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07-22-2007, 02:42 PM
Most of the houseguests have been up for a little while and the last stragglers are getting up now. Dustin's doing laundry, Kail and Jen are working out, and I'm not sure where Mike and Zach went off to .. maybe the showers? Jameka is in the bathroom and Jessica is still in the HOH room asleep. I'm pretty sure Amber is sleeping too. She was up late getting sick.

Daniele just jumped out of bed and got under the covers with Nick again. OMG :rofl her dad just went into the room looking to see if she was in there and saw them in Nick's bed :lol

07-22-2007, 04:58 PM
Everyone was laying out in the sun and swimming then the camera cut to Dick in the HOH. Daniele had run up there to get something and then they got in an argument about Nick. Daniele said Dick talks down to her when he warns her about Nick and approaches her in the wrong way. After a few minutes of arguing, Daniele burst into tears and stormed out and ran downstairs and jumped under her covers like a little girl. Nobody heard a thing since they're all outside.

ETA: Oh actually, Amber was sitting on the couch so she just went to ask Daniele what happened.

07-23-2007, 12:39 AM
Geez, it was an "AWKWAAAAAAAAARD" day on the feeds. There was a lot of depression and tension and bickering among all the houseguests.

Daniele and her dad had it out several times, Nick fought with Dick and told Zach and Jen to f*** off. Amber and Dick bickered, Dick yelled at Zach and Jen. Nick and Dani avoided each other all day because of something she had said the night before. Jameka had her birthday party, but everyone was miserable the whole time, then Jameka later cried in her room because she felt bad she got a letter from her family and didn't think she deserved that more than anyone else just because it was her birthday.