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11-16-2007, 09:21 AM
http://realitytvgames.net/showimages/tar12/shanajennifer.jpgShana & Jennifer

Shana: Los Angeles, CA
32, Actress

Jennifer : Los Angeles, CA
32, Legal Assistant

Don't let their good looks fool you. This all-female Team is eager to do whatever it takes to bring home the $1 million prize. Shana & Jennifer met six years ago and have been friends ever since.

Shana is an actress, TV host and has just completed chef school in Los Angeles. She describes herself as loyal, passionate and competitive. She has toured with Luis Miguel as a back-up dancer/singer, studied abroad in Italy and has traveled extensively. Shana is passionate about food and travel and has no problem feeling right at home on the road.

Jennifer works as a legal assistant and stock market researcher. When asked how she and her Teammate are most different, Jennifer claims that she is meticulously tidy while Shana is more care-free. When asked how they are similar, she responds, "We both take pride in our appearance and we're both ambitious and intellectual." She describes herself as competitive, intelligent and determined. Jennifer is also well traveled and is anxious to hit the road again. These ladies have an insatiable desire to beat the competition and become the first all-female team to win the Race.

source: www.cbs.com (http://www.cbs.com)

11-16-2007, 05:54 PM

I like them, so some odd reason. Don't know why? :lol

Zack Attack
11-16-2007, 10:53 PM

I like them, so some odd reason. Don't know why? :lol

Hmm...why could Swim like these two? What could they possibly have in common with Daniele, Janelle, Dustin and Kandice and Charla and Mirna? It's a toughie :lol

I'm surprised by how well they're doing. The whole "flirt our way to the top" soured me off of them but their subsequent racing strategy has proved otherwise. Are they as great as the BQs? No. Are they better than many of the other F/F teams? Yes.

11-16-2007, 10:58 PM
What do Kellie Pickler, Daniele, Janelle, Jamie (Survivor), Courtney (Survivor), Carrie Underwood, Sabrina & Stacy (DWTS), Dustin, Kandice, and them have in common?

Beats the hell out of me.