View Full Version : X-Factor 8/27 Episode Discussion

Sir Bitter
08-27-2011, 05:40 PM
:wow WOW @ tonight's episode!Three amazing standout auditions:

Craig Colton - Did NOT expect him to be so amazing... I thought he was going to be a joke audition, but DAMN he slayed that Adele song. No one sings like Adele, but that is probably one of the best Adele covers I have heard.

The Keys - Phenomenal harmonies, and it sounds like every one of the five can sing (unlike JLS & One Direction :lol). They are almost a little TOO polished, but they are definitely a group to watch.

Misha - Um... yeah. I thought she was just a typical diva with a great voice, but then she busted out the rapping and I was solid!