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11-08-2010, 08:01 AM

Donielle Renkin, 24
Donielle: I am turning 25 this year, so this is pretty much my last
chance to get into the buisness. I am not going to let any bitch get in my
way. I am here for myself and my kids. I have twin boys. And i want to help
them in life.

Gia Gillard, 17
Gia: i dont usually get along with people. So i think my biggest
challenge will be living with the other girls. But y'know, i dont really need to
worry about them cause i'm obviously going to win. So yeah, like, definitely.

Hardy Nester, 21
Hardy: i'm not your average girl. I hate dresses. I hate makeup. I love
cars. But the wierd thing is that modelling has always been an interest of
mine aswell, its like this is my last incling of girl left in me, so i my aswell
imbrace it.

Jo Voth, 19
Jo: i get told atleast twice a week that i have a very unique look. I
have tried to be signed before but i was told my look was a little too 'unique'.
I dunno what they mean, but i'm gonna show them by winning this

Jordann Lotts, 17
Jordann: i have been told all my life that i should take up modelling,
and yknow i've always considered it. But its a matter of, 'is it what i want to
do?' and i guess this competition will help me find that out.

Kara Paul, 19
Kara: i was diagnosed with ADHD when i was 7. And i still am very high
strung, like all the time. i really want to show the viewers that even though i
do have this disadvantage, i can still work it.

Tahlia Williams, 18
Tahlia: my friend convinced me to try out for this, but now that i am
here, i am so grateful. This is just so... me.

Zekke Hooker, 21
Zekke: i'm... i'm... i think very differently to other humans, my mind
ticks differently. Like, while yours goes 'tickticktick' mine goes 'tocktocktock'.
And thats always something i was teased at school about. So yeah. I wanna
show those bullies who is gonna get far in life.

TyeMay Jee, 20
TyeMay: my mother was famous chinese model. I would like to follow
in her steps and become big supermodel. I think i am capable of winning
because i have what it takes to make it in the industry.

11-08-2010, 08:02 AM
were black woman honey

11-08-2010, 08:27 AM
*the nine girls are shown running into a huge loft as almost unbearable screams are heard*
Kara CON: getting into the loft, its kindof like 'damn! we are really here!' like, we are about to battle it out to be on the cover of a famous magazine.
*the girls all run to the rooms to see their roommates have been pre-chosen.*
Gia CON: i was kinda like, really pissed off that we didnt get to choose our own roommates. Now i'm rooming with the chick that looks like a vulture *Hardy is shown putting her stuff on her bed* and the old chick. *a smiling Donielle is shown*
Gia: uh!
Donielle: pardon?
Gia: nothing...
Donielle CON: so the rooms are like this. In the silver room is Myself, Gia and Hardy. In the red room is Kara, Zekke and Tahlia and in the yellow room is TyeMay, Jordann and Jo.
*Jo is seen walking through the kitchen eating celery as she sees a WyattMail.*
Jo CON: i got the pleasure of reading the first ever WyattMail. and OMG. he is such a hunk, like really, so much sexual frustration. I havent... you know, in 2 years because i had a messy breakup and yeah. Long story.

your finally here.
now lets get you ontop.

Jo: i dropped my dang celery for that mail *laughs*
Gia: you didnt need it anyway...
*Jo is shown raising her eyebrows as the screen fades.*

*the girls arrive on a rooftop where their first shoot will take place.*
Taya: hello ladies, i am Taya and i will be your photoshoot mentor. So heres what todays shoot will be, we are going to be shooting you here on this rooftop with that beautiful scenery as the background *Taya points out to all the skyscrapers.* Okay, lets get you to hair and makeup.
Tahlia CON: when we were talking to Taya i was kind of in awe the whole time, that i didnt even listen to her :lol
*Tahlia shoots*
Taya: Tahlia did okay, but i really think it was a weak performance, i just dont know if she has that POW that most models do.

*Kara shoots*
Taya: Kara was great to shoot, she listened and took advice, she may not have looks like that much of a model, but she really listened and thats what i look for.

*Gia shoots*
Gia CON: i killed it obvz.
*Donielle shoots*
*Zekke shoots*

*Jordann shoots*
Taya: Jordan had no clue. She pretty much just stood there like a stunned mullet the whole time.
Jordann CON: i'm really nervous. I feel like i didnt do good enough to stay.

