View Full Version : 7/24 Discussion show

07-24-2006, 10:36 PM
In the previews after tonights episode it said "2 more episodes" until the LIVE finale.

Anyways the Fogal family was ELIMINATED tonight! :yay Best part about it, they got eliminated in a church :lol

Southies are just a waste of space. They are dumb as nails. Geniuses I hope and pray leave next. They are just constantly at eachothers throats. Although Bravo for coming back from last to 4th.

The show would be salavagable if Air Force or Miss USA won. Ex CIA wouldn't be bad they complain to much about Air Force. Air Force deserves it, they have simply PWNED everyone from week to week.

Does anyone else love how Miss USA doesnt do jack squat and makes top 3 each week? They don't have the brain power to win but they will definately make finale.