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07-31-2006, 11:24 PM
Well, that sucks. Miss USA were kicking ass, too. To bad they got eliminated

So 11/12 finalists are male? Lame. At least TAR1 had interesting male/male teams with the 7/8 male F4. They casted WAY to many all male teams (and to many males in general)

Can't believe I'm rooting for the Geniuses (to make the finale). They're the only underdog team left, and a F3 of Air Force/Southies/Ex-CIA would lead to the dullest finale ever. I'm still routing for Air Force to win just because they have been consistantly 1st. Todd from Ex-CIA is a prick and I can't stand his whinning about Air Force always beating them

Team Miss USA were very unlucky. One of those nine idiots in last place just happened to decide to put water on the map, and the other two last place teams benefit from this "lucky" break.

The last place teams should have been required to go to the Eiffel Tower and find the Statue of Liberty and then when they get the "wash the streets" clue, they could take advantage of this lucky break. Being directed to the final location without having to trek to two locations sucks big-time.

I'm seriously sick of teams bunching in a group and working together. IMO two of the final 4 teams don't even deserve to be there. They are only there because they have road the coattails of other teams.

Air Force better win, if they don't the creditability of the show will go down the drain.

08-04-2006, 01:13 PM
And I thought this was going to be my most favorite episode yet..Until the Southies lucked out with the whole map thing and eliminated the Miss USA..Still, I'm ecstatic that Air Force won another leg along with 50K though it would ultimately suck if they dont win it all..

BTW, who thinks that there is actually no treasure at the end of the hunt? (Who refers to Swim I guess..:S)