*Hardy shoots*
*Jo shoots*
*TyeMay shoots*
Taya: Tye May is another girl that really struggled, i was hoping the whole time she would pull through but she never did.

11-08-2010, 08:28 AM
were black woman honey

there isnt one sweetheart.

11-08-2010, 08:54 AM
Wyatt: Welcome ladies. on my left is the fierce designer Noona, while on my
left is your photoshoot mentor Taya. So shall we get to it? For your first
photoshoot, you all shot ontop a rooftop. Lets see how your pictures turned

Noona: WOW! honey, just work. This is amazing, the power in your stance and in your face is just gorgeous.
Wyatt: i agree, this is a perfect start to the competition, Gia. This photo is phenominal.
Taya: you worked really well on set, which is good and for a picture like this to come out of it. I would be recommending you to everyone.

Wyatt: i love the hair... but thats about it.
Noona: the face is too tense. The pose is too posed, the photograph is just a mess honey.

Taya: your pose is so HF. its gorgeous, i remember you posing like this and i was awe'd. That hair just ruins it.
Noona: i second that, i cant wait til we get some dye and scissors at that hair.
Wyatt: back to the photo, its great, the hair is just distracting.

Noona: i;m confused, the face is very pretty but the pose is wierd.
Wyatt: i have to disagree. i like the photo.
Taya: i'm with Wyatt on this one, there is a cuteness to the photo. It may be commercial, but atleast it looks good.

Noona: girl, your just standing there.
Wyatt: this photo is very awkward.
Noona: very
Taya: i think your problem is your confidence and you need to learn to model, but thats why your here.

Noona: Yes at the face. No at the soccor mum looking body.
Wyatt: I think that dress is a bit unflattering on you, which isnt your fault. But , most models should know how to make things that dont look good on them, look good.

Taya: you look very lost in this photo. Like you did at the shoot. You had no idea, and instead of asking, you kept doing ridiculous and clueless things that looks very bad.
Wyatt: we understand that your learning, both english and modelling. But you need to know when to ask 'what do you want me to do?'

Wyatt: this is gorgeous! its effortless.
Noona: i love that you are sitting there and looking expensive. Your eyes are very gorgeous.
Taya: you impressed me very much at the shoot. you tried things. and it turns out that your best photo, was the photo that was your first one.

Noona: this is a very bland and boring photo. I dont even think model, i think a 12 year old girl posing for a photo she is about to put on facebook.
Wyatt: you are a gorgeous girl, we just need a makeover to turn you from being boring to being BAM.

Wyatt: we are now going to deliberate, when we call you back, we will reveal who did the worst.

11-08-2010, 10:11 PM
Wyatt: first name we are going to call is...








will Donielle and Jordann please step forward?
Donielle, you are here because your photo was too forced while Jordann, your here because you did nothing at all.. in any of your film. So who goes home?

Neither of you, we want to transform both of you before we send someone home. So tonight instead of going back to the house... YOUR GOING TO GET MAKEOVERS!!!!!!!!

11-08-2010, 10:16 PM
I really like Jo for some reason :love IDK why :lol

Can't wait for makeovers :yay

11-08-2010, 10:19 PM
I really like Jo for some reason :love IDK why :lol

Can't wait for makeovers :yay

I like her to.

11-08-2010, 10:56 PM
Same Jo is my favorite actually :lol

I cant wait for the makeovers,esp Gia and Jordan :smitten

11-09-2010, 02:32 AM
My absolute favourite is Zekke :smitten

11-09-2010, 05:17 AM

Wyatt: you look to bland and flat with this hair,
So we want to give you highlights and some volume.
Donielle: I think this hair makes me looks draggish.
Who the **** would give an already older looking model
hair that makes her look 50?! *cries*


Wyatt: we think your hair suits you perfectly, you
just need a better, fresher colour.
Gia: i didnt think it was, like possible,
but i look even hotter than before.


Wyatt: i think its a given that we need to give you short hair
to compliment your androgynous look. And with blonde, you
can still have a feminine affect when styled proberly.
Hardy: i actually really dig it. Its savvy.


Wyatt: Short. Slicked back and red. very chic. So embrace it.
Jo: :surrender AMAZING! i'm so grateful to be
given such a blessing of a hair style.


