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06-26-2006, 10:28 PM
Another Episode of Treasure Hunters, another Doeboy Recap, and another episode of "Fools in America" featuring the Wild Hanlons!

The episode is over now, but what did you think of it? I know I have my comments! :)

06-26-2006, 11:21 PM
Tonights epiosode would have been great, IF THE WILD HANLONS WOULD HAVE GOT ELIMINATED!!!!

I can't stand them, going to get food when you are in a compition?!?!?! How dumb is that!?

I feel bad for the girl on the grads team.

I hate to see the Browns go, But they are showed in next weeks previews.

Does this mean a team goes home due to something happening(grads) and they need someone to replace them(brown family) comes back?!? I don't know guess we will have to wait and see unitl next week.

06-27-2006, 12:40 AM
The episode is over now, but what did you think of it? I know I have my comments! :)
Hmmm... you say you have comments...yet you keep them to yourself...I dont have much to say myself, I was only half watching...But I see the Fogals still stink!

06-27-2006, 01:58 AM
:lol Kungfu, I actually was saving them till someone posted in between me, I always double post, I am trying to stop! :p


Well this episode was definitly not as great as the Premeire! I fell in love with the show when it began, but this last episode was really slow and didn't have that much challenge / action! What I liked about the first show was how it was action packed with great challenges and secrets, but in this last episode teams had to go in a mine, do a fancy trick with a bucket and snakes, canoe down a river to find black stones... Wasn't great...

With that said, I do have some comments about the episode :p So if you dare to read on then get out the pop corn, if not, then skip it and just dont tell me because I put so much work into typing! :lol


First of all, the show is known for those little tricks I love so, first it was the key in the cane, and now it was the "Bend the Light" meaning refract the light, meaning pour the light into the bucket... I thought it was a super cool trick, but you didn't need to be a genius to know to pour the water in the pale... You didn't even need the Bend the Light clue!!

Next, I thought it was hilarious to see the early mess ups! First it was down right funny that the Hanlons were lost in the mine, and took 11 HOURS to figure out what to do!! Sooo funny; I almost peed myself!! Next, the Brown family tipped their canoe, but what was funny was, they were just sitting there talking in the middle of the river barely rowing, and then the un-coordinated / cant swim for his life guy just flopped over the side! Sooo funny!

Now I dont know, this next event made me do one of two things! Either it makes me doubt the show's integrity to being a race / treasure hunt, or it made me doubt the team's willingness and wanting of the prize... Why did the Hanlons sleep through the time they were able to Canoe?! :rofl They literally slept in 4 hours, and they even said they weren't even sleeping because they were uncomfortable!! hahah

Thirdly, when one of the Grad Students fell and hurt her ankle, I felt soo bad, but it was soo inspiring to see them move "piece by piece" first moving the partner, then the canoe! I loved it, so inspirational!

Now, the Fogals! *plays lighting music and witch cackle*, what Beyo%@$#$es!! I can't belive they striked again! First the stealing of the clue, now the abandoning of their "alliance"! They told everyone to stop at the 13th of 14 flags just in case so to search to double check, and while everyone got out, they kept going!! And what makes matters worst, is they ditched one of the teams which HELPED THEM PORTAGE THEIR CANOE! Thats just dirty!! And you know how they "redemmed" themselves; making a prayor for them which actually turned out to be a blessing for themselves! Tisk Tisk, this team is evil!

Finally, the perfect ending of a show ever! While the Hanlons couldn't solve the final clue, they got hungry, so what did they do? They made a 2 hour commute to a fast food restraunt!! :lol :rofl :lol And they just happened to make it back in time to get second last place in the game! I also loved how the Grad Students (the team with the girl who hurt her leg) pulled through, and made it to the next round, also inspiring!!!! I applaud them!

In the end, the Brown Family was eliminated, the Canoe trip proved too difficult! We all expected their elimination, it's not a suprise... But how did the Hanlons manage to get a Big Mac and still make it back in time to beat the Browns, we will never know...


Alright episode, not as good as the first, thanks for reading (or skipping) my long post! :lol :p

06-27-2006, 01:42 PM
Had far too many TAR flashbacks watching this eppy:
- Grad Student sprains ankle but partner(s) spur them on vs. Dave spraining his ankle and Steve helping him in the TAR4 premiere
- The Southie Boys moronically banging on the side of the Montana mine vs. Gary/Dave moronically banging on the side of the Cooper Pedy mine in TAR2
- Browns failing to stay in the canoe vs. Tramel/Talicia failing to stay on the waverunner

Maybe I just know TAR too well :P

Biggest problem with the show for me is they cast BORING alpha-males. There's no fun when all the personalities struggle and get picked off one-by-one. A 20 mile canoe ride is bound to put the physically unfit team in last, just the bull-run in TAR4 was bound to eliminate the only female team left.

A Final 3 of Air Force, CIA & Southie Boys = snoozefest.

07-02-2006, 06:48 PM
I was late, but finally watched the episode!

Wild Hanlons = :rofl :rofl :rofl :rofl :rofl They are SOOOOOO hilarious!! I did get annoyed with them when they drove 80 miles for hamburgers, but that is also part of what makes them so funny.

So glad my other favorite team (Air Force) maintained their lead. I'm also really glad the grad students pushed through their obstacles and were able to stay in the game.

Poor Browns :( They were sweet guys. At least I don't have to stress out anymore watching them try to keep up.

I HATE the Fogals more than ever. I cannot wait until they are eliminated!

07-03-2006, 06:35 PM
Hey Davis, don't use the word "witch" in reference to the Fogels! That makes us witches look bad!!!;) Use some kind of Demon terms to describe them, that would be more fitting for this team.

I didn't like them for what they did in the first episode, I liked them even less in the last episode. But being raised a Christian before I found a religion more to my beliefs, I still gave them the benefit of the doubt, that they were good people. Until she said, let's say a prayer for all the others. I taped that show and listened to that prayer like 5 times. I didn't hear one thing in that prayer for the other teams, only for themselves. The Fogels are now on my hit list!! LOL!!!