a giant tree with vine swings hanging down from the branches.

Julie: Houseguests, you will be suspended by these vine swings and you must hold on as long as possible. The last person remaining will win HoH.

After a few minutes, Baylee falls off onto the pads below.

Caleb gives up too, after three minutes of Baylee falling off.

Rhi struggles for a moment and as she's about to fall, she tries to pull herself up and then falls.

As Annie is sitting there, she finally goes ugh and jumps down from her swing.

Rebecca struggles in her position and falls, leaving Rachel, Skye, Josh and Mason to battle it out for the HoH. Find out who wins next time on eLouai Big Brother!