Wyatt: with you Jordann, i want to give you
more of a Victoria Secret look. So we are making
your hair wavy and light brown.
Jordann: i'm glad i didnt get a drastic hair cut.
this a style that my mom wont attack me for getting *giggles*


Wyatt: your hair at the moment is very... ew,
so lets make it fashionable and what better way
to do that then giving you bangs! and a more natural colour.
Kara: yes. i love it! i went from looking hairdresser to looking MO-DELLE.


Wyatt: This hair, if i was a girl, would be mine. I'm excited
to give it to you, i think you will be able to work it. same
length but cut properly with bangs and dyed fire engine red!
Tahlia: *dies* holy mother **** this is ****ing amazing like
holy ****!... oh sorry for swearing


Wyatt: we really like your hair as it is, so you arent getting
anything to major, but we are going to make you more fairy
like. and making your hair ice blonde.
Zekke: i wanted like, BALD or something. hmmm...
this is nice... boring.. but nice.


Wyatt: as soon a i saw you i had this makeover in mind. EMBRACE IT ♥
TyeMay: i grateful for the hair Wyatt give me.
He is sexy. I want to repay him.
*producers can be heard in the background getting excited*

11-09-2010, 06:13 AM
Aww my sister is so pretty.

11-09-2010, 06:53 AM
whos your sisterr?

11-09-2010, 04:32 PM
*the girls all walk in chatting excitedly*
Tahlia CON: so after judging, we all went to a salon and got our makeovers!
Zekke: Tahlia, yours is so hot.
Tahlia: you saying that because its red or because its good? *laughs*
Zekke CON: its kind of annoying how most of the girls got such drastic changes when all i got was a dye job and different style.
Zekke: i hate how generic my hair is...
Jo: girl, you are tripping! You dont look generic at all, your so unique. Just like me
Jo CON: so Zekke and Donielle are doing nothing but complain about their makeovers... its like really? do we HAVE to listen to this?
Donielle: *looking in the mirror* I LOOK SO OOOOOOOLLLD!
*Gia is shown rolling her eyes*
Donielle: i feel like cutting it myself, atleast i might be able to make it look decent.
Gia: dont like, be retarded.
Donielle: what?
Gia: your being such a whiney bitch, and all of us are like, 'who is this hoe?' like, really. Just stop.
Donielle: yeah, well **** you.
Gia CON: O M G. these girls. I mean, why not be like me and like, love yourself. I mean like, i know they arent as perfect as me but still...
*TyeMay is shown picking up WyattMail*
TyeMay: *horrible screech* WYATT MAIL GIRLS!

natural beauty is
the best kind of beauty

*TyeMay takes the picture of Wyatt off the mail*
Kara: uhhhhhmmm... Tye what are you doing?
*she ignores her and goes into her bedroom*
Hardy CON: Tye is... shes a character, i'll give her that...

11-09-2010, 04:45 PM
OMFG JO :drool

Tahlia looks amazing as well :love

11-09-2010, 04:46 PM
Kara, Thalia, and TM are stunning. :smitten

11-09-2010, 04:57 PM
Wyatt: who are these gorgeous girls? *several smiling girls are shown* you
all look AMAZING! but sadly tonight we will be making our first cuts. No more
second chances. So for your second photoshoot, you did natural black and
white beauty shots. Lets see how you all did...

Taya: you were VERY difficult to work with on set. You just wasn't doing what was expected of you, and the result is not good either.
Noona: that mouth is very tense once again, and hun you were already in the bottom two, it was your time to show us what you got.

Wyatt: this is lovely, but it is bordering on being a bit too harsh. and because you have a permanant smize, if you do squint, you may look angry.
Noona: i personally love this. and that makeover just elevates you even more.

Taya: you look lost, and puzzled. You have a very unique look But i just dont think that look goes well with beauty shots.
Wyatt: i agree, you look very lost, but i think you just need to figure out what kind of expression works well with your face. and we can now tick off wide opened mouth.

Noona: AMAZING! your doing nothing but your face is so powerful.
Wyatt: you have eyes that are very hard to show expression with, but from this i see an emotion. and you look beautiful.
Taya: you were the best person to work with on set, you were joyful and happy and i appretiate that. it makes my job alot better.

Wyatt: this is nice, kind of boring but it isnt bad. Its a step up from last week, there is an expression on your face.
Taya: you were still a little confused on set but you managed to put through some stellar shots. and i honestly love this picture, which is why i chose it.

Noona: ... i feel the need to give this photo a standing obation. *Noona stands and claps* girl, this is SICK!
Taya: this is so gorgeous, like i could stare at this all day. veerrryyy pretty.

Wyatt: this is great. this makeover just makes you go from generic to individual. I love it.
Noona: your face is amazing, but i just wish we could see a bit more neck in this.

Wyatt: this is pretty...
TyeMay: *inturupts* thanks Wyatt *blushes*
Wyatt: your welcome uumm.. but i think it is kind of a boring photo. I mean its not something i would stop and look at.
Taya: yeah i have to agree. On set, you just gave the same expression the whole time. It got redundant. expecially in a beauty shot film.

Noona: i love this! its very beautiful. I love your odd look.
Taya: i'm going to disagree Noona, i think she is just using her 'prettyness' to make this photo good, she isnt really doing anything.
Wyatt: yes. I agree, shes just staring blankly into the camera.

Wyatt: okay, we are going to deliberate and after that one of you WILL be going.

11-09-2010, 05:17 PM








will Zekke and Donielle please step forward?
you are both here for two of the same reasons. 1. your photos were
lackluster and 2. we think your distaste for you makeovers is affecting your
performances... So at the end of the day, we have to choose which one of
you deserves to stay more...

Zekke, stop complaining and start modelling.

Donielle: i just cant wait to get home and get rid of this vile haircut.
Thanks for nothing Wyatt, this was my mast chance to be a model and you
sabotaged me.

11-09-2010, 05:58 PM
Perfect elimination :woo

Glad Jo and Tahlia did well.

11-10-2010, 01:37 AM
*the girls come back to their apartment after judging*
Jo: Donielle left us a note.
Jo CON: Donielle was very ungrateful to be here, so i couldnt think of a better person to go first.
Zekke: i liked my photo, i dont get why i was in the bottom two.
Hardy: they didnt like it, i guess thats why.
Zekke CON: at judging, i was in the bottom two, for not liking my makeover, that is i dunno... i guess i'm gonna have to be less of a negative vibe.
*Kara and Tahlia are sitting in the kitchen eating bread*
Tahlia: your such a bitch. i was this close to getting First Call Out.
Kara: i'm sorry, you can have the next one *grins*
Tahlia CON: over the short time that we have been here, me and Kara have become like... BFF's.
Kara: the girls with bangs are gonna take over *laughs*

*Jordann and Hardy are sitting in the kitchen, as Hardy looks over and sees WyattMail.*
Hardy: oh! look!
Jordann: WyattMail!

time to go commercial

TyeMay: i hope we dont have to remind lines.
Gia: remember honey not remind.

11-10-2010, 03:05 AM
Wyatt: hello ladies, tonight 8 of you will become 7, and your shoot this week was for a Target Clothes Ad. We wanted to see happyness. This week was a commercial week.

Wyatt: this is cute, flirty and it is commercial. I was so blown away looking through your film with Taya. This makeover has just totally transformed you.
Noona: This makes me want to shop at Target. And honey, i dont go there.

Taya: this isnt commercial in my opinion, i think you are going to have a very High Fashion look. You need to break away from that.
Noona: i agree, but the photo is still very stunning.

Noona: ... your just standing there
Zekke: we were told to show off the clothes.
Wyatt: i think you took that a little too literal. This is a modelling competition remember that.
Zekke: okay thank you.

Taya: this is nice. Its not something i am blown away by, but its pretty.
Noona: i disagree, once again. I dont like it at all, the pose seems forced to me, and i've seen that face from you already. Mix it up girl.

Noona: your so gorgeous, why do you keep taking such lackluster photos?
Wyatt: you look lost once again. Its disappointing because i like you.
TyeMay: i like you lots too *blushes*
Noona: *whispering* what is her deal?

Taya: i love this, you look so youthful. Its definitely one of the stand outs of the week.
Noona: this is so chic. This is another one that makes me want to go to Target.

Wyatt: i'm impressed, this is very good. I was worried for you Jordann, because you arent the most outgoing girl but you have done well.
Taya: you had a lot of good photos going through your film, it took you a while to get comfortable, but atleast you finally got into a groove.

Noona: oh dear... Hardy you have one of my favourite looks of the competition but this is just, a mess.
Wyatt: i think you tried too hard to be something that your not but if you put your Tomboyness into this photo, then it could have been one of the best. But you look like your trying not to be you.

11-10-2010, 08:09 AM







will Hardy and Tyemay please step forward?
today both of you delivered lackluster photos.
both of you seemed lost, so now we ask,
who deserves to stay more?

embrace your unique look, dont try and blend in.

TyeMay: i have secret, i only come her to win Wyatt's heart. he is dreamy.

11-10-2010, 09:56 AM
good elimnation , as pretty as she was she coudnt deliver :/

Jo,Jordan and Gia FTW! :woo

11-10-2010, 02:54 PM
I felt like Kara deserved FCO :love

Kara, Jo, and Tahlia are my top 3 :smitten

I was kind of shocked at the elimination :cry

11-11-2010, 04:22 PM
Next Photoshoot the girls transform once again :eek

11-12-2010, 02:27 AM
*the girls get back after TyeMay's elimination*
Hardy: that sucks hard that i was in the bottom two, man.
Hardy CON: so tonight at judging, i found myself in the bottom two... its kinda disappointing, cause i want to show the judges that i have what it takes.
Tahlia: FIRST CAALL OUUUTTT *dances*
Kara: how epic does it feel?
Gia: getting the very first, first call out is alot more stunning.
Tahlia: your jst pissed that you were in the bottom two *laughs*
Gia: thats not funny...
Tahlia: girl, i was only joking.
Gia: i dont care, i will rip those ratty lookin' bangs outta your head bitch.
Tahlia CON: Gia is sucha... shes just so fullon! Like she has to have her bitchy little say in everything.
Gia CON: i dont care for anyone in this competition, except for myself and if these bitches think otherwise, they are going home soon straight to a mental institution.

*The doorbell rings and Jordann runs to answer it and Wyatt is waiting outside.*
Jordann: *screams*
Jordann CON: i open the door and Wyatt is standing there, i was very shocked.
Wyatt: hey girls, so i am here to tell you that we are going to be on a plane in 5 hours.
*girls scream*
Wyatt: *laughs* not quite... We are heading somewhere just for the week.... LAS VEGAS!!!!!
*girls scream*
Jo CON: oh hell yes! i'm not old enough to gamble but i dont care, someone gets me a fake ID!

*girls pack and get on their plane to Las Vegas. When they get there they are taken to the Bellagio Hotel*
Zekke: oh there is no way we are staying at the Bellagio!
*the girls arrive and go into an empty lobby*
Gia CON: so here i am, walking in making my entrance and there is no one there.
*Wyatt and a strange man are standing waiting for them*
Wyatt: Hello again girls, so your probably wondering where the heck everyone is? *Jo is shown nodding* and your probably wondering who this is *Wyatt points to the man standing next to him* well you know them, and this him is actually a her.
*a confused Kara is shown*
Wyatt: well ladies, this 'man' is actually your judge, Taya.
Taya: *bad lowered voice* heyy
*girls scream and laugh*
Wyatt: so today, you will be dressed up as men and posing here in the lobby of the Bellagio.
Hardy CON: i'm excited for this shoot seeing as i have a man like look already. So lets do this baby! *laughs*

11-12-2010, 03:36 AM
Wyatt: welcome girls, so this week you were dressed up as men
and posed in the lobby of THE Bellagio... So lets get to it.

Taya: you look very goodlooking, i would go on a date with Greahm anyday
Noona: *inturupts* oh hell, i'd jump Greahm's bones as soon as i saw him
*everyone laughs*
Taya: but on a bad note, i feel your just standing there, this isnt a photo i'm going to remember tomorrow.

Noona: oooooh, this is very 40's. I actually quite like this, its so out its in.
Wyatt: i think that Noona is starstruck by the sheekness of your styling and isnt really looking at how lifeless you look. Its a really boring photo facially.

Noona: hello Jarred! damn!
Wyatt: i am lovin' this photo. i see confidence in this, i see swagger, and your quite goodlooking as a man *laughs*

Taya: hmmm.... This is lifeless.
Wyatt: i'm really disappointed, i had high hopes for you when i saw you going into shoot Jordann, but this is like Taya said lifeless.

Wyatt: *laughs* This is very cute! i like that you had fun with the shoot. And anything is better than looking lifeless.
Taya: i'm really likin' this. I like how there is a story to this, like 'ima win this hand' or something like that.

Noona: okay Tahlia, you are now to get a sex change, you look very hot. and this photo is outstanding. You look like you are inlove waiting for your 'girl' to come into the Bellagio so you can give her that rose.
Wyatt: i love that you asked me to walk around, smile and talk a bit, so that you could see how a guy moves. It showed you had alot of comitment, well done.

Taya: when i look at this, i still see Zekke, it just seems like you felt stupid doing this and put on a 'i am embarrased' smile.
Noona: i love the pose, but the face is horrid, you should have modelled with your face instead of half assing it.

11-12-2010, 07:00 PM

2nd FCO in a row, well done.





will Jordann and Gia please step forward?
Jordann, you have been floating throughout this competition and havent WOW'd us yet.
while Gia, you blew us away at the start but now your fading...
So who goes? the fader or the floater?

Gia, we already know you can do great, so show it to us again.

Jordann: i am very grateful to have been here, i didnt expect to even get to the final nine let alone the final seven. So i am very happy tohave been chosen.

11-14-2010, 04:05 PM
Next photoshoot the girls team up and pose in the streets of New York City.

11-14-2010, 04:29 PM
that sounds fierce! cant wait :love

11-14-2010, 04:31 PM
Work at my top 3 getting 1st 2nd and 3rd callout :smitten

11-15-2010, 05:05 AM
*the girls come back after another elimination, they turn the lights on to see Noona waiting for them in the dark*
Jo CON: so we get back after elimination ready for bed, and Noona is sitting in our dang house!
Noona: oh hello darlings, its me, your favourite judge :lips
Kara: what are you doing here? *laughs*
Noona: OIC. thats not very welcoming of you...
Kara CON: we are gonna have to do a photoshoot. DAMNIT! i just want to sleep *laughs*
Noona: so, dont get comfortable my amature models, its time for your final six photoshoot. You are going to be in groups of three out in the streets of New York City.
Zekke CON: i was too tired to be excited... eh.
Noona: alright before you go meet Taya, im going to split you into threes... redheads and blackheads in one group and blondes in the other. OKAY!?
*the girls nod and get into their groups.*
Hardy CON: so i am shooting with Zekke and Kara, and i am happy to have Zekke in my group because she has sort of been struggling the whole competition, so i should atleast look better than her.
Gia CON: i'm with Jo and Tahlia, the only other two relevant models in the competition. I cant wait to show the hoes up.

*the girls get to their photoshoot and are dressed.*
Tahlia CON: so my group was dressed in a kind of punk look. While the blondes were in a more classy... I can do punk. I'm excited :D

*Kara, Hardy and Zekke shoot*
Taya: with Kara, she was kind of lost, she was trying too hard to wotk her pose with the other girls and it just made her look awkward in the end. Hardy, her poses were very fluent, but i wouldnt look twice at her when flicking through a mag. Zekke, she just stood there the whole time, i mean its getting redundant.

*Tahlia, Gia and Jo shoot*
Taya: this was by far the more superior group of the shoot. Tahlia looked gorgeous, but i think she sort of let the other girls push her to the back a bit. Gia stole the shoot in my opinion. She just hit a pose perfectly every time. Jo wasnt very punk, her poses were very modelling 101.

11-15-2010, 05:19 AM
Wyatt: hello my models, today Taya could not make judging, and she sends
her apoligies. So you shot as groups in New York City's streets. Lets see
how you all did... Kara, Hardy and Zekke step on up.

Wyatt: None of you stand out here, its kind of disappointing to see that none of you make me go 'WOW'.
Noona: Zekke, you are just standing there with over pouting lips. Kara, you looks awkward. Hardy, your pose is nice, but your face looks terrible.

Wyatt: this is muuuch better to look at. Gia, you steal the shot. But Tahlia and Jo you both still look very gorgeous.
Noona: i disagree, i think you take the shot Tahlia. you have a broken down pose that really works here, Jo you kind of fade for me against Tahlia and Gia, but i think if you put you in the photo with the blondes you'd take the shot.

Wyatt: okay me and Noona are going to deliberate. We'll call you back in.

11-15-2010, 05:34 AM





Will Zekke and Kara please step forward?
Zekke, your just standing there, like really?
Kara, you look VERY awkward.
so who goes? the one just standing there or the awkward looking one.


Kara, you've done too well to leave just yet.

Zekke: they have bashed me the whole competition, i'm kind of glad
i'm leaving. I can now get serious and do what i want get signed on my own

11-16-2010, 06:48 AM
*the girls return from yet another elimination*
Kara: i'm so over all these judgings! They're getting sad.
Tahlia: IKR? but you have to continue going to them til final 2 with me clearly.
Kara: of corse honey *smiles*
Gia CON: Kara and Tahlia are like this *crosses fingers* and y'know i think they dont realise this competition is for one winner. and both of them cant win, and clearly only one of them is getting to the final 2 anyway, cause i'm gonna be in the final two :lips
Hardy CON: this competition is very hardy in the sense that we have to be away from family and friends for so long. and i am and i miss my fiance.
Hardy: i miss my man.
Kara: stop throwin' your boy in our faces, your the only one in a realtionship
Hardy: i love him though.
Jo: awwe, i hope i find someone like that for me.
Gia: relationships are gross and just get in the way tbh.
Jo: oh my god Gia.
Jo CON: me and Gia have never gotten along and i really wouldnt mind seeing her ass be grass in this next judging.

*the girls arrive at the photoshoot where Wyatt and Taya await*
Taya: evening ladies. So, today you will be shooting with a male model and will be in dresses, wanna meet your model?
*girls nod*
Wyatt: well i'm standing right here.
*Kara is shown with her jaw wide open.*
Kara CON: we are shooting with WYATT?! Oh no.
Taya: lets get you girls to hair and makeup.

11-16-2010, 07:14 AM
Wyatt: HEY GIRLS! So today you did a shoot with me. Lets see how that turned out.

Wyatt: i love the strength in this Gia, you look gorgeous. But my only problem was in the whole photoshoot it seemed like instead of working with me, you tried to stand me up.
Noona: yeah, that shows in this photo. but then it also looks like you two are holding hands, which is very cute of you.

Taya: you are noticably short here.
Noona: i dont know what to say here about this photo, its kind of very blahh.
Taya: your face looks like you are in pain, but i do see a bit of a story to this photo. If there was contact between you then it might have been very good.

Wyatt: i love that during the shoot you asked to go to the otherside of me, to see how it would turn out and it turned out great! Thats what a model needs to do, take risks, do something different. I'm impressed, i could see you as a working model right this moment.
Taya: what you cant see is that you had your arm around Wyatt, i wish you made that noticable cause it would've been very cute.

Wyatt: you struggled during the whole shoot and i dont know if it was because of me or because of being in the bottom two last week but you just havent picked back up yet Kara.
Noona: this photo is a hot mess, your pose is extremely forced and your face isnt modellesque at all.

Taya: this has got to be one of your best photo's. as an indivivdual shot, its absolutely stunning. amazing. expesive. etc. but as a pairing shot with Wyatt.. im not too sure.
Noona: i disagree, there is something in this shot that tells a story and its something i dont want to look awat from. its great.

Wyatt: 5 will now become for after deliberation.

11-16-2010, 07:30 AM




will Hardy and Kara please step forward?
both of your pictures were a mess. Kara you were starstruck by working with Wyatt while Hardy you need to learn how to work your face.
So who goes home? the starstrucked girl or the Amatuer girl?

Hardy, we think you have a look that could go international. Learn how to use it.

Kara: *crying* i am really glad for this oppotunity and i think it has
really showed me what my true talents are. I want to that Wyatt for
choosing me and seeing the good in me, i now cant wait to get into the real
world of modelling. I'm pumped.

11-16-2010, 07:37 AM
The other girl should have left IMO.

11-18-2010, 07:02 AM
Girls are going to London for this weeks photoshoot and will be shooting in a carriage on the eye of London.

11-18-2010, 07:33 AM

4. Hardy
3. Jo
2. Tahlia
Winner: Gia

11-18-2010, 09:20 AM
*the girls are shown sitting in their model bus going back to the apartment*
Gia: Final four bitches!
Gia CON: not that i'm shocked that i'm still here, its still like an ubber wicked feeling to have seen 5 of the 9 girls go home. And still be fabulous.
Jo: Tahlia girl, your gonna be like a lost puppy without Kara.
Tahlia: Im'a miss my poog.
Tahlia CON: everyone thinks that because Kara left, i'm going to go downhill, but y'know that just determins me more. Now i'm doing it for both of us, not just me.
Tahlia: i am still like in shock that she left.
Hardy: me too, i was sure that i was gone.
Hardy CON: being in the bottom two is such a confidence blow, man. Like expecially when your up against someone who has done well throughout the whole competition you think you a goner. I definitely need to step up my game.
Gia: that was definitely my favourite photoshoot.
Jo: mine too.
Tahlia: yeah thats only cause you got First call out.
*Jo grins devillishly.*
Jo CON: getting a first call out going into the end game of the competition just gives you that boost that makes you know your good enough to win the competition. I'm like super pumped for the rest of this. Bring it.

time for a change of scenery,
and change of country.

*all four of them jump up and down as they run to go pack*
Jo: where will we go?
Tahlia: i'm thinking Paris or Milan.
Gia: why would they waste their money taking you three there?
Jo: pipe down, GIa.
*Gia gives Jo a bitch smile before zipping up her bag*
Gia CON: it annoys me how these girls get out of their way to be nice to eachother, like, girl i'm going to psyke you out as much as i can. Cause i need to be the best.

*girls arrive at the airport where Wyatt meets them*
Wyatt: hey ladies, so your probably dying to find out where we are going right?
All: yes!
Wyatt: we are going to..... LONDON!!!!!
*all the girls begin to jump up and down extatically as some random tourists are shown watching*
Hardy CON: WE ARE GOING TO ****ING LONDON!!!!!!!!!
Wyatt: but heres the thing, as a working model, you dont get it easy, so i will advice you to get some sleep because as soon as we get to london you'll meet Taya at your next photoshoot then that night we will be at judging. So go catch your flight!

11-18-2010, 02:09 PM
Hardy FTMFW. She's the only girl remaining that actually is plain.

11-18-2010, 03:52 PM
Well really they are only suppose to be plain when they start the competition.

11-19-2010, 02:44 AM
Wyatt: Hey Final Four, so we are in london, and this week you shot in the eye of London. So lets see your photo's.

Wyatt: this is very... boring, it looks like your trying to do something nice with your hands and its just a mess.
Noona: oh dear Hardy, well first off. your face is totally blank and your pose is disasturous.
Taya: during the whole shoot you seemed lost, i dont know if the bottom two from last week scared you but it was disappointing.

Noona: this is what i'm talkin' about! girl, this is amazingly, gorgeously fab.
Taya: you worked it on the shoot it was like you embraced being in London.
Wyatt: when i look at this i see a story, like your from a fairytale land and you went up on the eye and saw all of london and your indulging it. I just cant get over the photo.

Taya: the outcome is very disappointing to me, i just feel no oomph from this, i mean your in London! Why arent you working it?!
Wyatt: your just standing there, when with that dress i can already see alot of simple poses that would work very well.
Noona: you cant produce this like this in the final four, for me this is the worst photo of the competition. I mean this is someone trying to model and the final product is laughable.

Taya:this is one of many amazing photo's you took yesterday. You just we like "BAM" "BAM" "BAM" ! You hit it everytime and it is very impressing. You've become a true model.
Wyatt: when i look at this photo i am totally intruiged by your face then i look at what your arms are doing. I mean i look at all of you before the hair and dress and thats saying something with what your wearing.

Wyatt: okay girls, we will call you back soon.

11-19-2010, 02:55 AM



will Jo and Hardy please step forward?
both of your photos are absolutely unacceptable for a Final Four photo, but the question is, who has the more potential to continue?

JO, this photo is... *tears up photo* thats what we think of it, so lets start over in our LAST photoshoot. Okay? you need to work to beat these two beautiful girls *points to Gia and Tahlia*
Jo: i will never give up.

Hardy: *wipes away tear* it suuucks man. I dont want to go, i wanted to go all the way, i mean i was brought up to believe 2nd place means nothing, so getting 4th place is heartbreaking.